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Fashion and fetish and a night-time walk alone…

15 Oct

I like walking around alone. As I’d been very unhappy shortly before leaving for Montreal I was feeling a bit disorientated and strange when I got there- as if something was missing. It was only after I finished a fantastic shoot and debated going back to my hostel to look at cats on youtube but decided that instead I would see what Montreal looked like at night, I realised it was that I hadn’t had any time to myself. I got back to my hostel an hour later after seeing all of this:

Look- a horse and carriage!

The outside of the hotel I was shooting in!

After my shoot today, I think I’ll walk back to the hostel- it’s Berlin’s Festival of Lights again and I want to see it before I change countries tomorrow! (This tour’s going so quickly!)

I’ve also found the video of the fashion show I walked in for Dawnamatrix designs (in which I wear the most awesome chaps ever) 😉
Want to see?
Dawnamatrix starts at 4:12 and I come on at about 6:50

I aso want to take a vote from YOU! I loved the lingerie set so much I’m buying it- should I get it in snake print (like the one in the show) or leopard print? Let me know…

Speak to you soon- I have to go and curl my hair 😀


Sooooooo… Montreal!

15 Sep

I arrived in Montreal officially a tumbleweed having left my hometown just the previous day. It’s a good thing most of the people were really friendly and spoke English, as my French is embarrassingly awful and I was in no condition to do much. A couple of nights (and days) sleep in the hostel and it was time to start the show…
I was booked for four events over the three days, beginning with a fashion show for the debut of Dawnamatrix’s textured latex line!

Here’s me backstage in my outfit- which I still maintain had the coolest chaps in Montreal! I also got to wear a gorgeous burgundy dragon-scale bra and thong (which must be mine in the near future…)

I’m still waiting for more fashion show images but will post them when I get them…

I was sharing a hotel room with acrobat Fonda Feeling, fellow alt model Deanna Deadly and TS porn star Tara Emory– I love talking to other people who don’t have normal jobs! We generally rocked our room. 😀

*phone rings*
Tara: *creepy voice* Bobs morticians- you kill ‘em, we chill ‘em…
*babbling on the other end of the phone*
Tara: *slightly less sure creepy voice* Ummm… So you got any bodies for us?
Tara: *very very polite* Oh… sorry I thought you were someone else. Could we have some more towels please?

Just opposite us were most of the Vengeance Designs team and there were rather a lot of naked dashes across the corridor 😉

I was booked for the Vengeance Designs show on Saturday but sadly things went a bit pear-shaped in the form of me being horribly ill. It was the first fashion show I’ve ever had to cancel, which sucked, but I got to watch from backstage. Have a look at the video- it’s kinky and fabulous.
Thankyou to everyone for being so lovely to me and making sure I was okay, especially you three- you know who you are.

I felt well enough to do my next booking the next day, which was a photo-walk across Montreal! If you’re a latex fan, you’re going to love this…
I wore a floor-length red dress with art-deco cape, both by Dawnamatrix.

We went to some brilliant (and watery) locations to get our picture taken- I’m not sure what the public made of us on the subway! Check this out!

The upside down acrobat was my roommate Fonda Feeling. 🙂

Miss Daenerys Targaryen here is Dawn of Dawnamatrix designs! 🙂 (Of course, the outfit is her own and can be bought from her website)

Another roommate- Tara Emory!

One of the only people not in latex- and she looks so HAPPY! Impossible not to smile 🙂

Caught in the middle!

I was feeling a little homesick… and then I saw this guy! We did pose together too- if you have seen the pictures, please link me!

Isn’t she cute!? I didn’t notice I was in the background until I’d saved the image, lol!

LOVE this photo. That is all.

Spot the Roswell! 😉

A few hours lie-down and some banana frozen yoghurt (thanks Dawn and Ben!), and it was back to the Olympia for a steampunk-themed night. (I’ll have a talk about steampunk later, I‘m sure.)
I wore the most gorgeous and unique caduceus-patterned dress and can’t wait to see the video of the show…

L-R: Lilly Bordeaux, Jinx, Onna Sakura, Ben, Dawn, Billie Prudence, Me

Monday contained a yummy breakfast at Cora’s, some major relaxation and a photoshoot before Tuesday’s flight to New York… (More about that later…)

Apologies for the rather documentary-ish blog today! I’ve had so much to say, I’ve forgotten a lot of details. 😦
Normal Roswell-ish rants and rambling will commence shortly!

For now, have a teaser picture for my next blog…

Photo by Paul Ward
Other model is Indefinite Anomaly


9 Aug

Hello there and happy August (it’s my birthday* month and the sun was shining today!)

I’m really happy to share some of my latest publications with you as I’ve been doing a *lot* of writing and stuff!
My latest article is now live on Univers D’Artistes and I’m asking whether genital photography can ever be considered ‘art’. I was a bit nervous publishing it, as people have strong opinions… and I had to trawl through some absolute terrors online to find suitable images! 😉
Here’s the link: Can Genital Photography Ever Be Considered Art?

I’m also featured in an article published in photography magazine Camera Obscura- it’s about Irish photographer Eamonn Farrell. I love Ireland- there are so many dramatic landscapes and I’m already looking forward to my Spring tour even though the weather is often horrendous and I have a very vivid memory of sitting in a freezing waterfall at 5am… then gettting back in as I wanted to make doubly sure the cold didn’t show on my face and I had posed to the best of my ability. Despite the shivering, I had a great time working with Eamonn (highly recommended) and it’s nice to see his project gain the recognition it deserves.
Click the link! There are some other familiar faces in the piece- Nudes in the Irish landscape

And here’s a photo from the shoot, that I don’t think I ever posted! (by Eamonn Farrell)

It’s been a month full of rain showers and beautiful sunlight, so I’ve been sitting inside writing, then feeling guilty for being a couch potato on such a lovely day, then going for a walk and being hit in the face with a rainstorm! (Good thing I like rainstorms). I had one of my best friends, alt model Easy Tiger staying last weekend so despite the odd weather we ran around like mad things, had our pictures taken by photographer G Haskew and ate halloumi.
I’ll put pictures up when I have them but I do have this wonderful outtake that I not going to even try to explain…

Look at one of our locations!

I’m off to Montreal at the end of the month for the fetish weekend- very excited- I’ve never been to Canada! As New York is only a short hop away, I thought I’d take myself there for some exploring. I’m not sure how I’ll like New York as I’m very much a country bumpkin, but I like art galleries, I heard there was a pretty hanging garden somewhere and I’m hoping I’ll get some good blogs out of it (may have to channel Carrie Bradshaw, but without the awful dress sense.) 😉 I’ll let you know!

I’m hoping to be able to show you some very colourful photos and even a video from a fashion show I did a little while ago. Stay tuned! I’m going to do some stretching now in preparation for my first contortion bondage shoot on Saturday… 😉


* I would like to thanks all my very kind fans who have sent me a birthday present from my wishlist. That is lovely of you, and you should receive a personalised gift back from me shortly!
If you would like to send me a gift, I have a wishlist here: CLICK THE LINK! 🙂