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A Touch of Glamour

9 Sep

Earlier this year, I worked with Max Operandi on a series of pin-up images in a beautiful home out in the countryside. As often happens with submission images, I was unable to post them until they had been published and so sat on my hands and waited excitedly for the publication to come out… and here it is!

I have a two-page spread in Temptress magazine, with my name on the cover too. 😀

Which means that I can now share more of the images from this shoot!

Photographer: Max Operandi
Wardrobe: Black garter dress and black/pink set are by Playful Promises. Jade green set- designed and made by me
Styling: Me


I often mention on my modelling profiles that I do not do glamour work but what I am referring to is the generic “Nuts”/”Zoo” kind. You will never find me pulling down the sides of a G-string or squishing my breasts together while making a duckface. To me, this may be the accepted definition of glamour, but in no way is it glamourous. It’s strange the way in which that word has been used- I often hear the word used to describe someone I think looks ridiculously overdone. I once had a middle-aged geography teacher who backcombed her hair until it sizzled from proximity to the desk lamp, plucked her eyebrows and drew them back in black, an inch above their original place (they looked very awkward sitting there!) and wore six inch heels every single day. The general opinion is that she looked horrendous, but one day someone came looking for her: “She’s a very glamourous lady, isn’t she?”

To me, a glamourous person is sophisticated and well-styled in a flattering manner. (Check out Anita De Bauch, Vanessa Lake and Morgana’s pin-up work for good examples.) Though I usually dress like Sarah Connor or something out of Sucker Punch, I love glamourous photoshoots as they give me a chance to indulge an alter-ego. High heels, stockings and garters? Yes! Red lipstick and half a can of spray in my hair? Double yes!

Close-up of my styling:


My waist-length hair does not like vintage styling as it’s so ridiculously long, so in order to get the Marcel wave look, here’s what I did: (you need curling tongs, spray and bobby pins.)

1) Make sure your hair is not clean- it’s easier to style.  Make a parting and brush through
2) Slide the tongs into the top section of your hair, as close to the scalp as possible and clamp down. it should be parallel with your parting.
3) Wait 10-15 seconds and then remove- there should now be a kink in your hair. Spray.
4) Turn the tongs upside-down and clamp down again, a little lower than the existing kink.
5) Wait, remove, spray. There should now be a wave in your hair.
6) Repeat, flipping the tongs each time until your hair is in waves to just below your chin (or the ends of your hair- whichever comes first.
7) Loosely pull your remaining hair into a bun at the back of your head and secure with pins

Now, wear as much or as little as you like! 😉


I was soooo excited to be given a book about making lingerie from a fan (thankyou M in Cambridge), as I love to make my own clothes. The below set is a customised bra and handmade knickers, with gorgeous brocade fabric I found in a charity shop. There’s a better picture of the set in my issue of Alternative Revolution Magazine, which will also soon appear in new magazine Red Candy. Stay tuned…


And while I was there, I couldn’t resist showing off my bending skills. (This was actually just me being silly, hence the expression, but I loved the picture!)

And here’s my favourite favourite favourite…


I hate seeing tacky images labelled “pin-up” because the model is in a corset. Sometimes the image in your mind’s eye is very different to the one that turns up on the computer and it’s hard to know how sexy to be- vintage glamour was the “lad’s mag” style of the 50s after all! Below are a few tips for a successful pin-up and/or vintage glamour shoot.

Roswell’s Tips for Sexy, not Sleazy:
Style, style, style!!! Look at vintage tutorials for inspiration. Tousled hair and natural make-up is not okay here- you want to look as though your style cost £1million and several hours and it’s all you would ever wear, darling!
You are not wearing underwear- you’re wearing lingerie, and make sure it matches! You want stockings, suspenders… the works. Try to buy something unusual- not an instantly recognisable brand (if you are buying from Ann Summers, don’t get anything shiny or costume-like).
– If you would like to wear a costume, be creative. Cliches are cliches for a reason so go for it and be that naughty nurse, but don’t get your costume from a joke shop. They don’t work. Make something, source bits and pieces from vintage or charity shops, look on ebay.
– All-fours pose, orgasm-face, pulling clothes off, winking, pouting. If you absolutely must do these, make sure it’s only one at a time. With the right styling and pose, you may be able to get away with one, but that’s still pushing it. Practise in the mirror.
Work with the location. Sweetshops, US-style milkshake bars, the beach etc are fun locations. Jump, smile brightly, wave, be cheeky! Boudoirs, pavilions and scenic locations can be moody, wistful, dreamy… If you’re in a studio, it’s a little harder to decide which way to go, so take it as a challenge! There are different kinds of sexy- experiment!

Here is my butt shaking it for Louise Ferdinand. 😉


I’m off to look at the clouds with a cup of something nice. It’s been a strange weather kind of day.


p.s. you are all lovely and I appreciate all the feedback I get on here. If you would like more bitesized updates from me, just add my facebook fanpage- it’s easier to mail me that way too!

Beautiful Blogger Awards!

6 Jun


I woke up this morning rather dejected (as I expected to be) as I’m making a lot of big changes in my life (more will be revealed in August when things have been finalised/decided on) and I have to say it helped a lot opening my laptop to see I’ve been given a “beautiful blogger” award!


It’s like a game of internet tag and there are rules!

1) Acknowledge the person who nominated you- so, thankyou so very very much, Chwennyland.com!

2) Post seven facts about yourself

3) Nominate seven other people for the award!

So here goes! Have some facts…
1) I never had a teddy bear- I had about ten rabbits, a crocodile, a gorilla, two dogs and a tiger, but no bears
2) I hate looking at pollarded trees- I think that they look mutilated!
3) I can get just about any ballgag out of my mouth with my hands tied behind my back
4) When I was a child, I wanted to be a palaentologist (and a Gladiator)
5) I am afraid of very few things… but one of them is a small harmless species of animal that is more afraid of me than I am of it. It shall not be named. *shudder*
6) My submissive side has a “thing” for Cal Lightman. (Tim Roth’s character in Lie To Me). All my other sides are making fun of my submissive side for this.
7) I don’t take drugs and with the exception of an amaretto or Bailey’s coffee once in a blue moon, I’m teetotal as well.

And as for the beautiful bloggers…
1) Ella Rose is a fellow writer and model. She’s been kind enough to let me read her novel and I love the description and sensuality in her writing. Even her blogs sound beautiful in a way I can never manage!!

2) Postsecret.com is run by the awesome Frank, and if you haven’t seen the site yet, you really should. It began as an art project. Now thousands of people send Frank their secrets every week. (And hide their secrets in the books he’s brought out…)

3) Elyse Sewell was a contestant on the first series of America’s Next Top Model (before it got so formulaic). She was a hyper-intelligent medical student and became instantly successful in Asia, and her “Lost in Translation”-style blog is wonderfully bemused and sardonic at the same time.

4) La Carmina is a Japanese fashion/culture blogger with the most adorable cat ever to walk the planet. She inspires me as she follows many career paths in the same way I do, which gives me hope that I can continue doing so.

5) Three Beautiful Things. This lady records three things that have made her happy every single day. It really has inspired me to remember the beautiful things I see. Sadly, since she’s had a baby, the vast majority of the posts have become BABYBABYBABY but the spirit is still there.

6) The Ark in Space is a blog all about the fantastic, weird and unusual creatures you can find in the world. As I’m a huge nature fan and love expanding my knowledge of the natural world, this blog never stops making me smile.

7) The Lingerie Addict– as I am a huge fan of lingerie and not a standard size, I love looking here for tips on finding lingerie that will fit me, and also just seeing pretty pictures of the stuff that won’t… but is just so pretty!

Can’t remember if I’ve shown you these backstage shots from a vintage lingerie shoot yet, but as they are happy pictures, here you go!

And ooh! My BBC Wildlife magazine just thudded through the door! With a fox cub on it! 😀


Some fantastic news!

4 Jan

Hey everyone!

Happy New Year- hope this year is fantastic! Just wanted to say thanks to you all for your continued support. Keep reading, and give me feedback, dammit! 😀

I have some exciting projects coming up this year, travel planned to Paris, Germany and Sweden, and several magazine collaborations!
I also have, as said above, some FANTASTIC NEWS… in my last entry, I told you I’d entered a film reviewing competition. I have now been shortlisted for the main prize!!! Out of the six shortlisted, three will be highly commended, two will get £50, and one will get £100 AND a poster made of their film. Squeeeeeeeee!!! Wish me luck…

As a start to 2011, here’s what happened when I shot for the latest Eclectic Eccentricity lookbook:
(Actually, I thought I’d already posted about it but evidently not. Bloody Scatterbrain!)
We got ready at the EE office, a 15 minute walk from me, and shot at a local studio with the previous (lovely) team- Photographer Charlotte Rutherford and Make-up artist Ria Lingwood. Joining us to provide wardrobe styling was Jolene, who owns a vintage store called ReTreat.

Here’s me, getting my hair styled by Ria at the EE office.

I got to try on some amazing-looking dresses at the studio. I’ve always had mixed opinions about vintage style- most of the modern “vintage look” outfits look matronly on me as I have a very hourglass figure, but I got happier and happier trying on the outfits Jolene brought as they were genuine 40s-50s and fitted me!

Ria adding accessories, while Jolene (nice hair!!) watches. 😀 (I think this dress is actually 70s.)

As colour is supposed to be popular in Spring 2011, we went for a very bright look! I’d been posing while Ria went for a break… and came back with THIS little guy!!!

He’s been exploring the studios and the guy watching him said we could borrow him! Sadly, he didn’t like the flash when we tried to get some actual posed photos so we let him explore on his own. He wasn’t as terrified as he looks here- I promise! No animals were harmed in the making of this shoot 😀

See! Ooh, what’s this…|

His owner came in to pick him up later. He’s called Buddy- we’d been calling Horlicks after one of our team said he looked like a tub of Horlicks had run into a wall!!!
I can’t post any of the final pics up as the lookbook hasn’t gone to press yet, but you’ll see them soon. (Sadly, they don’t feature Buddy/Horlicks as he didn’t like the flash.)

I loved the outfits so much that when I was sent an invitation to a posh party, I went to see Jolene first and got a one-off gorgeous black and gold dress that was made to a pattern from 40’s Vogue!! I’ll be shooting it this month so you will get to see it.

As my housemate is now back from her Christmas/New Year holidays, I’m going to drink coffee and catch up…

Speak to you soon!