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A bit of silliness! :)

28 Mar

Ok, I was going to go straight into this, but have to just say first, I just got the WEIRDEST e-mail I have ever found! Makes no sense and the writer appears to think I’m some kind of abductee, or android!!! O-o-o-o-k-a-a-a-y.


I have a new Zivity teaser- Pirate Photography behind the lens and Little Rubber Cherry doing wardrobe. Make-up and hair done by me. Inspired by a comment from Rubber Cherry, we’ve called it The Latex Dance-Β  me doing the many ridiculous moves that putting on a latex dress require. πŸ˜‰

I’m 28 days late on the facebook 30-day song challenge but as I’m dancing about while writing this, I’ll post it here instead. (Yeah, I’m full of beans today- chocolate-coated coffee beans…)

1) Favourite song: It changes by the day! But Badman, by Newton Faulkner is up there.
2) Most hated song: Dry Your eyes Mate, by The Streets. NOTHING can come close to this eye-watering illiterate attempt at a chav ballad.
3) Makes you happy: Town Called Malice, by The Jam. Got to love it!
4) Makes you sad: Even Angels Fall, by Jessica Riddle
5) Reminds you of someone: Stupid Girls, by Pink. Reminds me of too many people.
6) Reminds you of somewhere: Hot and Cold, by Katy Perry! Reminds me of my week in Murcia with Iveta Niklova and Anita De Bauch- we were in the car waiting to set up and started dancing about to this. Much fun!
7) Reminds you of an event: Boys Wanna be Her, by Peaches. They used to play it all the time at Torture Garden fashion shows!
8.) Know all the words to: Streetcorner Symphony, by Rob Thomas. I’m such a bloody HIPPY ssometimes!
9) Song to dance to: Stand Up, by the Prodigy
10) Makes you sleep: Insomnia, by Faithless. Just kidding- I have no idea.

11) Song from your favourite band: Don’t have a favourite band, but here’s one: Sweet Child O’ Mine, by Guns ‘n’ Roses
12) Song from a band you hate: Trouble, by Coldplay. Ugh!
13) Guilty pleasure: Cherry Pie, by Warrant. Bring on the Hair rock… and the woman in the video is hot. I also have a weakness for really bad bubblegum pop.
14) Song no-one would expect you to love: Aria, by Delerium/Mediaeval Baebes
15) Song that describes you: Bitch, by Meredith Brooks. Unless anyone has an alternative??
16) Used to love but now hate: Anything by Shania Twain. I won a talent contest at school pretending to be her. The shame, the SHAME!!!
17) Song you hear often on the radio: Price Tag, by Jessie J. The gym plays Kiss FM and they play the same 10 songs over and over again. I may resort to supergluing my headphones into my ears.
18) Song you wish you heard on the radio: Killing in the Name, by Rage Against the Machine. Because- why not??
19) From your favourite album: Hard Sun, by Eddie Vedder. LOVE the Into The Wild Soundtrack.
20) Song for when you’re angry: Break Stuff, by Limp Bizkit. It’s the original angry anthem!

21) Song for when you’re happy: Gone in the Morning, by Newton Faulkner.
22) Song for when you’re sad: Burn, by The Cure. Gothywothydoodah!
23) Song for your wedding: I have no plans to get married, but hypothetically? Highway to Hell, by ACDC!!
24) Song for your funeral: Knocking on Heaven’s Door, by Guns ‘n’ Roses
25) Song that makes you laugh: Total Eclipse of the Heart- LITERAL version. If you haven’t seen this yet, watch it. When I first watched it, I laughed so hard I pulled a muscle!
26) Song you can play on an instrument: I have no musical talent, and can’t sing to save my life. Or yours!
27) Song you wish you could play: Erm… Twinkle Star would be a start!?
28) Song that makes you feel guilty: Run To You, by Bryan Adams. Actually- anything by Bryan Adams!
29) Song from your childhood: Jollity Farm, by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. I had to google this to check it wasn’t a figment of my imagination. Nope- my father just had a very strange taste in music!!!!!
30) Favourite song at this time last year: Hummingbirds, by Venus Hum. Maybe??

I’ve taken the next couple of days off so am going to Thetford Forest to see if I can spot adders- I’ve never seen any in the wild!
Next post- some lovely new photos from a shoot in Bournemouth! πŸ™‚

The Stairs

8 Mar

I’ve been writing this for a year now- happy birthday, blog! πŸ™‚

I’m terribly behind on picture posting- sorry about that! I’ll try and catch up this month…
Here’s another taster from my shoot with Pirate Photography and Little Rubber Cherry latex, soon to be featured on Zivity! This set was a bit of a challenge (but hey, I enjoy a challenge!)…

…it was shot in the lobby of Pirate’s flat so we got a bit of an audience (there were about four people just out of shot!)

…the angle wasn’t one I often get shot from so working out which poses look best was interesting…

…and then I fell in love with the stained glass door and just *had* to shoot in front of it… while hiding the “fire escape” signs with my head and arm positions!

Cue giggling and “hold it- HOOOOOLD IT…” *door opens* “dammit!”

I’ve just returned from Wiltshire, staying with Team Binkertson (photographer Adam Robertson and model/photographer Madame Bink). It’s been ages since I last stayed in the country! I spent Tuesday shooting with Mick Waghorne, Wednesday with Bink (aka Binkography), Thursday chilling and Friday going home (long train journey but lots of wildlife to distract me- seriously, I saw fifteen red kites- 15!!! They were endangered until recently!)

This is a red kite. Isn’t it pretty!??

You may know already- I love wildlife (and not just the kind you see at Torture Garden πŸ˜‰ ). When my hair is gray and my modelling days over, I hope to be a David Attenborough type. (The internet will never be rid of me!!) πŸ˜€
Very excited as this week I’m goingΒ  to see THIS exhibition at the Natural History Museum with the lovely Anita De Bauch.

I’ve been up since the teeny hours and now my eyes won’t stay open. Goodnight for now- more pics and tales in a few days!

Lotus and latex…

12 Feb

Last week, I did a very exciting photoshoot with Pirate Photography, modelling some beautiful custom latex from Little Rubber Cherry for an upcoming fashion spread in Alt Fashion Magazine!! We spent a day shooting in several locations, including this country road with this green Lotus.

Yep. Green.

To all my petrolhead friends: I know nothing about cars and am going to ignore your horror as I list the model as “green.” So there. πŸ˜›

This is a taster for the full 38-photo set for Zivity, which went live earlier this week. If you’re a Zivity member, I would really appreciate your votes as this set has been entered into a contest! πŸ˜€

Photographer: Pirate Photography
Clothing designer: Little Rubber Cherry
Hair/Make-up: Me

Hope you like- I have to say I love these photos AND the outfit (been working on improving my fashion portfolio- more fashion-y stuff next post). Thanks Kitten and Cherry! Loads more outfits previewing soon…
Thankyou also to Tom for assisting on this shoot with the Lotus and for keeping an eye out for people (except that white van that got within a few metres before I noticed and had to dive topless into the car!!!)

I’m now going to snuggle on the sofa and feed my Lie To Me addiction. Tim Roth rocks…

See ya!


p.s. fine, FINE- it’s a (green) Lotus Elise.