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18 Aug

I’m researching my next novel at the moment, which involves a lot of gory crime scene reports and crimal psychology (especially sexual psychology). I’m not easily freaked out by that kind of thing but following a discussion a few posts ago (“Rape is not just about sex”), I have successfully been disturbed by ten year olds. (I read the Jamie Bulger case notes). Despite any similarities between the murder and Child’s Play 3, which sounds a ridiculous film, I am still unconvinced that it played a direct role in the killing. Regardless of the age rating of a film, you have to be pretty disturbed to recreate the scenarios in the first place. Whether people are born evil and whether the boys should have spent the rest of their lives in solitary is another matter… It’s the kind of thing I debate in my head and then write about.
EDIT: Nietzsche said: “He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” I can see how this  can happen- how one can be desensitised to horror. Photography is a prime example- it must be easier to look at famine and war when it’s through a lens- it’s just TV, your job is to record it. (That isn’t to say that all photographers become cold hard bastards- the man who took the hideous vulture/child picture killed himself afterward).

I (and many other writers) take a slightly morbid joy in writing death scenes. It isn’t real- I’m not actually disembowelling that guy… but to create a pretend person only to murder them shortly afterward is a very strange thing when you sit down to think about it! I’m a very visual person- I love writing any kind of description actually- nature, food, clothing, personal appearance… (I hate sex scenes though- there are just not enough words in the English language, which contains the word ‘moist’ which I’m still forgiving it for.) So here I am, sitting down to kill someone (and procrastinating, which meant my mind wandered off on a tangent, and now here I am blogging instead.)
I want to create the next Hannibal Lecter, Norman Bates- I want a character who will be mentioned time and time again by reviewers and fans. I want to disturb people- it’s horror-esque crime after all! The thing is, people are freaked out by different things- the ‘safe driving’ advert with the little girl coming back to life never got anything from me except an eyeroll. The Daily Mail posted a video/photo the other day so disturbing that it made me cry. (If you’re a regular reader or know me personally, you’ll know that is rare. Both the crying and the Daily Mail reading- I followed a link.) As for freaking out? The character I made is a woman. I am hoping one of the first women in fiction to kill for anything other than monetary gain or revenge, which I hope will make readers look twice. That’s all for spoilers- you’ll have to read it when I’m done. 😉

If you fancy reading something that may or may not be an extract, there’s a teeny bit of something I wrote on here:

As always, there are pictures of me below, and I happen to be wearing Cthulhu- indisputably a big scary monster and drawn as an octopus-y squid thingy. (By the way, giant squids have only been accepted as fact for a decade or two! I remember reading debates in paranormal magazines- now they’re crossword answers in wildlife magazines. This fact may only be awesome to me. Forget I said anything…)  😛

Photographer: Pirate Photography
Make-up/hair/styling: Me
(been wanting to share these for ages- I couldn’t until Alternative Revolution came out as some were featured)

This is also Zivity teaser- if you’d like to see the whole set, the pictures are right HERE and if you aren’t on Zivity, you can unlock the set for $2 (that’s about £1!!)









I’m still alive!

3 Feb

Hi everyone!

Tales (my laptop) is having a holiday- ie he’s being fixed again, so I’m without my lovely 100+ folders of images at the moment and borrowing a friends internet. 😦

We should be reunited in a few days and I’ll update you on all my news, but for now, have a couple of new “old” pictures from my first ever shoot with Pirate Photography! 🙂 The hat is by Joy Williams.

roswell2 088 copy
roswell2 093

roswell2 114

roswell2 103

roswell2 102


p.s. This set will accompany several new ones on Zivity! Are you a member? If not, you can see individual sets for just a few dollars! 😀

Backward thinking

17 Dec

It seems as though it was only a few days ago I was running around among Autumn leaves in as many countries as I could reach! Now that it’s winter, the sunsets are always amazing- as if the weather is trying to make up for the fact that we’re all so cold! I don’t mind the cold so much (especially as I’ve booked some time off modelling and can curl up in front of the fire) but the nights are a bit too short for me. I’m looking forward to Spring shoots already…

I have some fantastic travel planned for next year – you can keep an eye on my diary on the temporary page I’ve just added at the top next to my “About the Girl” page. 😉
In short though, here are my travel plans for next year. Get in touch HERE with any enquiries.

January: 6th-13th   Available anywhere in London and surrounding areas
                 17th-31st  AVAILABLE ANYWHERE

February: Spain.

March: Approx 5th-10th- Malta 
              12th-26th- South Coast tour

April: 8th-22nd-  Scotland tour (passing through Midlands and the North on the way to and from)

May: Ireland tour


July: AVAILABLE ANYWHERE. (California, Hawaii?)

August: Australia/New Zealand?

September: Canada/New York/Philadelphia?

October: EUROTOUR (Considering Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Norway, Sweden)



I visited one of my best friends, Pirate Photography during my last Midlands tour and as always (other than talking about boobs, watching films and rocking), we shot some sets for Zivity. 😉
This is just a teaser for what could be one of my favourite of our sets- and you can see the whole set too! You don’t even have to be a member of Zivity- click on the link to unlock the other pictures
Of course, if you are a member of Zivity, you can get five extra outtakes from this set for ten votes- just visit my page and click…










The last one is a bit of an outtake- the wind blew my skirt up and I couldn’t keep it down! Every single time I lifted my hands, the wind started again and eventually we gave up! 😀

As I need to go and pack for my last two shoots of the year (!) I’m off now. Speak to you soon!


p.s. If you’re feeling extra Christmas Spirit-y, I have an Amazon wishlist here. I send a return gift to anyone kind enough to buy me a present! 🙂

The day I was a guerilla… and other stories

23 Nov

While searching for video footage of me for the video section on my website that is coming soon… I found this! I feature at the very start (could only do the photoshoot as I was booked for another show later in the day). It was a guerilla photoshoot and fashion show for Vengeance Designs on the streets of New York City… 😉


Click the link above as for some reason I can’t upload the video :S

It was great  to finally work with Lydia the designer- it was all a bit hectic getting ready and out on time for the show(s) in various locations but when we were out and about we seemed to get a good response! I wish they’d shown some footage of us on the subway though- we did a fashion show through a moving carriage, lol!

Anyway, here are some stills from the day. Don’t you just love the dress!!???

Group shot! (I’ve mailed the designer for names and will add as I get them- I already know some of the people in here. Left is Lydia Lael aka the designer and Fonda Feeling is on the right.)

Now, as I’m updating my showreel, if any of you are videographers and would like to make some short videos, get in contact at http://www.roswellivory.co.uk with a link to some samples of your work. 😀

If you would like me to grace your wall next year, get in touch with Pirate Photography at piratephotography13@yahoo.co.uk
as I feature on her 2013 calendar and will happily sign it for you if you ask nicely 😉 The calendar is $45/£30 including US/UK shipping and a little extra for signage.
Want one? Here it is!

You’ll be seeing some new images from my shoot with Pirate Photography very soon but for now, here’s us being utter fools between sets. Happy Movember! 😛 There were no sexier girls in Grimsby that day.


p.s. I have spelled “guerilla” right, right?? I looked it up online and the word is sometimes listed with one R and sometimes with two.

A bit of silliness! :)

28 Mar

Ok, I was going to go straight into this, but have to just say first, I just got the WEIRDEST e-mail I have ever found! Makes no sense and the writer appears to think I’m some kind of abductee, or android!!! O-o-o-o-k-a-a-a-y.


I have a new Zivity teaser- Pirate Photography behind the lens and Little Rubber Cherry doing wardrobe. Make-up and hair done by me. Inspired by a comment from Rubber Cherry, we’ve called it The Latex Dance-  me doing the many ridiculous moves that putting on a latex dress require. 😉

I’m 28 days late on the facebook 30-day song challenge but as I’m dancing about while writing this, I’ll post it here instead. (Yeah, I’m full of beans today- chocolate-coated coffee beans…)

1) Favourite song: It changes by the day! But Badman, by Newton Faulkner is up there.
2) Most hated song: Dry Your eyes Mate, by The Streets. NOTHING can come close to this eye-watering illiterate attempt at a chav ballad.
3) Makes you happy: Town Called Malice, by The Jam. Got to love it!
4) Makes you sad: Even Angels Fall, by Jessica Riddle
5) Reminds you of someone: Stupid Girls, by Pink. Reminds me of too many people.
6) Reminds you of somewhere: Hot and Cold, by Katy Perry! Reminds me of my week in Murcia with Iveta Niklova and Anita De Bauch- we were in the car waiting to set up and started dancing about to this. Much fun!
7) Reminds you of an event: Boys Wanna be Her, by Peaches. They used to play it all the time at Torture Garden fashion shows!
8.) Know all the words to: Streetcorner Symphony, by Rob Thomas. I’m such a bloody HIPPY ssometimes!
9) Song to dance to: Stand Up, by the Prodigy
10) Makes you sleep: Insomnia, by Faithless. Just kidding- I have no idea.

11) Song from your favourite band: Don’t have a favourite band, but here’s one: Sweet Child O’ Mine, by Guns ‘n’ Roses
12) Song from a band you hate: Trouble, by Coldplay. Ugh!
13) Guilty pleasure: Cherry Pie, by Warrant. Bring on the Hair rock… and the woman in the video is hot. I also have a weakness for really bad bubblegum pop.
14) Song no-one would expect you to love: Aria, by Delerium/Mediaeval Baebes
15) Song that describes you: Bitch, by Meredith Brooks. Unless anyone has an alternative??
16) Used to love but now hate: Anything by Shania Twain. I won a talent contest at school pretending to be her. The shame, the SHAME!!!
17) Song you hear often on the radio: Price Tag, by Jessie J. The gym plays Kiss FM and they play the same 10 songs over and over again. I may resort to supergluing my headphones into my ears.
18) Song you wish you heard on the radio: Killing in the Name, by Rage Against the Machine. Because- why not??
19) From your favourite album: Hard Sun, by Eddie Vedder. LOVE the Into The Wild Soundtrack.
20) Song for when you’re angry: Break Stuff, by Limp Bizkit. It’s the original angry anthem!

21) Song for when you’re happy: Gone in the Morning, by Newton Faulkner.
22) Song for when you’re sad: Burn, by The Cure. Gothywothydoodah!
23) Song for your wedding: I have no plans to get married, but hypothetically? Highway to Hell, by ACDC!!
24) Song for your funeral: Knocking on Heaven’s Door, by Guns ‘n’ Roses
25) Song that makes you laugh: Total Eclipse of the Heart- LITERAL version. If you haven’t seen this yet, watch it. When I first watched it, I laughed so hard I pulled a muscle!
26) Song you can play on an instrument: I have no musical talent, and can’t sing to save my life. Or yours!
27) Song you wish you could play: Erm… Twinkle Star would be a start!?
28) Song that makes you feel guilty: Run To You, by Bryan Adams. Actually- anything by Bryan Adams!
29) Song from your childhood: Jollity Farm, by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. I had to google this to check it wasn’t a figment of my imagination. Nope- my father just had a very strange taste in music!!!!!
30) Favourite song at this time last year: Hummingbirds, by Venus Hum. Maybe??

I’ve taken the next couple of days off so am going to Thetford Forest to see if I can spot adders- I’ve never seen any in the wild!
Next post- some lovely new photos from a shoot in Bournemouth! 🙂