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Spring cleaning!

13 Apr

I’m selling stuff. It’s listed below. :)

First though, check out these pictures from The Phnarrcissist!!
Latex: Anatomic Bomb
Make-up: Me

Can’t decide which of the two below I like best! Opinions please?

Anyway, I’m having a huge sale so if there are any of the items listed below that you would like, send me a message or a comment and I’ll get them packaged and sent!
I hope you find something you like- prices are negotiable, within reason. :D



Ooh, Corsets! And my Lisbeth Salander impression…

20 Jun

Dear readers, I don’t want you to get a shock or anything, but this post contains clothes.
Covering-boobs clothes.
As in, I’m not naked.
(Paramedics and smelling salts to the guy in the third row please).

Obviously, if I was really doing a Lisbeth Salander impression, the above would be said with a lot more attitude and eyeliner than I have right now, (I’m tired), but here’s an outtake from my shoot:

And here’s Lisbeth Salander, the only remotely redeemable woman from Stieg Larsson’s (in my opinion goddawful- I’ll explain later) Millennium Trilogy. (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo etc etc.)
(Hairstyle and make-up similarities not deliberate!!)

I’ve done a lot of art-nude shoots recently and so was very excited to get these pictures back from photographer Grace Elkin. We had worked with designer Catriona Stewart, shooting some of her collection and both girls were great fun to work with! :D
We first went to the local park to shoot some bright and colourful latex. We got quite far but when it started to rain, we ran for the safety of the studio!

I *love* this blue outfit…

When Catriona showed me the next set of outfits, I got very excited! I love corsetry and am planning on starting waist reduction again, and these are different to any corsets I’d ever seen- most of the shape-changing was in fact done with a very strong zip!

That is it. I’m off to bed as I really am tired and can’t even think a coherent thought. :D

Night night,



Once more with feeling: SQUEEEEEEZE!!!

Ok, now I’m done.


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