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Flighty Aphrodite!

17 Aug

I was writing my blog the other day, and I realised I hadn’t posted these pictures up! I had a lovely photoshoot on the beach with photographer Ottoblade. He had brought some crazy coloured dresses for me to whirl around, which I happily did! As I was reading “The Song of Achilles” at the time, I had a head full of Greek myths and so was making up stories while I posed. (I often find it helps art-modelling to have a story in my head about why exactly I could be bounding across a sand dune with nothing on.)

So here you are:
Photographer: Ottoblade (aka Derrick Clarke)

I’m off on holiday at the end of the month but as I’ll be travelling pretty much non-stop when I return, I thought I’d post my travel plans here so if you happen to be reading this and fancy booking your very own Roswell photoshoot when I’m in your area, you can let me know!
Available anywhere- it’s just as it sounds! I am available to shoot absolutely anywhere if travel expenses (reduced by a third due to my lovely railcard) are covered.

September 20th-30th: Bedfordshire/Milton Keynes

October 1st-5th: AVAILABLE ANYWHERE!

October 5th-7th: London Fetish Weekend

October 7th-23rd: Germany/Netherlands tour

October 23rd-27th: Liverpool/Manchester area

November 6th-15th (approx): Darlington/Leeds/Grimsby

As I’m sure you all know very well now, I love to travel and though I always plan to do some writing whikle I’m moving, it never quite happens due to views like this. Just had to share it with you- this is Manningtree.

I know I’m saying it every entry at the moment but thankyou, thankyou, thankyou to the fans who have bought me birthday presents! You will recieve a personalised gift back soon (posting a batch today). 🙂

I’m off to the Peak District today for some quiet time, and will speak to you very soon… possibly about feminism. Possibly with pictures of mountains and nudity. Probably about the million articles I’m writing at the moment. Keep an eye out! 😉


p.s. Have an outtake. This is me frolicking. 😛

What a lovely day. :)

12 Aug

Good evening!

So, after a very strenuous day of shooting contortion suspension bondage yesterday with Clover and Wykd-Dave, I woke up, crawled out of bed with many “owwwwww”s and decided I would in no way spend today in front of the computer. So I didn’t. Instead we packed up our stuff, dashed to Sainsbury’s and drove off in the sun toward the beach. It was not the beach I was aiming for, but still it was very lovely. Could’ve done with a naked lady, but still…

Looking up at the sky!

After stuffing ourselves with french baguette, cheese, artichokes and nectarines, we went for a walk (and found teeny circular Hobbit-houses!), then home for the Olympic opening ceremony. Just saw Annie Lennox- can I go everywhere in a giant pirate ship please? (UPDATE: But a transparent octopus would also be acceptable).
I can’t imagine what it would be like to be the best in the world at something. It must be an amazing feeling to wake up in the morning knowing that no-one is better at, say, running than you. (Though every time I’ve seen Usain Bolt interviewed, I find him INSUFFERABLY arrogant.)
Here’s me, definitely not about to run a race (but I do now think of starting positions looking at the photo)!
Photographer: Brian Hopper

I then opened my e-mail for a quick check and found a very nice reference from Clover herself! (I still get a little nervous when I see I have a reference, as I often berate myself for not doing something, or doing too much of something during a shoot!) I don’t ever want to just assume that I’ve done a wonderful job. I didn’t have to worry this time as here’s the refence: 🙂

“WykD_Dave and I had a wonderful shoot yesterday with Roswell. Put in 100%, very easy going and fun to collaborate with. Roswell is incredibly flexible and worked very hard in some challenging ties on a Shibari bondage shoot.
I can not recommend working with her enough.

Can’t wait to see the pictures- it was my first time working with one of these:

I’m still waiting for permission to post some rather colourful photos from a certain fashion show but as soon as I get it, you can have a look 😉 Keep checking back…

Thankyou also to the fans who have just subscribed, and the people who have sent me birthday gifts recently! A personalised surprise is on its way back to you. 🙂 If you’d like to be one of those people, my wishlist is here- click the link. 🙂

I have a few days to catch up with my writing and e-mails so if you’re waiting for a message from me, you’ll hear from me very soon! Have a lovely week!


Voyages are coming…

3 Apr

Voyages are coming… 😀

I have finalised dates for both my Scotland and Ireland tours! I’ll be in Scotland from May 7th until 17th, and Ireland from June 11th until 21st. Details are on my ModelMayhem casting calls- please get in touch there, or through my website with enquiries and bookings.

I was interviewed for AltGirlBotherer a few weeks ago, and the interview has just gone live as a two-part feature! If you’d like to know more about my life as a model and writer then go and have a read!
– Where did my name come from?
– Why do I love latex so much?
– What is it about Berlin?? 😉
– What am I working on at the moment…..

It’s all in the interview! Part One is HERE and Part Two is HERE

Here’s a new picture by G Haskew from our shoot by the beach with Kitten (aka Pirate Photography). 🙂
Styling by me
Latex by Anatomic Bomb

And a behind-the-scenes shot taken by Pirate Photography of me posing for G Haskew. I LOVE those little beach huts- they look so happy.

I’m off to a shoot now and then to good old Starbucks to do some article-writing. Currently working on a piece about whether or not genital photography can be considered “art”, but considering some of the horrors I’ve seen while researching the theme, I don’t think I’ll be writing that in public! 😛


Somewhere beyond the sea…

30 Mar

I said a very sad (for me) goodbye to my lovely friend Kitty (aka Pirate Photography) last week. She’s moving North, which I guess means I’ll have to take a train soon to a place with hills. Norwich is so flat that there are three hills- all of which have names.

On our last shoot together for a while, we went with photographer G Haskew to the beautiful sunny beach with an armful of latex kindly lent by Anatomic Bomb. We bounced around shooting for a few hours, before getting chips and spoiling the ducks, who gave us the “please feed me chips” big eyes. Can’t resist the big eyes. :S

I did the hair and make-up for the shoot and as I knew it would be difficult to change much when we were out in the wind, I went for a “pin-up-meets-Bond-girl” look that would work with all three outfits.

Photographer: Pirate Photography
Hair/MUA: Me
2nd photographer/assistant: G Haskew

Channelling Madonna in the “Don’t Tell Me” video, lol!

If you want to see the rest of the set, you’ll have to come and join Zivity! I’m planning to do some self-shot sets this year…
More pics to come…

I fell so in love with this dress that I ordered one for myself!

And here are some behind-the-scenes shots from G Haskew:

Someday, I must actually go to that peninsula…

Don’t you just love the little painted beach huts?! I’ve been wanting to have my picture taken with them for ages!

Being bossed around by Kitty 😛 (I have *no* idea what was going on here!)

Don’t ask. I have no memory of this. 0_O

Hooray for chips! (And the little running duck in the foreground)…

I’m currently doing the biggest Spring-clean I have ever done- there are boxes I haven’t opened since I moved here! It also means I’m going to be selling some of my old clothes and shoes- this includes super high heels and latex. I hope to have it all photographed by the end of next week so keep your eyes out for some bargains.

I also have some exciting news- some of the free prints available in my upcoming prize draw will be the very sexy leather-y photos from my last blog! 😉

I can’t wait to tell you all about my South Coast Tour- I have some lovely pictures of the scenery and the furry friends I met. I’m currently planning my next tour- which will be Scotland in May. My approximate dates are the 7th-17th and I am planning to visit Edinburgh, Stirling and Elgin. If you’d like me to visit your location, please let me know. I’m a little pushed for time this time, due to other bookings (like the German Fetish Weekend!)

In the meantime, have an outtake: (by Pirate Photography)


In a while…

26 Sep

As most of you will know, I’m off to Europe on Saturday! I’m very excited (and nervous- it’s the longest I’ll have been away from England) and will be visiting Sweden, Germany and The Netherlands. I’m hoping to take my laptop and post blogs while I’m out there so you should have some lovely sightseeing pictures- as well as new one-off latex outfits from HMSlatex and Little Rubber Cherry, nude shots and quite a bit of bondage! Yes, I have some exciting shoots planned… 😉

On the nude subject, it has been a whole month since I last posted nude pictures here!!
These are from a location near me, shot by Wayne Kahn.

Important stuff: I’m having a revamp of my networking pages!
If you want:
– my news in short
– FB-friendly pictures for work
– to send me a message and get a reply quickly
– to hear about castings and job opportunities for photographers, models and stylists

Then come and like my Facebook fanpage, and my Twitter!

If you also want to see exclusive sets featuring me (you won’t see these anywhere else!) Then come and join Zivity– I have two new sets up at the moment… AND I take requests! (More exclusive photos and behind-the-scenes shots available to fans).

Sorry for the very short blog but I’m trying to sort out last minute plans for Europe!
Please accept my humble apologies- have a Pallas Cat: