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Don’t tell me to stop…

9 Jan

Okay, so the apocalypse happened to G Haskew’s computer. (Want more apocalypse references? I have plenty more where that came from…) :P Sadly, almost an entire photoshoot was lost- back up your work, folks!
However, I still have a few of the pictures to show you.





(Obviously the namesake of this blog, lol! We had several pictures of me bouncing around in the dust in homage to the Madonna video)


And as soon as the staff stopped looking… ;)



You really really should go and look at G Haskew’s other work as well- he’s amazing at finding locations and is now beginning a new venture into urban exploration. Just click his name above!

Now, talking of stopping…

Don’t worry- I’m not going anywhere just yet as I still love my job and I’m certainly planning on at least another two years of modelling for a living. However, the job I want eventually will probably take me several years of hard work before I get to where I want to be, and so I’m now applying like crazy to as many volunteer projects as I possibly can. (Did I mention I want to work in conservation?) ;)
Soooo… this is one of those times in which you may be able to help with my future plans! Do you, or does anyone you know, work in conservation (especially with projects in Africa, Madagascar, Australia or in marine biology?) If so, could you please send me a message through my website? I want to talk to you!
Thanks! :D

I’m excited to say that one of my New Year’s resolutions looks set to be SMASHED! I planned to visit at least two new countries each year. Well, this year, it looks as though I’ll be hitting Malta, Austria (Vienna), Romania, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, China and (if I get the chance) Borneo!
I’m getting itchy feet already but it’s too cold for touring season at the moment. I’m using my free time to write, chill in front of the fire and watch the birds outside eat the homemade treats I’ve been leaving them*.

I’m now watching Africa (narrated by King David) ;) Golden rule: do not talk while the Attenborough is talking. Night night…


Backward thinking

17 Dec

It seems as though it was only a few days ago I was running around among Autumn leaves in as many countries as I could reach! Now that it’s winter, the sunsets are always amazing- as if the weather is trying to make up for the fact that we’re all so cold! I don’t mind the cold so much (especially as I’ve booked some time off modelling and can curl up in front of the fire) but the nights are a bit too short for me. I’m looking forward to Spring shoots already…

I have some fantastic travel planned for next year – you can keep an eye on my diary on the temporary page I’ve just added at the top next to my “About the Girl” page. ;)
In short though, here are my travel plans for next year. Get in touch HERE with any enquiries.

January: 6th-13th   Available anywhere in London and surrounding areas
                 17th-31st  AVAILABLE ANYWHERE

February: Spain.

March: Approx 5th-10th- Malta 
              12th-26th- South Coast tour

April: 8th-22nd-  Scotland tour (passing through Midlands and the North on the way to and from)

May: Ireland tour


July: AVAILABLE ANYWHERE. (California, Hawaii?)

August: Australia/New Zealand?

September: Canada/New York/Philadelphia?

October: EUROTOUR (Considering Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Norway, Sweden)



I visited one of my best friends, Pirate Photography during my last Midlands tour and as always (other than talking about boobs, watching films and rocking), we shot some sets for Zivity. ;)
This is just a teaser for what could be one of my favourite of our sets- and you can see the whole set too! You don’t even have to be a member of Zivity- click on the link to unlock the other pictures
Of course, if you are a member of Zivity, you can get five extra outtakes from this set for ten votes- just visit my page and click…










The last one is a bit of an outtake- the wind blew my skirt up and I couldn’t keep it down! Every single time I lifted my hands, the wind started again and eventually we gave up! :D

As I need to go and pack for my last two shoots of the year (!) I’m off now. Speak to you soon!


p.s. If you’re feeling extra Christmas Spirit-y, I have an Amazon wishlist here. I send a return gift to anyone kind enough to buy me a present! :)

Putting feelers out…

6 Dec

Hello! Happy December to everyone! :D

I’m keeping the promise I made to myself three years ago- that one day, I would look forward to Christmas again. Well, I have bought a lovely hummingbird tree decoration, am watching the robins bounce around my feeders and am actually getting excited when I hear my favourite Christmas songs. I’m also up to my ears in craft stuff as this year’s family policy is “make, bake, sew or grow”. ;)

Okay, winter stuff over…..

Photographers (and fellow models), listen up!

I’m considering renting a little villa, apartment or hotel room somewhere lovely and sunny for a week in January or February. My plan will be that it is spacious and bright enough to shoot in (I’m available for fetish, nude, boudoir, fashion, beauty etc etc…) and in easy distance of nice locations in which to shoot too. Other models, if you’re interested in sharing/shooting with me, get in touch.

Photographers, you’d be flying to the area and staying nearby (If I get enough interest, I’ll put together a list of local hotels/B+Bs)
Now, there are flights to Venice, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon etc for around £30 and it’s off-season so hotels shouldn’t be crazy expensive, so this should be do-able in theory.
Estimated rates are about £180 for a half-day and £280 for a full day, but this is not set in stone yet-0 I need to do a little more research.

If anyone is interested in this idea, get in touch asap so I can get an idea of whether I can this could work or not. :)

I’ll leave you with some of my favourite shots of me in warm and sunny places (even if they don’t look so warm, lol!)


Barcelona- by Rares Pulbere
216 900

Taken in Parc Guell, against Gaudi’s skyline!

Murcia, by Gregory Miles Brown


Happy Hallowe’en!

31 Oct

Hey everyone!

Sorry for neglecting my blog these past two weeks- I’ve been away touring Europe and I’ll tell you all about it as soon as I can find the lead that connects my camera to my laptop. :P Despite having a small sniffle in the Tiergarten I had a good time and discovered Salted Caramel Haagen Dazs.

I have also missed Hallowe’en for the second year running as I’ve been working! I’m already planning next year’s time off so I can go and bounce around. Being pagan, it’s also known as Samhain and technically my New Year! I don’t like new year’s resolutions as I think that if you want to change something, do it now, but the changes and exciting things I’ve decided to do just happen to coincide with this time. :) Some things are surprises and I’m keeping them to myself for the moment, but one big thing is that I’m starting to look into my career post-modelling. Don’t panic- I’m not going anywhere for a couple of years yet, but when I’ve achieved the goals I want to with modelling, I intend to begin winding down.

Still, while I’m not going to suddenly announce my departure, you might like to get in contact if I haven’t toured your area yet and you’d like to work with me. Currently on my list are:
– Iceland
– Romania
– Australia
– New Zealand
– Eastwards! (China, Cambodia, Japan, Thailand etc)
– Norway

As one of my ‘resolutions’ is to do a heck of a lot more writing, I’m going to leave you with a lovely headshot while I go and write my latest “Tales From The Nude” column for iMoshe magazine. :D

This was taken during my South Coast tour earlier this year by Scott Chappell (I’m back in Spring) .

Speak to you soon,


Fashion and fetish and a night-time walk alone…

15 Oct

I like walking around alone. As I’d been very unhappy shortly before leaving for Montreal I was feeling a bit disorientated and strange when I got there- as if something was missing. It was only after I finished a fantastic shoot and debated going back to my hostel to look at cats on youtube but decided that instead I would see what Montreal looked like at night, I realised it was that I hadn’t had any time to myself. I got back to my hostel an hour later after seeing all of this:

Look- a horse and carriage!

The outside of the hotel I was shooting in!

After my shoot today, I think I’ll walk back to the hostel- it’s Berlin’s Festival of Lights again and I want to see it before I change countries tomorrow! (This tour’s going so quickly!)

I’ve also found the video of the fashion show I walked in for Dawnamatrix designs (in which I wear the most awesome chaps ever) ;)
Want to see?
Dawnamatrix starts at 4:12 and I come on at about 6:50

I aso want to take a vote from YOU! I loved the lingerie set so much I’m buying it- should I get it in snake print (like the one in the show) or leopard print? Let me know…

Speak to you soon- I have to go and curl my hair :D



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