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Putting feelers out…

6 Dec

Hello! Happy December to everyone! πŸ˜€

I’m keeping the promise I made to myself three years ago- that one day, I would look forward to Christmas again. Well, I have bought a lovely hummingbird tree decoration, am watching the robins bounce around my feeders and am actually getting excited when I hear my favourite Christmas songs. I’m also up to my ears in craft stuff as this year’s family policy is “make, bake, sew or grow”. πŸ˜‰

Okay, winter stuff over…..

Photographers (and fellow models), listen up!

I’m considering renting a little villa, apartment or hotel room somewhere lovely and sunny for a week in January or February. My plan will be that it is spacious and bright enough to shoot in (I’m available for fetish, nude, boudoir, fashion, beauty etc etc…) and in easy distance of nice locations in which to shoot too. Other models, if you’re interested in sharing/shooting with me, get in touch.

Photographers, you’d be flying to the area and staying nearby (If I get enough interest, I’ll put together a list of local hotels/B+Bs)
Now, there are flights to Venice, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon etc for around Β£30 and it’s off-season so hotels shouldn’t be crazy expensive, so this should be do-able in theory.
Estimated rates are about Β£180 for a half-day and Β£280 for a full day, but this is not set in stone yet-0 I need to do a little more research.

If anyone is interested in this idea, get in touch asap so I can get an idea of whether I can this could work or not. πŸ™‚

I’ll leave you with some of my favourite shots of me in warm and sunny places (even if they don’t look so warm, lol!)


Barcelona- by Rares Pulbere
216 900

Taken in Parc Guell, against Gaudi’s skyline!

Murcia, by Gregory Miles Brown


Flighty Aphrodite!

17 Aug

I was writing my blog the other day, and I realised I hadn’t posted these pictures up! I had a lovely photoshoot on the beach with photographer Ottoblade. He had brought some crazy coloured dresses for me to whirl around, which I happily did! As I was reading “The Song of Achilles” at the time, I had a head full of Greek myths and so was making up stories while I posed. (I often find it helps art-modelling to have a story in my head about why exactly I could be bounding across a sand dune with nothing on.)

So here you are:
Photographer: Ottoblade (aka Derrick Clarke)

I’m off on holiday at the end of the month but as I’ll be travelling pretty much non-stop when I return, I thought I’d post my travel plans here so if you happen to be reading this and fancy booking your very own Roswell photoshoot when I’m in your area, you can let me know!
Available anywhere- it’s just as it sounds! I am available to shoot absolutely anywhere if travel expenses (reduced by a third due to my lovely railcard) are covered.

September 20th-30th: Bedfordshire/Milton Keynes

October 1st-5th: AVAILABLE ANYWHERE!

October 5th-7th: London Fetish Weekend

October 7th-23rd: Germany/Netherlands tour

October 23rd-27th: Liverpool/Manchester area

November 6th-15th (approx): Darlington/Leeds/Grimsby

As I’m sure you all know very well now, I love to travel and though I always plan to do some writing whikle I’m moving, it never quite happens due to views like this. Just had to share it with you- this is Manningtree.

I know I’m saying it every entry at the moment but thankyou, thankyou, thankyou to the fans who have bought me birthday presents! You will recieve a personalised gift back soon (posting a batch today). πŸ™‚

I’m off to the Peak District today for some quiet time, and will speak to you very soon… possibly about feminism. Possibly with pictures of mountains and nudity. Probably about the million articles I’m writing at the moment. Keep an eye out! πŸ˜‰


p.s. Have an outtake. This is me frolicking. πŸ˜›

Selkies and Spartans

16 Jul

I’m watching a TV documentary about eating five portions of fruit/veg a day. It’s interesting- when I began losing weight (other than exercising more), the main change I made to my diet was to plan my meals around five or more portions of fresh or frozen fruit/veg a day. It is quite shocking seeing the amount of companies that have designed their own 5-a-day logo and are pasting it on products that have about half a banana in them and ten spoons of sugar. Apparently, the only legitimate logo is the one of five cubes going from yellow to green. 😦
*goes off to make a raspberry smoothie*

Roswell’s Raspberry Smoothie:
Step one: Put a couple of handfuls of frozen raspberries, about a quarter of a large pot of fat-free yoghurt and a big splash of milk in a blender.
Oh wait, that’s it πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I went off to the local amazing salt marshes with G Haskew and a piece of flimsy grey material for a photo session.
This place is full of old boats and weathered pieces of wood- all the while we were shooting, I could hear the sea and the nesting birds around us. As it was so windy, there was hardly anyone around and we had the whole marsh to ourselves (and the oystercatchers and the lady with the enormous Irish Wolfhound!) If it wasn’t so cold and windy and didn’t flood every day, I’d have happily slept out there!
I think I look like a Selkie. πŸ™‚

As it was freezing on the marsh and enough’s enough, even for a nude model, we got back in the car… and screeched to a halt next to this pretty purple field. I couldn’t *not* make a new dress out of my nice grey materialΒ  and stride around pretending to be in the film “The 300”. So I did.

I’m off to bed now as it’s a double birthday tomorrow and I have a present to wrap! (One birthday was my mum’s, but she’s already had her present- I took her to the zoo, which rocked. And now I want a whole flowerpot full of lemurs.)


p.s. I noticed I still have some free days for the next couple of months before heading out for my Canadian holiday. After that, I have no idea where I’ll be, so if you’re based in London, East Anglia, Nottingham, or even further afield, get in touch through my website!

A day of calm

2 Nov

Today I’m not doing anything
Today I’m gonna lay in my bed
Won’t be picking up the phone
I’m being a slob, leave me alone πŸ˜‰
Today I’m not doing anything
(except posting up pictures, writing a blog and reading my magazine)

I’ll carry on with the Eurotour next post. Today, I’m having my first day off in a month and am posting from under a duvet on the sofa. *snuggle*

In keeping with my serene and calm day, have some nudes from Alecu Grigore. (He sent me them while I was away and it was a challenge not to post them immediately!)
We shot at Portland Bill and stayed in a beautiful little cottage owned by a lobster fisherman and his wife. (I tried lobster- tastes like a cross between prawns and crab- yummy!)

My favourite is the third one down (for some reason it reminds me of the Little Mermaid when she gets legs. Or a Selkie).

We got up ridiculously early the next day to shoot at Durdle Door, but sadly the weather conspired against us so we ate bacon instead. πŸ˜‰

Speak to you soon,


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In a while…

26 Sep

As most of you will know, I’m off to Europe on Saturday! I’m very excited (and nervous- it’s the longest I’ll have been away from England) and will be visiting Sweden, Germany and The Netherlands. I’m hoping to take my laptop and post blogs while I’m out there so you should have some lovely sightseeing pictures- as well as new one-off latex outfits from HMSlatex and Little Rubber Cherry, nude shots and quite a bit of bondage! Yes, I have some exciting shoots planned… πŸ˜‰

On the nude subject, it has been a whole month since I last posted nude pictures here!!
These are from a location near me, shot by Wayne Kahn.

Important stuff: I’m having a revamp of my networking pages!
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Sorry for the very short blog but I’m trying to sort out last minute plans for Europe!
Please accept my humble apologies- have a Pallas Cat: