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A little bit of news…

14 Oct

I’ve been all mysterious recently… I had to postpone photoshoots (which I NEVER do). I’ve been in hospital. I’ve mentioned new projects. I’ve hinted annoyingly. It’s time to reveal all!!!
I hate secrets... 😛

First news: I love my job but I am aware I cannot model forever. As I’ve said, I’m not going anywhere just yet but I have been rather busy behind the scenes. As I travel so much and love to write, I’ve set up another blog/website, twitter and instagram. In fact, it’s a lot like this blog but with more selfies, travel advice, news from my boat and pictures/tales from my adventures around the world.


If you didn’t know already, I’m very into my postapocalyptic everything. I (apparently) look like a videogame assassin from the end of the world when I’m not modelling, and will be sharing my style sources and how-to tips for the interested. I live on a narrowboat and take pictures of her. (Yes, all boats are ‘she’, even if they’re called ‘Thor’.) I know all about travelling cheaply (London to Utrecht for £13, anyone?) as well as weird underground off-the-beaten-track places to go in about ten different countries. I have a LOT of fascinating friends who may also make appearances. If any of this sounds interesting and/or you’d like to continue supporting me in my next (ad)venture, which I really hope you will, then please come and see me at these places and share the links. All are welcome but this is especially true if you’re a fellow adventurer, blogger and/or woman. I’d really like to support you too!

Oh, and yes, “F.Roswell” is also a pseudonym.

Here’s a static visual trailer for the site. (Ahem… what I mean is, here’s a bunch of photos…) 😛
dscn0073_edited instagramcapture_5f0d7085-007e-4b2e-aef1-1bce1f86ada4
instagramcapture_86ddc54a-fd54-49e0-80aa-14b5a5a8c438 pic-2

Seriously though, I’d really love and appreciate your support in this- it’s a completely new project for me and I’m starting from scratch but I have big plans. This little blog couldn’t have got as far as it has without your shares and support- thankyou.

On to the second news: on June 22nd, I was sterilised.

Almost every parent I know says that having a child is one of the most life changing things you can do. (Possibly THE most, in my opinion.) Nothing can prepare you for the reality and it is a permanent, life altering decision. Hold that thought…

As many of you may remember, I’ve been fighting to be sterilised for a long time. If you’re a newcomer, my rant is here but I’ll summarise:

I’ve never wanted children and hormonal contraception is not good for me. As I’m nearly 30, I decided enough was enough and wanted to be free of the worry once and for all. I am aware that this is a permanent decision. I have been reminded of this by friends, strangers and medical professionals and I have been fully aware of the permanence of this option since I was eight.
None of my friends with children are continually reminded by shocked people that their decision to bring another human into the world and be responsible for them for at least the next eighteen years is irreversible. None of my friends have been told “you’ll change your mind” on announcing their pregnancy. The decision whether or not to bear a child is a serious choice concerning our bodies and fertility and if age 28 (as I was) is old enough to permanently become a parent then it is old enough to permanently choose not to. What matters is having the right to make the decision in the first place. You (or ‘one’) may feel I’ve made the wrong choice, but that choice should be mine to make.

As I said in my viral rant, I got a rejection letter regarding funding. What had not been explained to me was that while funding was denied by my local hospital (which could be for any legitimate reason), it was not denied altogether- I’d just have to go to a different hospital. So when a different hospital called me for an appointment, I was grouchily prepared for a stern finger-wagging and another assertion that I was too young to make such a permanent decision. (As though parenthood is temporary…)
Not so. I walked into the doctor’s office and… SURPRISE STERILISATION! I embarrassingly enough burst into tears at the shock and relief. Yes he went through the usual questions (permanent, surgery risks etc, other options) but prefaced each question with the words “I legally have to ask…” which made all the difference. So we set a day for surgery and off I went!
The actual surgery, waiting times and hospital details were stressful and horrid (if you have questions, mail me directly- I’m happy to be open but don’t want to publicly overshare medical stuff) but the nurses were amazing, took care of me and ‘my needy boyfriend’ (the drip I was attached to) and as I was severely dehydrated, I spent the night in hospital where I got a 5am wake-up call in the form of a woman giving birth on the floor below. Changed my mind yet? Naaaaah…

Moving on! Photographers- please worry not. I have two tiny scars- one hidden in my bellybutton, one hidden just below my pubic hairline. I’m back to what passes for normal in my life. 😉

So there’s my news! There’s a lot of change and things moving about in my world at the moment and I’d be lying if I said things weren’t pretty scary. I’ve done casting calls, travelling, photoshoots and all of the everyday things that come with modelling for over a decade and the thought of building another business (Life Out There) from scratch is daunting to say the least. If you know anyone looking for writers or traditional illustrators, there’s someone riiiight over here! 😉

Of course, the day I decide it’s “last hoorah time”, you’ll all be the first to know but for now, lets have more pictures!!

As I’ve blogged about two different sides of my life, what better pictures to post than these ones by KinkyStyle?! Still a fetish model, but almost everything in the shots are mine (and the coat was made by yours truly…)




20 Feb

Hey there!

I’ve had a heck of a month so far- lots of interesting photoshoots and lovely people that I can’t wait to tell you all about. So far this week, I’ve been a Maenad, a mermaid, Scheherazade (my favourite character- I’ll tell you all about her one day), a ponygirl, and a dancing Renaissance lady. The latter has already made it onto the front page of Purpleport!

Photo by Aesir Rey (who is wonderfully geeky and has excellent taste in gingerbread penguins).
All styling and outfit made by me

This blog has also been featured in a very complimentary article about female bloggers! Neon Nettle have published “The 10 Sexiest Bloggers on the ‘Net Right Now”, which features ten models/bloggers who talk about more than the industry. I am thankful every day for my success as a model but even more so when my words and thoughts are valued as much as my face and body. The ‘thick model’ stereotype is just that- a stereotype, and I wish somebody could tell that to yesterday’s taxi driver transporting myself and a lost Kitty Quinzell: “Oh no, there’s no hope- a blonde and a model!” Yes, there are models whose mere presence makes me worry that my brain cells are evacuating in protest, but the models I have become friends with and enjoy talking to are far more plentiful. Some of them are in the article- have a read! 🙂

I’m back in Holland next month to walk in a fashion show for the beautiful Ardita Fetish Fashion, which reminded me I haven’t yet posted Ben Ernst‘s photographs of me from my last visit! We shot on this fantastic scaffolding setup, which was actually pretty high from the ground!






Any latex designers reading this? I have broken these trousers and would love them fixed please! I’ll give you a free rein to customise them! 🙂

I have, of course, saved my biggest news until last. for any of you who have not read my recent interview in Cloud Orchid magazine… I HAVE A PLACE OF MY OWN!!! There is a twist, of course- you can find out what it is if you read the interview. 😉 All I’ll say here is I have put my deposit down and if all goes fine, I’ll be living there by the end of March!

I have so much to write about so am going to get this restless cat off my knee and get on with it. (Okay, one more cuddle…)


Beautiful Blogger Awards!

6 Jun


I woke up this morning rather dejected (as I expected to be) as I’m making a lot of big changes in my life (more will be revealed in August when things have been finalised/decided on) and I have to say it helped a lot opening my laptop to see I’ve been given a “beautiful blogger” award!


It’s like a game of internet tag and there are rules!

1) Acknowledge the person who nominated you- so, thankyou so very very much, Chwennyland.com!

2) Post seven facts about yourself

3) Nominate seven other people for the award!

So here goes! Have some facts…
1) I never had a teddy bear- I had about ten rabbits, a crocodile, a gorilla, two dogs and a tiger, but no bears
2) I hate looking at pollarded trees- I think that they look mutilated!
3) I can get just about any ballgag out of my mouth with my hands tied behind my back
4) When I was a child, I wanted to be a palaentologist (and a Gladiator)
5) I am afraid of very few things… but one of them is a small harmless species of animal that is more afraid of me than I am of it. It shall not be named. *shudder*
6) My submissive side has a “thing” for Cal Lightman. (Tim Roth’s character in Lie To Me). All my other sides are making fun of my submissive side for this.
7) I don’t take drugs and with the exception of an amaretto or Bailey’s coffee once in a blue moon, I’m teetotal as well.

And as for the beautiful bloggers…
1) Ella Rose is a fellow writer and model. She’s been kind enough to let me read her novel and I love the description and sensuality in her writing. Even her blogs sound beautiful in a way I can never manage!!

2) Postsecret.com is run by the awesome Frank, and if you haven’t seen the site yet, you really should. It began as an art project. Now thousands of people send Frank their secrets every week. (And hide their secrets in the books he’s brought out…)

3) Elyse Sewell was a contestant on the first series of America’s Next Top Model (before it got so formulaic). She was a hyper-intelligent medical student and became instantly successful in Asia, and her “Lost in Translation”-style blog is wonderfully bemused and sardonic at the same time.

4) La Carmina is a Japanese fashion/culture blogger with the most adorable cat ever to walk the planet. She inspires me as she follows many career paths in the same way I do, which gives me hope that I can continue doing so.

5) Three Beautiful Things. This lady records three things that have made her happy every single day. It really has inspired me to remember the beautiful things I see. Sadly, since she’s had a baby, the vast majority of the posts have become BABYBABYBABY but the spirit is still there.

6) The Ark in Space is a blog all about the fantastic, weird and unusual creatures you can find in the world. As I’m a huge nature fan and love expanding my knowledge of the natural world, this blog never stops making me smile.

7) The Lingerie Addict– as I am a huge fan of lingerie and not a standard size, I love looking here for tips on finding lingerie that will fit me, and also just seeing pretty pictures of the stuff that won’t… but is just so pretty!

Can’t remember if I’ve shown you these backstage shots from a vintage lingerie shoot yet, but as they are happy pictures, here you go!

And ooh! My BBC Wildlife magazine just thudded through the door! With a fox cub on it! 😀