Sooooooo… Montreal!

15 Sep

I arrived in Montreal officially a tumbleweed having left my hometown just the previous day. It’s a good thing most of the people were really friendly and spoke English, as my French is embarrassingly awful and I was in no condition to do much. A couple of nights (and days) sleep in the hostel and it was time to start the show…
I was booked for four events over the three days, beginning with a fashion show for the debut of Dawnamatrix’s textured latex line!

Here’s me backstage in my outfit- which I still maintain had the coolest chaps in Montreal! I also got to wear a gorgeous burgundy dragon-scale bra and thong (which must be mine in the near future…)

I’m still waiting for more fashion show images but will post them when I get them…

I was sharing a hotel room with acrobat Fonda Feeling, fellow alt model Deanna Deadly and TS porn star Tara Emory– I love talking to other people who don’t have normal jobs! We generally rocked our room. 😀

*phone rings*
Tara: *creepy voice* Bobs morticians- you kill ‘em, we chill ‘em…
*babbling on the other end of the phone*
Tara: *slightly less sure creepy voice* Ummm… So you got any bodies for us?
Tara: *very very polite* Oh… sorry I thought you were someone else. Could we have some more towels please?

Just opposite us were most of the Vengeance Designs team and there were rather a lot of naked dashes across the corridor 😉

I was booked for the Vengeance Designs show on Saturday but sadly things went a bit pear-shaped in the form of me being horribly ill. It was the first fashion show I’ve ever had to cancel, which sucked, but I got to watch from backstage. Have a look at the video- it’s kinky and fabulous.
Thankyou to everyone for being so lovely to me and making sure I was okay, especially you three- you know who you are.

I felt well enough to do my next booking the next day, which was a photo-walk across Montreal! If you’re a latex fan, you’re going to love this…
I wore a floor-length red dress with art-deco cape, both by Dawnamatrix.

We went to some brilliant (and watery) locations to get our picture taken- I’m not sure what the public made of us on the subway! Check this out!

The upside down acrobat was my roommate Fonda Feeling. 🙂

Miss Daenerys Targaryen here is Dawn of Dawnamatrix designs! 🙂 (Of course, the outfit is her own and can be bought from her website)

Another roommate- Tara Emory!

One of the only people not in latex- and she looks so HAPPY! Impossible not to smile 🙂

Caught in the middle!

I was feeling a little homesick… and then I saw this guy! We did pose together too- if you have seen the pictures, please link me!

Isn’t she cute!? I didn’t notice I was in the background until I’d saved the image, lol!

LOVE this photo. That is all.

Spot the Roswell! 😉

A few hours lie-down and some banana frozen yoghurt (thanks Dawn and Ben!), and it was back to the Olympia for a steampunk-themed night. (I’ll have a talk about steampunk later, I‘m sure.)
I wore the most gorgeous and unique caduceus-patterned dress and can’t wait to see the video of the show…

L-R: Lilly Bordeaux, Jinx, Onna Sakura, Ben, Dawn, Billie Prudence, Me

Monday contained a yummy breakfast at Cora’s, some major relaxation and a photoshoot before Tuesday’s flight to New York… (More about that later…)

Apologies for the rather documentary-ish blog today! I’ve had so much to say, I’ve forgotten a lot of details. 😦
Normal Roswell-ish rants and rambling will commence shortly!

For now, have a teaser picture for my next blog…

Photo by Paul Ward
Other model is Indefinite Anomaly

2 Responses to “Sooooooo… Montreal!”

  1. KathTea September 15, 2012 at 8:18 am #

    Wow, sounds like you had such a blast! I hope I could do runway shows like you someday! ARGH gotta get my passport done ASAP! And Tara’s prank was hysterical. XD

    • roswellivory September 19, 2012 at 1:18 pm #

      Lol! It’s great fun though terrifying before you step on stage (well, for me anyway!) 😀 xxx

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