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4 Aug

UPDATE #2 12/08/2014
Deeeear Daily Maaaail, It has come to my recent atten-shun…
Okay, I won’t do an Amanda Palmer on you, but apparently I broke down on the stand. Wrong model. Not that crying’s a bad thing but I’m sure you want to have our actions in the right order and matched to the right people.
Colclough was also only charged for four offences and acquitted of two. Thanks.

UPDATE 12/08/2014
If you have arrived via the Times, I’m afraid I have been Rita Skeeter-ed*. 😦
I agreed to be named in today’s article only after reading the original text, which gave equal coverage to the other women who testified against the rapist Shaun Colclough.  The editor has cut out those stories and stuck my face on top of the piece like the cherry on top of a butchered cake. I did not give my permission for my image to be used in any way- in fact I forbade it. I feel these actions trivialise the harrowing experiences suffered by the other women and in light of this, I have withdrawn all co-operation with The Times newspaper.
I would like to make clear that the journalist responsible for writing the article bears no responsibility for the heavy-handed editing his original words were subjected to.

*If you are not a Harry Potter fan, Rita Skeeter embodies the worst journalistic stereotype possible.


I must apologise to all of the people who have sent such kind and inspiring comments and messages for me- the whole Colclough experience has been exhausting and so I went offline for a few days in order just to breathe (and attend the wedding of a friend.) I’m writing replies to you all right now.
So, we’ve hit the papers! Colclough’s face and story are in the Times, the Standard, the Hackney Citizen, the Daily Mail (who credited me with yelling “victim” at his retreating back. What I actually said was “you look vulnerable to me”- the same words he repeated during my shoot). More articles are pending and a very unflattering photo of the man himself is doing the rounds. There is now a nationwide appeal for more witnesses to come forward. If you are one, please call the police and tell your story- support is available from now and through the entire court journey.
By virtue of being a writer with a strong online presence, I was able to shout the loudest. However, please let me stress that my experience was minor compared to the other women involved and these are the real warriors behind the conviction. My case was one of ‘unauthorised touching’ and hinged on a hug he denied giving- nearly impossible to prove or convict on. All I did was sound the alarm.

A few days ago I had a lovely stay on the Isle of Wight- shooting on a farm, meeting kittens, girly chats with the fantastic photographer Luci-Alice and her family, brushing through meadows full of wildflowers and stripy cinnabar moth caterpillars- pretty idyllic, right? It had been a much-needed break, friends are a good sadness remedy and I was enjoying my phone-caught memories on a high-speed train though I’ve forgotten where I was going. While I hate the cliche of a world going cold, I remembered the judges’ words describing Shaun and suddenly felt as though the train couldn’t go fast enough. I had an urge to get up and run.
I have the highest respect for those who work with the sickest, most twisted in society- I couldn’t do it. I met this one man, who radiated such a sense of menace that I was more afraid than I have ever been in my life- and as a result, something has changed. Perhaps it’s just the gaining of the knowledge that these people who lurk in CSI’s dark corners and grin like sharks in straight-to-video thrillers really exist.

Still, I know myself a little better. Should I be attacked, raped, threatened- I can and will defend myself- all of the four women wo testified have done so and though not all of us achieved a conviction, in one way we still have won. Should the same thing ever happen again, I would report immediately and take it all the way to court. I think most of us would agree on that.

And so I’ll answer the questions, do the interviews and continue this blog- which has been a huge source of comfort for me. And I’m going to get on with my life. I’m eating Green and Blacks (which I doubt you get in prison), watching four fluffball moorhen chicks (which you don’t get in prison) and enjoying the freedom to work and chill on my own terms (which you sure as hell don’t get in prison.)

Shaun Colclough called us vulnerable. Not any more- if ever we were.


Photo by Luci-Alice (who I will blog about soon- I urge you to help her in her current quest).
All parts of the headdress were recycled, collected or otherwise ethically obtained.


12 Jul

I guess you’ve noticed by now that I have been absent…

Last month, I testified in court against sex-offender-posing-as-photographer ‘Shaun Colclough’.  I was asked to remove my blog for the duration of the trial but am now back for good. Three other exceptionally brave women also testified (out of the fourteen or so who suffered at his hands).
If you have no idea what I’m talking about, the original post is here, and I strongly recommend you read the comments. https://roswellivory.wordpress.com/2011/08/02/the-importance-of-references/

He pleaded ‘not guilty’ but was convicted of two counts of sexual assault and will be sentenced on the 24th (where I will be told the details of his previous conviction.) I will update you properly with all the details after the sentencing.

There is hope, and there is justice- but sometimes you have to fight for it. Fight for nothing, and nothing is what you will get.


Photo by Matt Frederick

Help. Please.

28 Nov

I was going to post this fantastic blog all about Dominatrix and my recent trip to Hamburg, but I have to interrupt that with a very serious plea for help.

Many of my ‘old’ followers will know I named and shamed the sexual predator posing as a photographer Shaun Colclough back in January 2011. Due to (good) reasons the police have asked me not to disclose, I am asking for any witnesses or models who have encountered him to please, please come forward.
You can mail me privately through my website at http://www.roswellivory.co.uk if you would prefer, but please contact me. You are absolutely not alone.

I am especially looking to speak to a couple of models who commented on previous posts.
If you are, I especially need to hear from you.

Shaun operated from a studio on Wallis Road, Hackney Wick, London.
My account (and the reports of other models) can be found here: https://roswellivory.wordpress.com/2011/08/02/the-importance-of-references/

Whoever you are, please spread the word. I need you.


An issue of class

2 Jul

This is a bit of a muse. Pictures are at the bottom 😉

I’ve been glued to Grayson Perry’s “In the Best Possible Taste” documentary. (Go and have a look). He’s a Turner Prize winner (which would normally make me turn the TV off but I gave it a chance) and investigated how our class affects our sense of what is aesthetically pleasing. I like things like this as I’m interested in the way society works and class is one of those issues that people don’t want to draw attention to, but everyone knows it exists. He sometimes dresses as a woman and so in each episode, made himself up to fit in with the group he was with. He also made two tapestries about each class, which were interesting to look at. Not my thing visually, though for some reason I found the first “upper class” one really moving.
According to Mr Perry, I’m most definitely middle-class (I own a tagine!) but I often wonder whether identifying as ‘alternative’ transcends the idea of class. I generally hang out at rock clubs and as a teenager, at a certain corner known as “The Block”. Talking to the people I spend/spent time with, it was pretty much impossible to tell who lived in a council flat or detached house, who went camping or had a villa in Corsica. Certainly, I knew people whose families had been working-class for generations and others who attended private school and lived in what I would call “mansions”. I don’t *think* I knew any Earls, but perhaps they were incognito?? 😉 Maybe taking a different label meant there was no need to divide ourselves further along class lines… I don’t know- I don’t have an answer. It’s just something I thought about for a while.

Okay, ramble over. 🙂

Here’s me being nude during a shoot back in February with Jonasbee.

And just to continue the theme of this entry, here’s me doing something very traditionally upper-class… falconry! It was my birthday present and the guys at Out On A Wing were lovely. I did my course on a lovely sunny day a few weeks ago! Pictures by G Haskew.

This is Dusk. She’s a European Barn Owl. Isn’t she adorable!???
Yes, I got to stroke her and she was all soft and stuff. 🙂

Come here little owlykins… (can you guess who my favourite was??) 😉

This is a European Eagle Owl called Odin.
His claws were enormous- I was a wee bit nervous about them, but he was very friendly and kept talking away to himself while we weighed him. Look- he’s GORGEOUS!!!

Nearly died laughing when I saw this. Did I just get “talk to the wing”-ed??
“Bitch, please…”

I like kestrels. I’m pretty useless at identifying birds in flight but I can always identify kestrels- they’re the only UK birds that hover and often hang out next to roads. He’s called Loki.

Lol! We have exactly the same expression! This is a buzzard and he’s called Emrys.

I also flew harris hawks, watched a peregrine falcon and stroked a tiny little Scops Owl (pictures still in G Haskew’s camera). Had an absolutely fantastic day and am really hoping to do some more falconry as I’d love to learn more. (It was even worth holding the icky bits of chick we were feeding the birds). 😛

Today, I had a day off- a proper one with minimal admin. I began with watching ANTM (guilty pleasure, okay?) and answering a few e-mails, then took myself into town for some lingerie shopping. There’s something nice about knowing you’re wearing something pretty under your clothes. Then headed to Starbucks for some lunch and a coffee light frappuccino (only 83 calories!!) with my book.

I also had a lovely e-mail the other day from a model who narrowly escaped the horror that is Shaun Colclough. It really makes my day when this happens as it really does mean outing someone works. Thanks to google hits, my blog is now on the first page when you google him! ROCK ON!!!

“Hi there,
I just wanted to send you a quick message as I think you may have helped me dodge a massive bullet! I recently found a photographer online called Shaun Colclough and asked him if he wanted to collaborate (I’m guessing this is the same guy you mentioned: http://shauncolclough.com/). And I was about to respond to his email reply when for some reason I just felt like I should google him. I don’t normally google togs if I get a good vibe from them or if they’ve been recommended to me, but this time I felt I needed to, and I’m so grateful I did. I read your blog post about it, and needless to say I won’t be in contact with him any longer…”

I’m now going to have some dinner and stretch (you need to see what I can do now…) while watching one of the Alien box-set I found for £10 in HMV. 😀


A model’s guide: What to do when the worst has happened.

5 Mar

Ever since I outed sexually abusive photographer Shaun Colclough, I have had many e-mails from other models (and even photographers) telling me about the various experiences they have had during their careers. It is always interesting talking to others and sharing stories- and if I can offer help and advice, I can and will (if I am asked to, of course!)
However, something I will not do is out a person on someone else’s behalf unless I have worked with them also and/or know for a fact that they are dangerous- I want to empower people to speak up for themselves.


Here’s my model’s guide for what to do when the worst happens:

You’ve had a bad experience.
That’s awful. At best, you’re probably angry and upset- at worst, feeling violated in addition to the above. Right now, get yourself a hot chocolate or a bath* or a hug from a friend and try to calm down a little.
*NOTE: if you have been sexually assaulted, I know it’s tempting but do not have a bath. (DNA evidence- take it straight to the police)
What to do next depends on the bad experience.

So, what happened?
If your levels have been pushed once or a slightly “off” comment has been made, then I personally would leave it but only you can decide how bad this has been and whether you want to do anything about it.
Anything between persistent level-pushing and (god-forbid) rape, really needs to be addressed- for you, and also for the safety of the person’s future models. This is not a normal part of a photoshoot and allowing it to go unchecked is giving the person free rein to do it again.

First thing to do:
If there was any kind of assault, take it straight to the police. Skip to the section below that deals with this.
Look at the person’s website and online presences. Contact as many other models on there as you possibly can. You don’t have to say what happened to you- you just want an idea of whether this was an isolated incident or not.
For example:

Hello there,
Could you please give me a reference for Terry Richardson? I’d really appreciate an honest opinion about what he is like to work with.
Thanks in advance for any help you can give me,
Coco Rocha.

Was this an isolated incident?
If that seems to be the case, could it have been a communication issue? Sometimes it happens. If it definitely wasn‘t, contact the moderators of the website you were booked on and let them know it’s happened. Even if they decide to keep the person on, it means that they now have a record of your bad experience which will help them make a decision if a similar thing happens in the future.
Post a link to the person’s profile on *your* profile, with the caption “not recommended”. That is usually the maximum you are allowed to do.

If other models have also had problems then it is time to do something about it. First, let them know that something happened to you as well, and then take it to the moderators together. Swap e-mails and if you need to, draft a standard e-mail that you can all send.
Does this person work for any companies or agencies? It might be worth giving them a ring and finding out if complaints have been made before. Certainly, calling the modelling agencies Shaun Colclough had worked for was a revelation!

Has a crime been committed?
Sadly, level-pushing (while horribly annoying) is very difficult to prove and unless the photographer is being especially menacing (that’s sexual harassment), it is probably best for all of you to just post honest references at the same time. Write a cut-and-paste reference if need be for both Purestorm, Net-model and any other sites that the person is on.
If the bad experience concerned more than that (examples: being shoved against a wall, being exposed to, being asked to perform sexual acts, violence- sexual or otherwise, touching inappropriately), then please for the love of all that is holy, take it to the police.

Taking it to the police
This can be a scary thing- maybe you don’t want to relive the experience, or are afraid that you will be ridiculed or not taken seriously due to the modelling (especially the nude factor.) I hope that I can alleviate some of your concerns regarding these.

– First, if you have just returned from a shoot where you have been assaulted, go NOW to the station. Call a friend for support if you must but the sooner DNA evidence/bumps and bruises are seen, the better. Remember, if this has happened to you, then it has probably happened to other girls and it is now the police’s business to track them down.
– If this was not an assault, or it was something that happened a while ago, go to the Met website (linked) and find your police station. Give them a call and file an intelligence report. This is not the same thing as pressing charges- you are letting the police know that this person is a problem. In the same way as reporting to moderators, it means that if another report is made or charges are pressed, there is a prior record that this person is a dodgy character!

The idea of reliving a bad experience isn’t nice, but the police employ people who are trained to be decent, not treat you like a fool and still get the details from you. Be brave- it isn’t as scary as you may think.
The nudity factor: there will always be people who do not understand nude (or even clothed) modelling, but it is not the police’s job to judge- what matters is what happened, especially the agreement before the shoot (if you can show e-mails proving what the plan for the shoot was, brilliant).
When I spoke to the police, they were great- the officer I spoke to even knew some of the modelling expressions and was very reassuring that *if* the Shaun Colclough case went to court, they would get an expert in the field to give evidence about what the correct protocol/expectations are during photoshoots.

Please remember- this has happened before and abusive photographers have been convicted, despite the shoot involving nudity. Look at the Lee Cropper aka The Mofo case for an example.
I know from experience that it takes guts to call the police and report a crime (whether you are pressing charges or filing an intelligence report), but doing so is not only empowering but could help save other models from what you went through.

To out, or not to out
Do not out if the police are involved- it may interfere with their work. However, if the experience was bad, but not bad enough to warrant a call to the police, you may want to consider outing the person in question. It’s a tough decision. I decided to because I knew a considerable amount of models who had also suffered. In addition, Shaun’s actions were serious enough that he posed a real danger to women.
Now, outing… You are not allowed to do so on networking sites like Net-model etc because of the potential for problems (they will be held accountable), but you can in a facebook note or on your blog.

Personally, I would only out someone in an extreme case, like that of Shaun, or extreme creepiness/touching/level pushing. If you decide to do it, have a look at the post below:

How to out someone
Firstly, are you sure you want to do this? If the person’s only crime is to make a few off-colour jokes then rethink. It is not fair to out someone unless they are truly a danger or a nasty character.
If you have decided that it is truly necessary, then:

1) Don’t use emotive language and don’t rant.
It makes you look unprofessional. Stick to the facts and leave name-calling out of it, no matter how bad it was.

Bad example:
Toggy MacTog is such a twat- he looked at me creepily, tried to flirt and he’s a terrible photographer anyway. Stay away from this utter pervert.

Good example:
I worked with Toggy MacTog on February 31st and found it a very uncomfortable experience. He first began asking me inappropriate questions (give an example) and when I asked him to stop, he told me that he would only stop if I posed open-leg for him.

2) Get support from other models
Ask the other models who have had trouble to post under your blog or facebook note with their experiences. It backs you up- people are more likely to listen when there are a few of you posting together. In situations like this, it helps to know you can support each other.

3) Stay calm.
People may try to be ‘devil’s advocate’, defend the person in question, or begin to rant themselves. No matter what, remain calm and stick to the facts.

The aftermath
I have had nothing but positivity since I outed Shaun Colclough. The only thing I have had on occasion (which is why I posted this blog) is people asking me to out on their behalf. 🙂
I can say I felt empowered and proud of myself for doing something about the experience I suffered and I hope that this blog can help someone else to come to terms with their bad experience, and take control as well.

Guys, if you have anything you would like to ask, or feel that something should be added then please get in touch at http://www.roswellivory.co.uk as I intend to keep adding to this blog.

Other links you might be interested in are:
– Guide to model safety by highly respected model Madame Bink
– Modelbitch blog. It has so many tips for things not just concerned with model safety- it’s a great resource.
– “Why do I keep having bad experiences?” Article on Modelbitch about this subject.

Now, to illustrate this entry, here’s an image from Phine Ka, who is a fantastic photographer/friend. 🙂