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9 Aug

Hello there and happy August (it’s my birthday* month and the sun was shining today!)

I’m really happy to share some of my latest publications with you as I’ve been doing a *lot* of writing and stuff!
My latest article is now live on Univers D’Artistes and I’m asking whether genital photography can ever be considered ‘art’. I was a bit nervous publishing it, as people have strong opinions… and I had to trawl through some absolute terrors online to find suitable images! 😉
Here’s the link: Can Genital Photography Ever Be Considered Art?

I’m also featured in an article published in photography magazine Camera Obscura- it’s about Irish photographer Eamonn Farrell. I love Ireland- there are so many dramatic landscapes and I’m already looking forward to my Spring tour even though the weather is often horrendous and I have a very vivid memory of sitting in a freezing waterfall at 5am… then gettting back in as I wanted to make doubly sure the cold didn’t show on my face and I had posed to the best of my ability. Despite the shivering, I had a great time working with Eamonn (highly recommended) and it’s nice to see his project gain the recognition it deserves.
Click the link! There are some other familiar faces in the piece- Nudes in the Irish landscape

And here’s a photo from the shoot, that I don’t think I ever posted! (by Eamonn Farrell)

It’s been a month full of rain showers and beautiful sunlight, so I’ve been sitting inside writing, then feeling guilty for being a couch potato on such a lovely day, then going for a walk and being hit in the face with a rainstorm! (Good thing I like rainstorms). I had one of my best friends, alt model Easy Tiger staying last weekend so despite the odd weather we ran around like mad things, had our pictures taken by photographer G Haskew and ate halloumi.
I’ll put pictures up when I have them but I do have this wonderful outtake that I not going to even try to explain…

Look at one of our locations!

I’m off to Montreal at the end of the month for the fetish weekend- very excited- I’ve never been to Canada! As New York is only a short hop away, I thought I’d take myself there for some exploring. I’m not sure how I’ll like New York as I’m very much a country bumpkin, but I like art galleries, I heard there was a pretty hanging garden somewhere and I’m hoping I’ll get some good blogs out of it (may have to channel Carrie Bradshaw, but without the awful dress sense.) 😉 I’ll let you know!

I’m hoping to be able to show you some very colourful photos and even a video from a fashion show I did a little while ago. Stay tuned! I’m going to do some stretching now in preparation for my first contortion bondage shoot on Saturday… 😉


* I would like to thanks all my very kind fans who have sent me a birthday present from my wishlist. That is lovely of you, and you should receive a personalised gift back from me shortly!
If you would like to send me a gift, I have a wishlist here: CLICK THE LINK! 🙂

All about the chest harnesses!

6 Jul

I’m all about the chest harnesses at the moment!
I can’t wear long necklaces as my honking great bazookas get in the way, but chest harnesses are great and look all sci-fi/fantasy and stuff… and they’re now on sale at Topshop. 😉
I also treated myself to a lovely new one from HMSlatex for my Ireland tour… where wouldn’t you know, the customs guys opened my bag to a world of ball-gag related embarrassment. They eventually let me go on my merry way and the next day, I had my first photoshoot, which was with Gareth Byrd. As it was a nice mild day, I did my make-up outside, where the swallows were flitting above our heads the whole time. Very lovely!

Thankyou to all the designers who lent me outfits for this tour- I’ve credited you under the images here. 🙂 (If you are a designer and would like to lend me anything for photoshoots, just send me a message and I’ll let you know what projects/publications I have coming up)

Photographer: Gareth Byrd
Assistant: Fran
Make-up: Me

Harness: Topshop (really!)

Harness and pasties: Lux Tenebrae
Skirt: AM-Statik

Birthday suit: Me!

Dress: Custom-made for me by Anatomic Bomb!

Harness: HMSlatex

And as Gareth’s reference made me grin like a fool and go bright red, I’m going to post it here:

“I’ve worked with over 60 models and Roswell is definitely in my top two.
With regard to organising a shoot, her email responses are quick and clear. Which makes everything run smoother and gives you great confidence in her abilities for the day of the shoot.
Her performance on the day was superb:
She was on time. Had flawless makeup. She also had a huge array of costumes. But most importantly had a never-ending arsenal of poses, perfectly suited to each lighting set up. From art-nude to fetish – she nailed it!
In conclusion, the number of ‘keeper’ shots I got was enormous. This was in no small part due to the quality and professionalism of the model.
If you have the chance to book her – jump at it!
Roswell Ivory comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

It’s a short post today as I have a novel to write and I also have to get up early to pose for an artist tomorrow (!) but I’ll be back to talk to you about sea creatures and naughty stuff soon…


Some tour dates…

23 Dec

Now that next year is fast approaching, I’m planning the travelling I’m going to do in 2012! It’s one of the things I love most about modelling- travelling, whether it’s flying across the world or finding new locations a few miles away. I cannot imagine staying in my hometown and never wanting to leave (I hear it’s an occupational hazard of living in Norwich!) 😉

I’m free for photoshoots from January onwards- so get in touch if you are interested in booking me! I begin touring in March* and will be visiting the South Coast.
My provisional dates are:
Reading:   7th-8th
Cornwall:    9th-11th (studio day on 11th)
Bournemouth: 12th-15th
Brighton: 16th-17th
Maidstone: 18th-20th

They are only a plan for now but if you want to book me on one of the dates, or want to work with me but can’t make the date, let me know and I’ll do my best to make it work.

I’m touring Scotland again in May and am planning to visit Glasgow, Edinburgh and even further North to Elgin depending on bookings…

As I haven’t done a proper tour of Ireland, that’s my plan for June and after that, I will be spending some time back in Norfolk and will be running tours of the fantastic shooting locations around! (like the one in the picture below- by Technical Boy!)

In late August, I want to take myself on holiday to Montreal Fetish Weekend- I’ve never been to Canada and I want to go! I may go (or come back) via New York too…

I’m sure there will be more mini-tours, so if your location isn’t on my list then get in contact and tell me! 😀

* I now have more bookings than I can actually fit in so as of March 20th, I am slightly increasing my rates (don’t worry- no more than £5 per hour)  so if you would like to work with me, then January or February would be a good time to get that booking in! 😉
Life-wise, this is my first Christmas away from my mum (and cat) so I’ve been trying to put off thinking about it and now I’ve just realised I really should finish my Christmas shopping… O_O
I haven’t really done cards this year as I’m trying to save money but I hope you all have a fantastic holiday. Now the solstice is over (it was yesterday- Blessed Be to my fellow Pagans), the nights are getting shorter again- hooray!!! I can’t wait until the spring when there will be blossom on the trees and the afternoon light is perfect for shooting… like THIS! (Photo by Silverlight)

I sent my novel, Sarascyon, to an agent a few months ago and have so far, had positive feedback so please cross your fingers for me! I’m also writing about art-nude photography for Univers D’Artistes… There’s also a film project on the cards.

I’m off to prepare for Christmas now- so have a good one and I will post again after the madness is over. So many exciting plans in progress! 😉


p.s. a new photo from an old shoot with G Haskew! I can’t wait to shoot in the same location next year 😀