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Roswell Ivory in Clothed Shocker!!!

30 Nov

Yes, I’m wearing clothes. Try not to faint.

I just had pictures back from Alex Blyg, who I worked with back in Berlin! I did my own styling for the shoot, which I love doing- and borrowed some lovely outfits from Little Rubber Cherry and Twilight Siren. (Thanks, ladies!)

Dress by Dane

Outfit by Twilight Siren

Bodysuit by Twilight Siren

Dress by Little Rubber Cherry

I’m currently working very hard on my flexibility so that when I begin touring again next year, I’ll have some even better flexy poses! (Doing well so far- and if I keep making progress, there may be a live performance or two on the cards…)

I also got a rush of bookings last week- meaning that I am now fully booked for the rest of this year!! If you are interested in working with me (nude or clothed!) then please get in touch with meΒ  by clicking on the link here. I will be stocking up my wardrobe as soon as the January sales begin, and as mentioned above, will be extra flexy too!

I’m spending my cold evenings wrapped up and working on my second novel, “Saving Bailey”- as well as the many articles I have planned. Check out my latest- I wrote about the many reasons Feminism is not dead or outdated. I hear it quite a lot and it is something that makes me beyond angry. I have wanted to write about why the idea is so wrong for a long time but it was defining modern feminism in the first place that I had trouble with! (I eventually just went with the dictionary definition!!)
I can’t recommend the Mookychicks magazine highly enough- they present feminism from so many different angles, feature icons and celebrities who are actually interesting (i.e. not the Kardashians) and have a travel section. πŸ˜€

Anyway, I have to go and do writing…


Eurotour: Last Part

7 Nov

So I moved on to Amsterdam.

I wish I could tell you all about the amazing museums I saw and the beautiful long walks I took by the canals…
but as I not only had an emergency trip to the doctor and was working every single day, I’m afraid I only have pictures from location shoots and a few I managed to grab while walking to the train station.

As I have already been re-booked by almost every photographer I worked with out there, I will be back again early next year and so will be able to go and do the things I missed.

This is the street I was staying in! (Two seconds from Anne Frank’s house!)

Someone LIVES HERE! πŸ˜€

There are very friendly herons here!

Locations: (Pictures coming soon…)

Anyway, as I said, I headed back to Germany for a shoot with Hart-Worx. Here are some more pictures for you… (these could be some of my favourite fetish-fashion-y shots to date!)

Latex: Designed by me, made by Little Rubber Cherry
Hair/Make-up: Me

Outfit: Made/designed by me (making more for this range at the moment)
Hair/make-up: me

Outfit by Twilight Siren
Hair/Make-up by me
More from this shoot on their way.

Now, this is the first time I am posting TWO blogs in one day but I feel that what I have to say next deserves its own post. I’m going to update you on the Shaun Colclough news. If you are a new subscriber, see THIS POST– it will explain the backstory.


So….. Fashion!

24 Jan

You know that writing competition I’ve been going on about for ages? I’m first runner- up!!! The winner was Christmas-themed “Crank 3” and the second runner- up was “Snakes on a Sleigh” πŸ˜›
*bounces around*
Thankyou so much for voting for me, providing coffee and listening to me going on about it (especially YOU Carla, Ryan and Tom).

A couple of days ago, I did a photoshoot with Mark Fiddian in Cambridge and I didn’t shoot latex (shock horror!!) Instead, I brought along a selection of outfits I made myself (which hadn’t been shot before), my lovely new vintage dress from ReTreat, and an outfit by Tigers Tat (who I’d been wanting to model for for ages!)

Obviously, being 5’7″, I have no plans to submit photos to a fashion agency, but I really like fashion photography and poses, so I tried some. Mark edits at supersonic speed so I already have a few shots back of me in a bodysuit and stocking that I made! Can’t wait to see some of the other outfits πŸ™‚

Photography: Mark Fiddian
Outfit: Me
Hair/Make-up: Me

Want me to do a change?
Not yet, I have an idea…
What’s that then?
Let’s turn it back to front!!!
Oh! Ok!

Marilyn Manson meets Tori Amos! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

More to come…
I’m off to prepare for a very interesting photoshoot tomorrow!

See you,