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A teaser…

23 Jul

More pictures are coming from this shoot, but it’s by G Haskew and features gorgeous pants by Lux Tenebrae.

As I’m sort of on holiday right now, it’s the shortest entry ever today but I’ll post you a proper entry tomorrow when I’m back. ;) Today, I swam in a lake, got my picture taken, and am staying in a beautiful flat surrounded by all the wildlife in the world.

And here is my bum.


All about the chest harnesses!

6 Jul

I’m all about the chest harnesses at the moment!
I can’t wear long necklaces as my honking great bazookas get in the way, but chest harnesses are great and look all sci-fi/fantasy and stuff… and they’re now on sale at Topshop. ;)
I also treated myself to a lovely new one from HMSlatex for my Ireland tour… where wouldn’t you know, the customs guys opened my bag to a world of ball-gag related embarrassment. They eventually let me go on my merry way and the next day, I had my first photoshoot, which was with Gareth Byrd. As it was a nice mild day, I did my make-up outside, where the swallows were flitting above our heads the whole time. Very lovely!

Thankyou to all the designers who lent me outfits for this tour- I’ve credited you under the images here. :) (If you are a designer and would like to lend me anything for photoshoots, just send me a message and I’ll let you know what projects/publications I have coming up)

Photographer: Gareth Byrd
Assistant: Fran
Make-up: Me

Harness: Topshop (really!)

Harness and pasties: Lux Tenebrae
Skirt: AM-Statik

Birthday suit: Me!

Dress: Custom-made for me by Anatomic Bomb!

Harness: HMSlatex

And as Gareth’s reference made me grin like a fool and go bright red, I’m going to post it here:

“I’ve worked with over 60 models and Roswell is definitely in my top two.
With regard to organising a shoot, her email responses are quick and clear. Which makes everything run smoother and gives you great confidence in her abilities for the day of the shoot.
Her performance on the day was superb:
She was on time. Had flawless makeup. She also had a huge array of costumes. But most importantly had a never-ending arsenal of poses, perfectly suited to each lighting set up. From art-nude to fetish – she nailed it!
In conclusion, the number of ‘keeper’ shots I got was enormous. This was in no small part due to the quality and professionalism of the model.
If you have the chance to book her – jump at it!
Roswell Ivory comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

It’s a short post today as I have a novel to write and I also have to get up early to pose for an artist tomorrow (!) but I’ll be back to talk to you about sea creatures and naughty stuff soon…


Straps and circles

26 Mar

Once again ladies and gentlemen, I find myself half-dressed.

Leather designer Lux Tenebrae was kind enough to lend me some very exciting accessories for my South Coast tour. I was so paranoid about anything happening to the outfits I’d been lent by designers that they stayed in bed with me in hostels when my suitcase sat on the floor. :P (They have now arrived safe and sound back home so I can finally stop worrying)!

Near the end of the tour, I shot Lux Tenebrae’s outfits with The Phnarcissist, which was great fun (and later very wet…) I tried to get a picture of the fat round sparrows that were nesting in the tree by my train platform but as birds seem to know exactly when I’m about to press the camera button and flit away, you’ll just have to imagine them! :P

Anyway, pictures…

(my favourite)

(my second favourite)

I’ve just found out I’m going to be walking the fashion shows for London Alternative Fashion Week next month! (Thursday and Friday) so do come and say hello. I’ll be hanging around for photoshoots for a little while after the shows. :D

And lastly, are you based in Scotland? Would you like to book me for a photoshoot? If so, I’ll be touring from approximately May 7th- 17th. Get in touch HERE for enquiries.


p.s. You know I’m doing a prize draw soon, right? Well, images from this shoot are on offer as free prints! ;)


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