A few of the questions I get asked a lot. 🙂

– How can I book you?
Very easily! If you’re on a networking site like Modelmayhem, contact me there (I’m on everything as “Roswell Ivory”). If you aren’t, that’s not a problem- you can contact me by clicking here.
Give me as much information as possible.
* Where are you based?
* How long would you like to book?
* What compensation are you offering? I generally work for pay only but can do deals with designers.
* Is there anything you would like me to bring?
* Please provide a link to your portfolio!

– How did you get into modelling?
I was spotted by a talent scout at a festival, did my first photoshoot the next day (my 19th birthday!) and signed up to his agency about ten minutes afterward. It became my full time job a few years later.

– Do you have any advice for new/aspiring models?
1) Sign up to a networking site like modelmayhem.com, posting a couple of headshots and full length pictures.These don’t have to be professional- just clear.
2) Use the browsing section to find local photographers who can help you build a portfolio. Don’t be afraid to pay for a starter portfolio from a respected photographer, but make sure you do your research on which photographer to use. You don’t need crazy costumes*, just a few different looks, one being very natural.
* obviously if you want to exclusively model cosplay etc, throw this rule out the window!
3) ALWAYS, ALWAYS check references!! Mail a couple of models your photographer has worked with to check everything went well. If you never do anything else that I say, do this.

– How do I get designers to lend me outfits?
Gaining the trust of designers has taken me many years of showing a professional attitude, good pictures and a respectful attitude to their clothing. Designers get approached with requests all the time so prepared to prove yourself.
I wrote about how to do this here: “What Do Models Wear?”
Don’t let your cat go to sleep on the outfits.

– What hair dye do you use/is your hair real?
Yes, the length is real, and I use Schwartzkopf.

– What else do you write?
Anything from journalism to novels! I’m setting up a new website for my professional writing at the moment but I have written three books, one novella and a lot of articles about anything under the sun.

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