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Straps and circles

26 Mar

Once again ladies and gentlemen, I find myself half-dressed.

Leather designer Lux Tenebrae was kind enough to lend me some very exciting accessories for my South Coast tour. I was so paranoid about anything happening to the outfits I’d been lent by designers that they stayed in bed with me in hostels when my suitcase sat on the floor. 😛 (They have now arrived safe and sound back home so I can finally stop worrying)!

Near the end of the tour, I shot Lux Tenebrae’s outfits with The Phnarcissist, which was great fun (and later very wet…) I tried to get a picture of the fat round sparrows that were nesting in the tree by my train platform but as birds seem to know exactly when I’m about to press the camera button and flit away, you’ll just have to imagine them! 😛

Anyway, pictures…

(my favourite)

(my second favourite)

I’ve just found out I’m going to be walking the fashion shows for London Alternative Fashion Week next month! (Thursday and Friday) so do come and say hello. I’ll be hanging around for photoshoots for a little while after the shows. 😀

And lastly, are you based in Scotland? Would you like to book me for a photoshoot? If so, I’ll be touring from approximately May 7th- 17th. Get in touch HERE for enquiries.


p.s. You know I’m doing a prize draw soon, right? Well, images from this shoot are on offer as free prints! 😉

Some tour dates…

23 Dec

Now that next year is fast approaching, I’m planning the travelling I’m going to do in 2012! It’s one of the things I love most about modelling- travelling, whether it’s flying across the world or finding new locations a few miles away. I cannot imagine staying in my hometown and never wanting to leave (I hear it’s an occupational hazard of living in Norwich!) 😉

I’m free for photoshoots from January onwards- so get in touch if you are interested in booking me! I begin touring in March* and will be visiting the South Coast.
My provisional dates are:
Reading:   7th-8th
Cornwall:    9th-11th (studio day on 11th)
Bournemouth: 12th-15th
Brighton: 16th-17th
Maidstone: 18th-20th

They are only a plan for now but if you want to book me on one of the dates, or want to work with me but can’t make the date, let me know and I’ll do my best to make it work.

I’m touring Scotland again in May and am planning to visit Glasgow, Edinburgh and even further North to Elgin depending on bookings…

As I haven’t done a proper tour of Ireland, that’s my plan for June and after that, I will be spending some time back in Norfolk and will be running tours of the fantastic shooting locations around! (like the one in the picture below- by Technical Boy!)

In late August, I want to take myself on holiday to Montreal Fetish Weekend- I’ve never been to Canada and I want to go! I may go (or come back) via New York too…

I’m sure there will be more mini-tours, so if your location isn’t on my list then get in contact and tell me! 😀

* I now have more bookings than I can actually fit in so as of March 20th, I am slightly increasing my rates (don’t worry- no more than £5 per hour)  so if you would like to work with me, then January or February would be a good time to get that booking in! 😉
Life-wise, this is my first Christmas away from my mum (and cat) so I’ve been trying to put off thinking about it and now I’ve just realised I really should finish my Christmas shopping… O_O
I haven’t really done cards this year as I’m trying to save money but I hope you all have a fantastic holiday. Now the solstice is over (it was yesterday- Blessed Be to my fellow Pagans), the nights are getting shorter again- hooray!!! I can’t wait until the spring when there will be blossom on the trees and the afternoon light is perfect for shooting… like THIS! (Photo by Silverlight)

I sent my novel, Sarascyon, to an agent a few months ago and have so far, had positive feedback so please cross your fingers for me! I’m also writing about art-nude photography for Univers D’Artistes… There’s also a film project on the cards.

I’m off to prepare for Christmas now- so have a good one and I will post again after the madness is over. So many exciting plans in progress! 😉


p.s. a new photo from an old shoot with G Haskew! I can’t wait to shoot in the same location next year 😀