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The limits so far

21 Jan


I have been dying to post these images for months but couldn’t as Skin Two magazine had first dibs on them. 😉 Well, as they’ve been published, I can tell you some of my news… I’ve been featured in Skin Two online!!!!! Have a look- the piece is here and do feel free to comment on it as I’d love to get the cover too… 😉 CLICK THE LINK!

Soooo… I hadn’t done suspension bondage in quite a while, but while Wykd Dave concentrated on the rigging,  Clover (who is a professional rope performer and educator herself, as well as a great photographer) helped me through by telling me what would squeeze and pinch before it actually did so that I didn’t panic or worry.
To see more of Clover and Wykd Dave’s work, click the links below:

As you know, I’ve been bending. Lots. As these pictures were taken quite some months ago now (yes, I’ve been holding onto them for *that* long), I’m significantly more bendy now and looking forward to my next shoot with the pair so we can put my feet over my shoulders. 😉

Here you go…






Today, I’ve been answering e-mails, reading, drinking hot chocolate with almond milk, completing my to-do list and… making a snowthing. 😀 Tomorrow, I’m writing, seeing a friend and sorting out a grand January sale!

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p.s. Bondage isn’t all serious- here’s a behind-the-scenes…