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More information.

2 Feb


Sorry for the long absence- been running around booking work, writing etc. Just submitted work to a new magazine so… fingers crossed!
I have also been shooting some tests/portfolio work recently- which has been interesting. As there’s a limited space on modelmayhem- and my website is not quite (but very nearly) live yet, I thought I’d give you some more information about me. More specifically, doing a photoshoot with me:

– I LOVE what I do so regardless of whether I’m being paid or testing, I will always want to be here and will work my ass off to get us great images. If I fall over in those ballet boots, I’ll get straight back up until we have the shot.

– I will always arrive on time (any train delays etc and I will keep you updated). I will arrive with washed hair, neat nails and clean make-up free skin, unless asked otherwise.

– I confirm the date and time of the shoot a day or two before, then call or text when I am on my way (i.e. on the train.)
Photographers- Testing/TFP work:
This is for when I wish to update my portfolio and/or I feel a photographers work has something unique to offer me.

– If you are planning to do a complete 180 from the work in your portfolio, please let me know in advance, preferably with examples of the style/look you are now going for. I love experimenting and am happy to but if I contact you regarding a test/TFP shoot, it is because I love the style I see.

– TFP must be mutually beneficial. Either we have an amazing idea that will work for us both, or we can take turns e.g. I’ll pose art-nude for your portfolio if you shoot some beauty for mine.

CASE IN POINT: Mark Fiddian. Mark and I arranged a test shoot. He liked my look and I felt my portfolio was lacking in fashion and fashion-nudes. We mutually agreed on what to shoot and then I was given a free rein with hair and make-up. Very exciting! 😀 I showed you some of the results last entry- here are a couple more:

The outfit here is courtesy of designer Emma aka Tiger’s Tat. She’s a rising star in the design world- and deserves every bit of her success.

This is my pretty new dress from ReTreat– made to a pattern from 4os Vogue, by Spencie Darling.

I stitched the gold brocade panel over the horsey one for a posh Christmas party when I wanted to look spangly!! I just unpicked the stitches to get the original dress back 🙂

– If you feel that your project may push my levels (I work up to and including art-nude- no open-leg), please let me know in advance so we can discuss this and find a solution that works for us both.

CASE IN POINT: I was recently contacted by the beautiful Katie Derry regarding a fetish-y art-y nude shoot. As she was worried a few of her ideas may have been beyond my levels, she asked me. We talked. We agreed what we would be shooting and as a result had a fantastic, fun and relaxed shoot in which we got on very well.
We have no pictures back yet but here’s one of Katie, who I would recommend to anyone as a fantastic model.

So there’s a bit about me. 🙂 And thankyou to the lovely and professional people I have worked with in the past few weeks.
I’m preparing hairpieces at the moment for a shoot on Friday for publication! Can’t wait…

See you soon,


So….. Fashion!

24 Jan

You know that writing competition I’ve been going on about for ages? I’m first runner- up!!! The winner was Christmas-themed “Crank 3” and the second runner- up was “Snakes on a Sleigh” 😛
*bounces around*
Thankyou so much for voting for me, providing coffee and listening to me going on about it (especially YOU Carla, Ryan and Tom).

A couple of days ago, I did a photoshoot with Mark Fiddian in Cambridge and I didn’t shoot latex (shock horror!!) Instead, I brought along a selection of outfits I made myself (which hadn’t been shot before), my lovely new vintage dress from ReTreat, and an outfit by Tigers Tat (who I’d been wanting to model for for ages!)

Obviously, being 5’7″, I have no plans to submit photos to a fashion agency, but I really like fashion photography and poses, so I tried some. Mark edits at supersonic speed so I already have a few shots back of me in a bodysuit and stocking that I made! Can’t wait to see some of the other outfits 🙂

Photography: Mark Fiddian
Outfit: Me
Hair/Make-up: Me

Want me to do a change?
Not yet, I have an idea…
What’s that then?
Let’s turn it back to front!!!
Oh! Ok!

Marilyn Manson meets Tori Amos! 😀 😀 😀

More to come…
I’m off to prepare for a very interesting photoshoot tomorrow!

See you,