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JFC part 2: Film Noir

4 Oct

It’s getting dark now and usually I have ‘sleeves issues’- I don’t like wearing sleeves. It’s enormous boots, trousers and skintight vest tops for me 90% of the time (to the point where a friend described me as looking like a video-game assassin the other day. Thanks B, I will take that as a compliment!) However, I have now bought a big swishy coat that gives me a “film noir”-ish silhouette and I quite like it, sleeves and all. Too bad I didn’t have it in New York- I’d have loved to shoot in a dark side-street wearing it. Anyone fancy a sunset/night time shoot? 😉

I found a lot of the night-time city very bright; making my sleepy way back from a photoshoot and realising 42nd Street was the same as Times Square, I had to come and have a look. Sticking my head out from the underground (and probably blinking like a mole in the sunlight), I was visually assaulted by a hundred different advertisements at once, all glowing against a very black sky. I only came to have a look and as I had my suitcase, dived back underground unimpressed and thinking ‘well, I came, I saw it…’
A few days later after another photoshoot and with a lot less luggage, I found myself in Times Square again, but a moody, dusky Times Square that felt completely different. Isn’t it strange how the same exact spot can change based on so many small factors?
Look at this… have any of you seen a film called Dark City?

Anyway, I think these photos remind me of some kind of Film Noir stills…

Photographer: John F Cooper
Make-up: Me
Basque: Gossard (thanks for the lendage, Easy Tiger!)

Look at the studio corridor- so spooky/cool!

I can’t decide which of these edits I prefer- the colour or the black and white! Which do you prefer? 🙂

I still have a lot more images to show you from this shoot, so keep an eye out! 😉
For now though, have a preview of one hair/make-up look and a location…

Speak to you soon,