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Somewhere beyond the sea…

30 Mar

I said a very sad (for me) goodbye to my lovely friend Kitty (aka Pirate Photography) last week. She’s moving North, which I guess means I’ll have to take a train soon to a place with hills. Norwich is so flat that there are three hills- all of which have names.

On our last shoot together for a while, we went with photographer G Haskew to the beautiful sunny beach with an armful of latex kindly lent by Anatomic Bomb. We bounced around shooting for a few hours, before getting chips and spoiling the ducks, who gave us the “please feed me chips” big eyes. Can’t resist the big eyes. :S

I did the hair and make-up for the shoot and as I knew it would be difficult to change much when we were out in the wind, I went for a “pin-up-meets-Bond-girl” look that would work with all three outfits.

Photographer: Pirate Photography
Hair/MUA: Me
2nd photographer/assistant: G Haskew

Channelling Madonna in the “Don’t Tell Me” video, lol!

If you want to see the rest of the set, you’ll have to come and join Zivity! I’m planning to do some self-shot sets this year…
More pics to come…

I fell so in love with this dress that I ordered one for myself!

And here are some behind-the-scenes shots from G Haskew:

Someday, I must actually go to that peninsula…

Don’t you just love the little painted beach huts?! I’ve been wanting to have my picture taken with them for ages!

Being bossed around by Kitty 😛 (I have *no* idea what was going on here!)

Don’t ask. I have no memory of this. 0_O

Hooray for chips! (And the little running duck in the foreground)…

I’m currently doing the biggest Spring-clean I have ever done- there are boxes I haven’t opened since I moved here! It also means I’m going to be selling some of my old clothes and shoes- this includes super high heels and latex. I hope to have it all photographed by the end of next week so keep your eyes out for some bargains.

I also have some exciting news- some of the free prints available in my upcoming prize draw will be the very sexy leather-y photos from my last blog! 😉

I can’t wait to tell you all about my South Coast Tour- I have some lovely pictures of the scenery and the furry friends I met. I’m currently planning my next tour- which will be Scotland in May. My approximate dates are the 7th-17th and I am planning to visit Edinburgh, Stirling and Elgin. If you’d like me to visit your location, please let me know. I’m a little pushed for time this time, due to other bookings (like the German Fetish Weekend!)

In the meantime, have an outtake: (by Pirate Photography)


Kung Hei Fat Choi from the bunny girl.

8 Feb

A.k.a. “Happy New Year” in Cantonese!

Something I’ve always wanted to do is go and see the Chinese New Year celebration in London and I’ve always missed it by a day. This time, I decided I’d be there *no matter what*, especially as it’s the Year of the Rabbit (me!!)

We were already in London as we’d been to the theatre the night before (Christmas present from Tom’s family. We went to see War Horse, which was amazing and beautiful. Very sad but beautiful- click on the link and see the trailer.) The next morning we went to Trafalgar Square to watch the organisers “wake up” the lions and dragon, which danced! 🙂
Sadly there was no big procession this year but lots of street performers in Chinatown! Check out this crowd!!!

Me under all the lanterns 🙂

There is a tradition that the good luck lions dance through the streets knocking on every door and giving blessings to the people inside! There were a few around Chinatown attracting crowds. The shop and restaurant owners were dangling pak choi on strings from the window because apparently *these* lions are vegetarian! 😀

Not fair- *I* want to open the door and find a lion dancing on my doorstep!

Nom nom nom.


There was a luck tree and some kind of game involving throwing bags of stuff at it- this year is meant to be a good one for prosperity and fortune! Decided to go and find food instead though…

You know a few months ago I posted about Space Invaders in Barcelona…? (Entry on October 25th) Well, we found some here too! They’re everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!! (We found two more but the photos were too dark- sorry!)

I thought I’d find out what the year is meant to have in store for me and popped into the astrology shop…


Sadly, there was no enlightenment to be found but there was a secret grotto with fountain, Buddha and crystals. Almost as good.

Eventually, we went back to Chinatown for bento boxes in Tokyo Diner. Yes that’s Japanese, so shoot me 😛 We had sat down and were just about to order when there was a knock at the door…..

Happy Chinese New Year!

P.S. Just got photos from Hooloovoo hair salon, who I modelled for a little while ago. My stylist was Kate:

Here’s a close-up: