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Eurotour: Last Part

7 Nov

So I moved on to Amsterdam.

I wish I could tell you all about the amazing museums I saw and the beautiful long walks I took by the canals…
but as I not only had an emergency trip to the doctor and was working every single day, I’m afraid I only have pictures from location shoots and a few I managed to grab while walking to the train station.

As I have already been re-booked by almost every photographer I worked with out there, I will be back again early next year and so will be able to go and do the things I missed.

This is the street I was staying in! (Two seconds from Anne Frank’s house!)

Someone LIVES HERE! 😀

There are very friendly herons here!

Locations: (Pictures coming soon…)

Anyway, as I said, I headed back to Germany for a shoot with Hart-Worx. Here are some more pictures for you… (these could be some of my favourite fetish-fashion-y shots to date!)

Latex: Designed by me, made by Little Rubber Cherry
Hair/Make-up: Me

Outfit: Made/designed by me (making more for this range at the moment)
Hair/make-up: me

Outfit by Twilight Siren
Hair/Make-up by me
More from this shoot on their way.

Now, this is the first time I am posting TWO blogs in one day but I feel that what I have to say next deserves its own post. I’m going to update you on the Shaun Colclough news. If you are a new subscriber, see THIS POST– it will explain the backstory.


Roswell the Blithering Idiot

4 Oct


I’m a doofus.

I have, in fact, committed doofussery of monumental proportions- I have forgotten to pack the cable that connects my cameraphone to my laptop and therefore cannot load my pictures for another few days, until cable-related salvation arrives in Berlin in the form of Tom the Tourist. So you’re going to have to wait.

Instead, have some more cute animals, and some nude pictures that I was going to save for my return home, but what the heck- I’ll post them today:


I have literally just had an e-mail from Olof O– the photographer I was staying with in Gothenburg! And there are Swedish tourist-y pictures! Forget everything I just said (except for the bit about the cable)- you can have a couple of tourist-y pictures*. And cute animals.

*Just a couple- I’ll do a proper entry when I have my cable.

We went for a look around the harbour- it’s very beautiful, and I took my first river-taxi! Here’s me with a fluffy coat and a great big red rock.

I didn’t get any pictures from the boat as it was going so fast, but we passed a crew of cormorants all lounging on a rock. Apparently, they decimate everything. 😦 I haven’t heard of them doing that in the UK but maybe that’s because I usually see them one at a time. They looked like a gang of lazy, salty sailors. I rather liked them!
(This isn’t my picture- just wanted to show you them).

Beautiful church just around the corner from the flat- this picture doesn’t do it justice!

At my photoshoot- pretty tree!

More pictures to come (with interesting tree decorations and Rapunzel’s tower!!)

For now, come to the zoo with me. (My mum took me to Banham Zoo for my birthday).

Which end is which?

I can has? Plz? (It’s a Geoffrey’s Cat and it’s about the size of a kitten.)

Want. One. *dissolves into a gooey mess*

Naw, offisah. I never smoke da ‘erb, man.
This was taken two seconds before dopey here realised the others had gone inside without him, jumped and dashed into the house.

If we act reel cute, can we has steak todays?
These were cubs a short while ago! There are three “cubs” and two parents. In a few moths, the cubs will go and join another zoo so the parents can breed again. (Banham works to increase numbers of the rarest creatures and is great with conservation. Yay!)

You’ve already seen my beloved Pallas Cat but read this article- it’s fascinating!

And this is a Maned Wolf. (Aka WTF??? Its head came up to my waist.)

See you,

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