p.s. look at my leg

7 Jun

I’m ba-aaaaaack!😛
I have so many things to tell you about and show you! Firstly though, my Scotland tour is almost completely booked up now but if you would like to see my remaining days, check here: http://purpleport.com/castings/175005/Available-in-Edinburgh–very-last-days—-/

OR… reserve a spot for my October tour! I’m a hardy model and not afraid to come back to Scotland in the Autumn. Though it’s still a long way away, this tour has already got a lot of interest and I am happy to book as far in advance as you would like. So far, I’m looking at the 7th-16th.

Last time I was in Scotland I helped make these awesome images with Martin Photo!
We were aiming for strange sculptural shapes rather than a pretty ethereal fairy look- which was a great challenge! I just love the sky in the first shot.

I mentioned in my last blog that I was looking at ways to better manage my time and though I’m still pretty atrocious at it, I am getting better. I’ve even found time to work on this lovely owl! One more day of work and he’ll be done.
(If you want to see more of my art stuff or commission something, contact me here- and please like the page!)🙂

I’ll write a blog all about wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff once I’ve finished a ‘perceptions of beauty’ article that I’ve been putting off.😛 And finished another chapter of my book (Robin Hobb’s Liveship Traders trilogy. Really really good!)

The weekend went in a fast-paced sequin-filled blur as I was a bridesmaid for the first time! I held a bouquet of cacti, ate a cake made of cheese and chilled with my fellow bridesmaids who all rocked in different ways. The bride was photographer Kitty Wood (Now Morris) and I’ll tell you about the wedding and everything in a later blog as I’m collecting pictures first, but as I’m able to shoot in my bridesmaids dress as of right now, I thought you’d like to see it! Look at this beauty…
(I’m happy here, honest- just concentrating on keeping the phone still!)
My hair and make-up was done by Liv Free, who I cannot recommend any more highly!

Looking through my recent blogs, I love to see the differences I can create in look and styling, especially as I seem to be getting booked for fashion work a lot these days. I’m not sure if it’s something to do with the plus size model movement (I’m aware I am not fat but I am very curvy which is unusual for a fashion model) or if a particular shoot or two have inspired photographers. Either way, it’s been fun to shoot!

I worked with one of my absolute favourite photographers recently, in an atmospheric warehouse/studio in Birmingham. When John Duder and I work together, we always get something beautiful and unusual and this shoot was an especially productive one.
Look at these!
The beaded dress was from a charity shop (!) and the neon bodysuit is by one of my sponsors, Yummy Gummy.

We shot some ghostlike art nudes- look behind me- my shadow’s alive! There’s a hilarious ‘surrealist’ shot I’ll post at the bottom that failed so hard it won.😀

Then I got to be a latex superhero! If this was a film, it would be a badass training montage.😉 The Mad Max style shoulderpiece and net leggings are by Yummy Gummy, the top is by Jane Doe.

And then we turned on the colour! I love playing with make-up. This look is by Make-up Revolution, which is cruelty-free! I really like the angles and perspective the stairs give.

I need to take a couple of weeks off this month so I’m sure you’ll get bombarded with my blabberings soon enough but for now, I have sewing and gluing to do.

Oh, by the way… if you’re sick of hearing me going on about Sons of Anarchy, good news… I’ve started watching Orphan Black.😛


p.s. Look at my LEG!!! It’s taken itself for walkies!😛 HAHAHA!!!

p.p.s. Tales from the Mogosphere…
There is a shed in the garden with a cat flap so I has shelter. I hate cat flaps so I sits out in a storm. I is soaking wet and mummy rubbed a towel on me and felt guilty. Thunder is scary and rain is horrid. But the cat flap is eeeeeevil…

Magic and mystery tours!

19 May

My next steampunk mystery is set in Newgrange… so I’m going again next week! Before that, it’s a dinner with one of my best girls who happens to be in Belfast at the same time as me, followed by a day trip to the Giants Causeway! Excited doesn’t begin to cover it.😛

As I’m going to be gone for a week, I wanted to squeeze a quick blog post in before I leave you. There is also some news I’m sitting on but I can’t tell you yet and it’s driving me bonkers. I’m sure you all hate it when people post cryptic statuses like this on facebook but it’s my blog and I’ll hint if I want to.😉

I’m almost completely booked up for the next few months but if you are based in SCOTLAND, I will be there mid-July and am available for bookings. So far, I can go anywhere so if you’d like to book me just get in touch here:

Photographer “Here’s Johnny” and I got this awesome location shot last time I visited!

Last year, back in England, I rented a gorgeous little log cabin near the Lee Valley and shot in the nearby forest for a few days. It was a lovely experience and something I certainly intend to do again. (Possibly in Autumn when the leaves turn!) I promised myself I’d post these fairytale inspired images as soon as it was Spring again and as the hawthorn blossom is truly out again, here are some pictures by Power Imagery. The long rust-coloured dress is by Falcieri Designs.
We were slightly nervous when about three troops of Brownies passed by but luckily my dress doesn’t look so sheer from a distance, lol!!

As a pagan, there are a good few kinds of tree that are sacred (including oak and hawthorn, which you can see in the pictures above!) In fact, there is a ‘birth tree’ for everyone depending on the time of year you were born. I’m a hazel, which is associated with wisdom, apparently.🙂 If you want to look it up, it is called the Ogham and there’s a little guide here.
We got the happy little outtake below as I realised yet another special tree was above my head. (holly!)

It’s past my bedtime now as I have a flight to catch, so goodnight everyone!

Writing to you from The Mothership, where Mog snores lying inconveniently all over my stuff…


P.S. I’m coming back to Scandinavia in August! If you’re based in Norway or Sweden and would like to be kept updated with my plans, let me know.🙂

Missing: Have you seen these hours?

8 May

How has it become May? What’s with the weather? How is it summer already?? Oh yes, because I’ve been running around doing stuff for so long I missed the memo.😛 Don’t misunderstand me- it’s all good.😉

I’d like to tell you all about my wonderful day but first just want to shout out to my friends who have spent the weekend in Berlin for the German Fetish Ball. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there- there are exciting reasons, I promise. You know I wouldn’t usually miss a chance to go to Berlin!
Photos by Belinda Bartzner that I have sat on for too long. These are from last GFB…
Bodysuit by Yummy Gummy, harness by Pandora Deluxe, Black dress by Ardita Fetish Fashion

Being self-employed and on the go all the time, it’s easy to forget how to relax. I have a few ‘days off’ and realise I’ve spent them answering emails and booking the next three months work, and don’t feel ready to do another tour so soon. Now, I’m readdressing how I manage my time. I’m now aiming to spend as many hours as possible off the internet and being as creative as possible.🙂 And reading about time management so I can blog about it, lol!

Last week, I had a Northern tour, working with some lovely photographers in interesting locations! (Pictures coming soon of course) and then had a little holiday at the end of a week’s touring- photographer Kitty Wood’s hen party. A penis-hat free afternoon tea and punk gig with not an L-plate or fake veil in sight. Hoorah! I cannot begin to tell you how much I have missed rock clubs, dancing and giant boots. Milton Keynes has its beautiful areas but there are no rock bars with Harley Davidson posters and AC/DC. I think I’ll go Northwards again- and soon!😛
I’ll show you hen party pictures after Kitty has posted them, but here’s a shot of us from the engagement party (L-R, me, Kitty, Fal)

I came back from tour, winced at the 100+ emails in my inbox, ploughed through them at my mums (my bandwidth was eaten again by my addiction to Sons Of Anarchy), began to organise my Scotland tour and put the computer away with 30 replies already in the inbox. (You see why I always feel I’m behind on my tasks??)

Then I went to London. I love London- it’s full of history, oddballs and secrets. I’d gone to buy a wig and meet up with a photographer to discuss a writing project. And good things began to happen:
– She liked the story! Wahoo! (I don’t care who sees me naked but sharing my writing fills me with dread).
– The universe decided to offer me the little things I asked for. (Red shoes for a shoot- found them in a charity shop. A quiet place to sit- found a secret nature garden. And a bonus- Sons of Anarchy full box set reduced to £29.99. No more bandwidth eating!).
–  I found a dress to customise… and it looked like the universe. I’m picky about the charities I support and I found it in the perfect charity shop.
– My local kingfisher decided to sit next to me while I was re-reading one of my favourite books on the roof! I had sat up there hoping to see bats but this was incredible.❤ This is what I sadly suspect my expression looked like. But without the tutu on my head. Also, I never wear white.

Of course, to illustrate a blogpost about time and where the heck it has gone, I wanted some ‘back in time’ pictures! And as Kitty Wood and Yummy Gummy have already made an appearance here, I’ll give you some more of their work.😀 Kitty and I made an 80s themed set for Zivity which gave me an excuse to go crazy with the hair and make-up. I love green eyeshadow. Can’t seem to find a decent black though… any suggestions, ladies? (And gents too, if you wear make-up!)
You can see the whole set here: https://www.zivity.com/models/Roswell_Ivory/photosets/44
IMG_0138 copy
Don’t you just love the net latex?? I have a small confession though… I’d been wearing the skirt back to front. The clear part is supposed to be at the back- but it shows the design is versatile, lol!

IMG_0212 copy

This was done with a special lens, apparently. So very 80s…😀

If you also like the 80s and want your day to improve just a little, have a look at this alternative best mans speech. (Hint: It isn’t a speech.)

Have a behind-the-scenes.

I’m almost fully booked until July!! I have a few days free at the start of June (I can go anywhere), then July is Manchester, Scotland and hopefully Switzerland, and August may be a Scandinavian tour! If you would like to book a photoshoot with me within England or Wales, get in touch ASAP as I may not be available in this country until October (I’m away all of September).

See? As I said, things are jam packed but that is by no means a bad thing. Adventures are coming and of course, so are photos…😀



Shades of Red

20 Apr

I almost always wear black and yet my favourite colour is all of them. I even have a rainbow collection- photos of rainbows both in the sky and in unlikely places from refracted light. This was a good one…😉

There are a lot of things that interest me- serial killers, psychology, orcas, autism, sea monsters and the apocalypse to name a few. I never really thought about it until I started this blog (that often happens actually) but another thing is colour. It’s interesting how colours have such different associations according to culture. Orange, for example. Throughout most of Asia it’s a sacred colour associated with harmony- it’s the colour of Buddhist robes and many Hindu holy men (sadhu) wear saffron. In the Western world, it’s fun and frivolity.
A golden oldie from a shoot with Gothic Image, with ropework by Esinem.

Did you ever hear about the Baker-Miller Pink experiment? Some scientists (and prison wardens) in the 60s and 70s swore that painting prison walls a particular shade of pink reduced violence dramatically. It’s had mixed results since and exactly how it is supposed to work has not been made particularly clear, but it’s an interesting theory either way.
Calm down, guys!😛 (photo by Josefine Jonsson, bodysuit by Pandora Deluxe)

The thing most people agree on is that the person wearing red is always the most eyecatching. Most people assume it’s because red is the colour of blood and danger signs or because (apparently) it’s the second most popular favourite colour (blue is first) but actually red things seem closer to the eye than other colours. It is simply harder to ignore!  It was also the first colour used in art- both body decoration and cave paintings.
I’m currently obsessed with Sons of Anarchy* and though I cannot find the damn clip or even a photo, there was a big wedding scene in which the background was dominated by a lady wearing a red outfit. I don’t think the character had a single line but you couldn’t not notice her.

So continuing the red theme, I have a couple of shoots to show you! They were polar opposites in almost every way (except for the fact I had great fun during both.)
A couple of weeks ago, I worked with photographer GSTim in a stunning stately home in the countryside near Oxford, alongside several other models and photographers (especially fun for me as I rarely get to meet my fellow models!) Tim and I had discussed outfits prior to the shoot and decided on a selection of Renaissance dresses- something I had never modelled before! It took a few pairs of extra hands to get me into them, and then I was bouncing around among the Spring flowers outside.😀
While I could never have worn this kind of outfit every day, I had to respect the practicality of the bodice. My phone, the photoshoot timetable and two cereal bars fit down there nicely!
(We’ll pretend those aeroplane trails are just oddly shaped clouds… or I’m a time traveller.😛 )
As I began this set, I passed one of the other models on her way to a different location in the grounds. She’s also known for having a classical look and so I jokingly greeted her in Mediaeval English. To my delight, the photographer she was with responded in kind- it turns out he does historical re-enactment!😀 I love moments like this at work.

The photoshoot lasted a full day so I have more outfits from this shoot to show you another time, though some behind-the-scenes goofing off is included at the bottom of the post!

Last Autumn, photographer and musician Neil Priddey sent me a message. His band HFM were releasing an album called Talisman, which would feature a song called Scarlet Woman. Would I be interested in modelling for the album’s artwork?
I gave a variation of HELL YEEEES and at the crack of dawn, jumped into a van for a trip outside of Manchester, chasing the sunrise. I brought a very long, flowing piece of red material that can be fashioned into a hundred different dresses… unlike my stitched-to-the-last-detail historical dress above!
In the wet dewy grass, we set up our shots, watched intently by a young stag I named James. As we were fighting the quickly-changing light and the volume of dog walkers, this was a very short but very fun photoshoot and we spent breakfast sharing life stories and eating hash browns. It’s a new experience to see myself on an album cover and if you like rock and metal music, please go and like their facebook page!😀


I’m staying close to home at the beginning of next month (unusual for me!) and so if you’d like to book a photoshoot with me, get in contact. I’m available to shoot in Milton Keynes (I know some fantastic locations and studios), as far North as Birmingham and as far South as London. Send me a message through my website with any enquiries.

I’ll do a proper blogpost about this at a later date but I am also available to book as a writer. I have copywriting experience and know that many people hate writing bios and descriptions of their work, whatever form that work takes. I can save you a lot of time and word-juggling by writing you a full introduction to your work and website, your portfolio or facebook page. I’ve written forewords, brochures, product descriptions and many, many articles.
Please get in touch with enquiries and to see a portfolio of my work.

I’m off to bed as somehow it became 1am.😛 Goodnight everyone!


p.s. The house had several very friendly dogs and other furry friends. These two decided they’d model too but couldn’t get the hang of looking into the camera!

* Oh Opie, I’m so sorry.😦 Otto, I am awed and horrified.


SONS OF ANARCHY: Ryan Hurst in SONS OF ANARCHY airing Tuesday, September 7 at 10 PM e/p on FX. CR: Frank Ockenfels / FX.

Projections and the ‘moment’ myth.

29 Mar

Belated happy Easter/Ostara, everyone! I just treated myself to some weeny ‘egglets’ from Hotel Chocolat. And a new book about a serial killer. Hope you all had a lovely time watching… um… Watership Down. (SERIOUSLY, Channel 5??!)*

Moving swiftly away from dead Easter bunnies; have any of you seen this project? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-TyPfYMDK8 If you can’t watch it right now, it’s a man being introduced to six photographers. Separately they are each told a different (false) thing about him: he’s an ex-prisoner, a self-made millionaire, he’s saved a life, he’s a commercial fisherman, a psychic, a former alcoholic. They’re then told to capture the essence of his story in one photo. Of course, each is completely different and you (or certainly I) could tell from many of the photos what the photographer believed. The photographs have illustrated their trains of thought, not a deep truth about their subject.

A common complaint I hear among professional models is hearing a photographer say “don’t pose- I want to capture the real you“. The second anybody at all knows they are being photographed, they pose- even unconsciously; a stiffening of the shoulder, pulling in of the stomach, relaxing of a squint. It is not possible to tell your subject not to pose- especially a model- for those of us who have been modelling for years it is a part of who we are.  Certainly for most of us, our modelling name/image is not a character we play for the camera that gets removed with our make-up at the end of a shoot. The pictures below capture different sides of my personality… but you couldn’t have caught both sides at once!
L- Jade Stacy Maria. R-Titus Powell

12283149_914983438593993_1575023814_n.jpg DSC_0107bw.jpg
It isn’t possible to capture a person’s entire essence in a photo even if one moment, one raw emotion, one perfect capture of the way you see them is there. The fact is, we are all multi-faceted but one of those sides is always hidden from us; the way others see us.

On the rare occasion a ‘moment’ is captured in a photograph, it is usually the model alone who sees it. Even when we look at our own faces from the outside, it is our own feelings we recognise- and the significance of the shots may well be lost on the outsider.
The shot below (which many of you will recognise) gives me the shivers. Unless you know why, you are probably more likely to see an amateur model in a particularly half-assed pose with no light in her eyes.
Model portfolio photoshoot_Roswell_by Shaun Colclough_0144 as Smart Object-1.jpg
That is why even though a picture may paint a thousand words, those words are often needed. When you know the story from the subjects point of view, you can more easily experience the picture as they do.
I’ve been following the story of a fellow model: Helen Stephens. Helen has epilepsy and has just shaved her head for charity! (Please click this link to hear more about her fundraising and consider supporting her.) Before she did this, she documented moments in her life with epilepsy in order to dispel some of the misconceptions about the condition. The results are fascinating and well worth taking a look at.
The thing is, in order to really experience each picture the way Helen does, you need to read her very eloquent words! A couple of shots in particular show her wearing/doing what I see as a standard dreamy ‘art nude model’ expression/pose (in fact, the expression is similar to a picture of me below). In actual fact, she’s been captured having a seizure!! Yes, you can have ‘blanks’ where you zone out instead of the thrashing fits people associate with epilepsy. (Something new I learned from Helen.) For her, these images evoke strong emotions but the viewer may never know the significance of what they are seeing unless they literally read more into it.

So… pictures! I was experimenting with light and projections with photographer “Symagery“, as well as shooting a few art nudes. When we settled on the perfect pose, it was interesting to see how the mood of the picture changed depending on the images that covered me! I still think they’d make great music album covers!🙂


I’ve just returned from my biannual South Coast tour- if you didn’t catch me this time, I’ll be back in August.
I spent Easter Weekend itself with one of my best friends and as I’ve just learned to make vegan chocolates I got busy in the kitchen and made these. Salted cashew and marzipan, and pistachio and coconut.😀

Every single time I see this particular friend, we plan to visit a castle. Every single time our plans get rained off and we end up hanging out with tea, the cat and a ridiculous debate of some kind. This time, it was Batman vs Superman. Better candidates for Batman included Tom Hardy, Karl Urban (who is not Luke Evans. Who knew they weren’t the same person?! Oh right, everyone but me…), the cat, and my mum. Though I am looking at my fire extinguisher at the moment and thinking perhaps it should have made the list…
If you want to wet your pants laughing and don’t care about spoilers, this Guardian reviewer is my new hero.😉

I’m taking my mum for a belated Mothers Day outing tomorrow so am going to eat my chocolate and read my hopefully creepy book in bed now, so have a good week. More writerly burbling coming soon…


* I think I speak for most of the public when I say that Watership Down is one of the most horrible films ever, BUT… come on, everybody knows it’s notorious for being traumatising so to the legions of parents complaining; read the bloody film description next time! I’m actually finding it hysterical that the TV people thought it was a good idea to show that over Easter! Next up: Nickelodeon’s primetime airing of “When The Wind Blows”.😛