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The strength of the earth

28 Dec

I’m on holiday! I’m enjoying it. 🙂 I’ve been eating all sorts of Christmas crap, having marathon ‘Lie To Me’ sessions, cuddling my cat and planning my projects for next year. I’m getting a bit restless actually so am about to start making new outfits for shoots and looking into my next career…

I’ve also been sent so many images and tearsheets recently- I’ll post them one at a time. 🙂

My recent article (about the ins and outs of latex) in Rebelicious magazine features photos of me in some seriously awesome latex. (Credits on the page) 😀

Rebelicious Magazine Issue 1016

I’ve also had images back from one of the most beautiful locations I’ve ever shot in! During last year’s South Coast tour (I’ll be back in the area from March 12th-26th), I worked with Imagesse. He sent me some images from the various locations in advance of the shoot so I was very excited about it.
It was freezing so I spent most of the morning running around in naked circles to warm up before climbing around rocks, watched by perplexed sheep. After a lunch break (and a few minutes spoiling some friendly ponies), the sun came out and we climbed down into the valley amid gnarled trees like little moss-covered Ents (Lord of the Rings), toward a stream with stepping stones. As the sun shone through the tree line, I saw the tiniest rope swing. What an amazing thing to be able to visit the place and fly through the air whenever I fancied! One day…

Coincidentally, I was watching Sherlock the other day and could have sworn they filmed at one of the same locations! (It’s the episode called ‘Hounds of Baskerville’ if you’re interested. It’s a great show!)

Anyway, if a picture really is worth one thousand words, I’ll stop waffling and show you these… 😉

Ros_9410 bnw SM

Ros_9458 bnw SM

Ros_9491 bnw SM

Ros_9504 bnw SM

Ros_9590 bnw SM

Ros_9552 bnw SM

And this one’s more of an outtake, but I quite like it! I think it was part of my “get warm” dance routine, lol!
Ros_9415 bnw SM

While I enjoy improving my flexibility, I do love shots where I’m curled up on things. 🙂

Keep an eye out for my next blog- I learned a lot this year, did a lot, and am excited about my plans for 2013. You can even be part of them! As I say… keep watching and subscribe by clicking on the link at the right if you’d like an automatic update! 😉

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I’ll speak to you very soon,


p.s. To the very kind fans who bought me a gift from my Amazon wishlist, thankyou so, so much. It means a lot to me that you thought of me this Christmas. I’m looking forward to reading the books and wearing the clothes, which you’ll see very soon. 🙂

Putting feelers out…

6 Dec

Hello! Happy December to everyone! 😀

I’m keeping the promise I made to myself three years ago- that one day, I would look forward to Christmas again. Well, I have bought a lovely hummingbird tree decoration, am watching the robins bounce around my feeders and am actually getting excited when I hear my favourite Christmas songs. I’m also up to my ears in craft stuff as this year’s family policy is “make, bake, sew or grow”. 😉

Okay, winter stuff over…..

Photographers (and fellow models), listen up!

I’m considering renting a little villa, apartment or hotel room somewhere lovely and sunny for a week in January or February. My plan will be that it is spacious and bright enough to shoot in (I’m available for fetish, nude, boudoir, fashion, beauty etc etc…) and in easy distance of nice locations in which to shoot too. Other models, if you’re interested in sharing/shooting with me, get in touch.

Photographers, you’d be flying to the area and staying nearby (If I get enough interest, I’ll put together a list of local hotels/B+Bs)
Now, there are flights to Venice, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon etc for around £30 and it’s off-season so hotels shouldn’t be crazy expensive, so this should be do-able in theory.
Estimated rates are about £180 for a half-day and £280 for a full day, but this is not set in stone yet-0 I need to do a little more research.

If anyone is interested in this idea, get in touch asap so I can get an idea of whether I can this could work or not. 🙂

I’ll leave you with some of my favourite shots of me in warm and sunny places (even if they don’t look so warm, lol!)


Barcelona- by Rares Pulbere
216 900

Taken in Parc Guell, against Gaudi’s skyline!

Murcia, by Gregory Miles Brown


Some tour dates…

23 Dec

Now that next year is fast approaching, I’m planning the travelling I’m going to do in 2012! It’s one of the things I love most about modelling- travelling, whether it’s flying across the world or finding new locations a few miles away. I cannot imagine staying in my hometown and never wanting to leave (I hear it’s an occupational hazard of living in Norwich!) 😉

I’m free for photoshoots from January onwards- so get in touch if you are interested in booking me! I begin touring in March* and will be visiting the South Coast.
My provisional dates are:
Reading:   7th-8th
Cornwall:    9th-11th (studio day on 11th)
Bournemouth: 12th-15th
Brighton: 16th-17th
Maidstone: 18th-20th

They are only a plan for now but if you want to book me on one of the dates, or want to work with me but can’t make the date, let me know and I’ll do my best to make it work.

I’m touring Scotland again in May and am planning to visit Glasgow, Edinburgh and even further North to Elgin depending on bookings…

As I haven’t done a proper tour of Ireland, that’s my plan for June and after that, I will be spending some time back in Norfolk and will be running tours of the fantastic shooting locations around! (like the one in the picture below- by Technical Boy!)

In late August, I want to take myself on holiday to Montreal Fetish Weekend- I’ve never been to Canada and I want to go! I may go (or come back) via New York too…

I’m sure there will be more mini-tours, so if your location isn’t on my list then get in contact and tell me! 😀

* I now have more bookings than I can actually fit in so as of March 20th, I am slightly increasing my rates (don’t worry- no more than £5 per hour)  so if you would like to work with me, then January or February would be a good time to get that booking in! 😉
Life-wise, this is my first Christmas away from my mum (and cat) so I’ve been trying to put off thinking about it and now I’ve just realised I really should finish my Christmas shopping… O_O
I haven’t really done cards this year as I’m trying to save money but I hope you all have a fantastic holiday. Now the solstice is over (it was yesterday- Blessed Be to my fellow Pagans), the nights are getting shorter again- hooray!!! I can’t wait until the spring when there will be blossom on the trees and the afternoon light is perfect for shooting… like THIS! (Photo by Silverlight)

I sent my novel, Sarascyon, to an agent a few months ago and have so far, had positive feedback so please cross your fingers for me! I’m also writing about art-nude photography for Univers D’Artistes… There’s also a film project on the cards.

I’m off to prepare for Christmas now- so have a good one and I will post again after the madness is over. So many exciting plans in progress! 😉


p.s. a new photo from an old shoot with G Haskew! I can’t wait to shoot in the same location next year 😀

A day of calm

2 Nov

Today I’m not doing anything
Today I’m gonna lay in my bed
Won’t be picking up the phone
I’m being a slob, leave me alone 😉
Today I’m not doing anything
(except posting up pictures, writing a blog and reading my magazine)

I’ll carry on with the Eurotour next post. Today, I’m having my first day off in a month and am posting from under a duvet on the sofa. *snuggle*

In keeping with my serene and calm day, have some nudes from Alecu Grigore. (He sent me them while I was away and it was a challenge not to post them immediately!)
We shot at Portland Bill and stayed in a beautiful little cottage owned by a lobster fisherman and his wife. (I tried lobster- tastes like a cross between prawns and crab- yummy!)

My favourite is the third one down (for some reason it reminds me of the Little Mermaid when she gets legs. Or a Selkie).

We got up ridiculously early the next day to shoot at Durdle Door, but sadly the weather conspired against us so we ate bacon instead. 😉

Speak to you soon,


p.s. for more updates, snippets of news etc, join my facebook page HERE!

Roswell Ivory Barcelona: Last Part

28 Oct

#7: Magical Cathedral Day
The Sagrada Familia rocked. Yes it did. But when we were trundling around the Gothic Quarter trying Mojito and Pina Colada ice-cream, we ended up in the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia. Nope, it isn’t as jaw-droppingly immense or as weird-looking from the outside, but it is beautiful and had more than a few surprises on the inside…

Check out the little angels in boxes above the saints:

Forget men with angle-grinders, what you *really* want to see in a cathedral is a set of Avatar-y floating islands and a gaggle of geese with mohicans!

Isn’t it beautiful????

I can’t seem to find much info about it online, but the cathedral was linked with the Knights Templar, as the symbol was EVERYWHERE. (As was “George and the Dragon” related imagery). There was also a Black Madonna (black statue of Mary and child- it’s quite rare and believed to have stemmed from Pagan tradition) that didn’t show up on my camera.

Green Men are often found in churches- many believe that when the churches were built on top of Pagan sacred sites, they were carved there in an attempt to make the newer religion more acceptable. And there’s one here:

Don’t ask. I have no idea.

Somehow we got in there free- usually tourists pay five Euros!

We spent the rest of the day eating ice-cream and wandering about 😀

#7: Hilarious Day
It had to be done. We visited the Museum of Erotica, which had been looking at us all week from just across the road. As my camera was nearly full, I only got a few pictures but the museum was actually really interesting!
Among the teeny Kama Sutra drawings and “interesting” sculptures was a collection of Victorian postcards featuring, well… porn… from the neck down, while the women in it were pulling hilariously innocent “nothing’s happening here” faces! It also had a collection of old fetish photography and transvestite Ken dolls!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Some of my favourite pictures in there:

I love that last photo on the right but am not sure what it’s doing in the Museum of Erotica! Is there something I’m missing here??? Do tell…


I mentioned Stoke Travel a couple of entries back- It’s a small bar/cafe in the centre of Las Ramblas and was probably one of our favourite places to hang out for the entire trip. After several days of tapas and paella, we were lured in by a billboard outside advertising unusual food (watermelon gazpacho, butternut squash pasta etc etc). It was all freshly made and amazing and the staff were all really friendly- we made friends with the chef, Susannah (hope I spelt that right!) who was American so we got to swap notes on California. (I went last year).|
Stoke does film nights, poker nights and other events, and some seriously good cocktails. (Although I found out the hard way that the sangria is deadly and never to drink two glasses of it. Ever. No matter how yummy it is.) I promised on my last night that I’d review here: so here you go. If you are ever in Barcelona, go to Stoke Travel and say hi! 😀

I had a fantastic holiday, but really missed shooting and writing so have filled as many of my shoot days as possible until next year! Pictures on their way…

Tales from the inbox: here’s another of Ileana’s stunningly realistic drawings…