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The Tip of the Iceberg

6 Mar

Charles Pugh aka Vegan Viking is sending dick pics, harassing and abusing women online. He has appeared on many, many walls-of-shame and seems rather well known for it. As they say in the hashtags, “time’s up.”

First things first:
1) All screenshots have been posted with permission from the women involved.
2) Sending dick pics and harassment is a crime. I urge you to please report to the police if you have received these. (Unlike a lot of sexual assault cases, you have PROOF!!!!)
3) Redaction: My original post listed ‘Incarnate Clothing’ and ‘Noose and Monkey’ as known partnerships with Charles Pugh. My apologies- this was an error on my part based on statements from Charles Pugh. Neither designer was ever an official partner and neither were aware of or condone his actions. (Of course should you know anyone still under this mistaken impression, I would be happy to mail them personally to clarify matters.) 


Still getting screenshots and videos of him with other people. This is revenge porn and illegal.
If you have explicit screenshots, report him to the police. Please. Nothing will ever be done if you do not.
He’ll get away with it forever when, unlike most sexual assault cases, you have PROOF!!
I am going to sound very harsh now but if you are unwilling to out him anonymously on this blog and unwilling to report him to the police, please do not mail me.
Go to a counsellor or call somebody who can support you. If you aren’t willing to out him or report him, sharing your story with me does nothing but make me feel frustrated, helpless and angry.

I am still getting sent screenshots and first-hand accounts, some of which include photographs of another woman (which may or may not have been taken consensually- they were certainly not shared consensually). These photographs will not be posted here out of respect for the woman involved. If this is you, this may well be considered ‘revenge porn’. Go to the police- you have proof.

Since sending this blog live, I have been told he is publically claiming that his depression is responsible for the catalogue of behaviour listed below. What an incredible insult to people who fight depression every day without sending pictures of their penis to strangers.



While I can keep posting the messages you are receiving, I urge you to get in contact with the police yourself. At the very least, tell your experience on your own blogs and sites. ❤

And the catalogue starts below:
I recently had this conversation on Instagram with Charles Pugh, aka Vegan Viking. It is the sum total of our human interaction.
me 1 edit
me 2
me 3
me 4
I knew what was coming as soon as I saw “good girl” (ugh!) I had hoped he’d take my silence as ‘back off’, but no. So I responded then took a screenshot and shared it online.
Now, some may think this is an overreaction but if you know creeps and regularly receive messages like this, you probably know that if somebody sends this kind of thing once, they have probably done worse and sent more. It just takes one person to say it out loud and the stories come…
Like so.

(Different colours = different people)

rep 1 ed
rep 2w

And then came the first-hand accounts…
rep 3 edd
And so I asked around, because as many of us know, people do not often take somebody’s word for it- they want proof….. and oh, did the proof come rolling in.
As I said above, all screenshots have been shared with permission but I have given each woman a colour for privacy.
thorn 1 edit
thorn 2 edit
thorn 3 ed
thorn 4 edit
thorn friend 1 ed
I asked when this was.

thorn 6 edit
thorn 7 ed


Most of the conversation with ‘yellow’ took place on snapchat which she could not screenshot and was described as “downright disgusting”.

So a roundup of the first-hand encounters above so far (including me) = seven people. (Black, burgundy, green, pink, dark blue, orange, yellow). This is starting to feel like Reservoir Dogs.
Of course, these were just a few accounts. Other people are not included above as I published this before I heard back about permission. Others had deleted the messages immediately or blocked him and were then unable to access the pictures and messages. Most probably have no idea that he has been outed and therefore don’t know there was a place to send their screenshots: my inbox.

And there was more! See, he could have tried to cover his tracks.

But here’s our creep trying to play things down- while admitting that it was indeed him.
This is Charles Pugh/Vegan Viking asking me to remove my post outing him….. because this is his work profile.
Sorry screenshot ed

And this is Charles Pugh/Vegan Viking trying to justify the same actions to “orange” AGES AGO. While we all understand that people in bad places can do bad things, this is clearly not a one-time ‘mistake’.

Note how in the 4th shot, he’s claiming he “thought people were sounder than that”- that we are all overreacting and rampaging. Then he moves onto the age-old “I was drunk” and by the end, it’s “poor me, I’m suicidal and I just can’t cope.”
jordan 1 ed
jordan 2
jordan 3 ed
jordan 4 ed
jordan 5 ed
jordan 7 ed

Hang on? DRUNK? Look back at the “are you dirty” message to me. Drunk at 4:30pm? Really?
Okay lets take everything as gospel truth… he’s drunk, had a bad breakup, AND made a mistake once…… but wait, “orange”‘s encounter was a couple of years ago. Everyone else’s experiences in this post have been in the past year. Something isn’t adding up…

I bet most of us have been screwed up over relationships ending but I certainly haven’t felt the urge to stick a camera between my legs and assault the inboxes of strangers.
And wow, this must be quite the breakup considering he’s been doing this for years!

Final point…

Just to underline things and just in case somebody tries to make the dubious claim his account was hacked….
What a nice distinctive ring you have in this unsolicited wanking video you sent to “dark blue”, Charles Pugh/Vegan Viking.

ring proof

Wank screenshot edit

The bottom line (and the good news) is that these days, things are moving in the right direction. Creepy celebrities and professionals are being boycotted. We are, as a whole, giving the clear message that behaviour like this is not to be tolerated and by taking real action, we are supporting each other.
It is for this reason that I urge you not to work with or book Charles Pugh/Vegan Viking for work. I cannot link you to any of his profiles as he has blocked me on each one but you can Google his name. He lists famous designers as affiliates however having spoken to the designers in question, this is untrue.

I will also add this. While I am aware the fact that I have this blog gives me a large platform, I need your help too. I am willing to repost all your screenshots but I am not willing to speak out alone. If you have had a run-in with this man, please out him YOURSELF as well. It helps to have more voices saying ‘me too’. ❤

Thankyou for reading, and do remember to call out creeps- I guarantee your message will only be the tip of the iceberg.


ANOTHER EDIT: For anyone crying ‘trial by social media’ and asking why we didn’t go to the police. Look at each interaction individually as the police would have to do. We can’t speak for each other- this would be taken on a person-by-person basis and one instance alone that does not involve a dick pic or repeated harassment/verbal abuse looks minor. The police have better things to do than respond to “are you horny”. Can you honestly imagine one instance of “are you horny” going to trial???!
Everybody thinks they are alone in this until somebody speaks up. You only get a clear view of his character when all the accounts are put together and a trial does not give that.
Not to mention, do you have any idea how hard it is to get women to take something to court? I do, from personal experience. It’s nearly impossible. Until the system is changed, this really is our best option in a situation like this.