Magic and mystery tours!

19 May

My next steampunk mystery is set in Newgrange… so I’m going again next week! Before that, it’s a dinner with one of my best girls who happens to be in Belfast at the same time as me, followed by a day trip to the Giants Causeway! Excited doesn’t begin to cover it. 😛

As I’m going to be gone for a week, I wanted to squeeze a quick blog post in before I leave you. There is also some news I’m sitting on but I can’t tell you yet and it’s driving me bonkers. I’m sure you all hate it when people post cryptic statuses like this on facebook but it’s my blog and I’ll hint if I want to. 😉

I’m almost completely booked up for the next few months but if you are based in SCOTLAND, I will be there mid-July and am available for bookings. So far, I can go anywhere so if you’d like to book me just get in touch here:

Photographer “Here’s Johnny” and I got this awesome location shot last time I visited!

Last year, back in England, I rented a gorgeous little log cabin near the Lee Valley and shot in the nearby forest for a few days. It was a lovely experience and something I certainly intend to do again. (Possibly in Autumn when the leaves turn!) I promised myself I’d post these fairytale inspired images as soon as it was Spring again and as the hawthorn blossom is truly out again, here are some pictures by Power Imagery. The long rust-coloured dress is by Falcieri Designs.
We were slightly nervous when about three troops of Brownies passed by but luckily my dress doesn’t look so sheer from a distance, lol!!

As a pagan, there are a good few kinds of tree that are sacred (including oak and hawthorn, which you can see in the pictures above!) In fact, there is a ‘birth tree’ for everyone depending on the time of year you were born. I’m a hazel, which is associated with wisdom, apparently. 🙂 If you want to look it up, it is called the Ogham and there’s a little guide here.
We got the happy little outtake below as I realised yet another special tree was above my head. (holly!)

It’s past my bedtime now as I have a flight to catch, so goodnight everyone!

Writing to you from The Mothership, where Mog snores lying inconveniently all over my stuff…


P.S. I’m coming back to Scandinavia in August! If you’re based in Norway or Sweden and would like to be kept updated with my plans, let me know. 🙂

2 Responses to “Magic and mystery tours!”

  1. swebbatron May 26, 2016 at 12:16 pm #

    These are cool. Nice shots!

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