Shades of Red

20 Apr

I almost always wear black and yet my favourite colour is all of them. I even have a rainbow collection- photos of rainbows both in the sky and in unlikely places from refracted light. This was a good one… πŸ˜‰

There are a lot of things that interest me- serial killers, psychology, orcas, autism, sea monsters and the apocalypse to name a few. I never really thought about it until I started this blog (that often happens actually) but another thing is colour. It’s interesting how colours have such different associations according to culture. Orange, for example. Throughout most of Asia it’s a sacred colour associated with harmony- it’s the colour of Buddhist robes and many Hindu holy men (sadhu) wear saffron. In the Western world, it’s fun and frivolity.
A golden oldie from a shoot with Gothic Image, with ropework by Esinem.

Did you ever hear about the Baker-Miller Pink experiment? Some scientists (and prison wardens) in the 60s and 70s swore that painting prison walls a particular shade of pink reduced violence dramatically. It’s had mixed results since and exactly how it is supposed to work has not been made particularly clear, but it’s an interesting theory either way.
Calm down, guys! πŸ˜› (photo by Josefine Jonsson, bodysuit by Pandora Deluxe)

The thing most people agree on is that the person wearing red is always the most eyecatching. Most people assume it’s because red is the colour of blood and danger signs or because (apparently) it’s the second most popular favourite colour (blue is first) but actually red things seem closer to the eye than other colours. It is simply harder to ignore!Β  It was also the first colour used in art- both body decoration and cave paintings.
I’m currently obsessed with Sons of Anarchy* and though I cannot find the damn clip or even a photo, there was a big wedding scene in which the background was dominated by a lady wearing a red outfit. I don’t think the character had a single line but you couldn’t not notice her.

So continuing the red theme, I have a couple of shoots to show you! They were polar opposites in almost every way (except for the fact I had great fun during both.)
A couple of weeks ago, I worked with photographer GSTim in a stunning stately home in the countryside near Oxford, alongside several other models and photographers (especially fun for me as I rarely get to meet my fellow models!) Tim and I had discussed outfits prior to the shoot and decided on a selection of Renaissance dresses- something I had never modelled before! It took a few pairs of extra hands to get me into them, and then I was bouncing around among the Spring flowers outside. πŸ˜€
While I could never have worn this kind of outfit every day, I had to respect the practicality of the bodice. My phone, the photoshoot timetable and two cereal bars fit down there nicely!
(We’ll pretend those aeroplane trails are just oddly shaped clouds… or I’m a time traveller. πŸ˜› )
As I began this set, I passed one of the other models on her way to a different location in the grounds. She’s also known for having a classical look and so I jokingly greeted her in Mediaeval English. To my delight, the photographer she was with responded in kind- it turns out he does historical re-enactment! πŸ˜€ I love moments like this at work.

The photoshoot lasted a full day so I have more outfits from this shoot to show you another time, though some behind-the-scenes goofing off is included at the bottom of the post!

Last Autumn, photographer and musician Neil Priddey sent me a message. His band HFM were releasing an album called Talisman, which would feature a song called Scarlet Woman. Would I be interested in modelling for the album’s artwork?
I gave a variation of HELL YEEEES and at the crack of dawn, jumped into a van for a trip outside of Manchester, chasing the sunrise. I brought a very long, flowing piece of red material that can be fashioned into a hundred different dresses… unlike my stitched-to-the-last-detail historical dress above!
In the wet dewy grass, we set up our shots, watched intently by a young stag I named James. As we were fighting the quickly-changing light and the volume of dog walkers, this was a very short but very fun photoshoot and we spent breakfast sharing life stories and eating hash browns. It’s a new experience to see myself on an album cover and if you like rock and metal music, please go and like their facebook page! πŸ˜€


I’m staying close to home at the beginning of next month (unusual for me!) and so if you’d like to book a photoshoot with me, get in contact. I’m available to shoot in Milton Keynes (I know some fantastic locations and studios), as far North as Birmingham and as far South as London. Send me a message through my website with any enquiries.

I’ll do a proper blogpost about this at a later date but I am also available to book as a writer. I have copywriting experience and know that many people hate writing bios and descriptions of their work, whatever form that work takes. I can save you a lot of time and word-juggling by writing you a full introduction to your work and website, your portfolio or facebook page. I’ve written forewords, brochures, product descriptions and many, many articles.
Please get in touch with enquiries and to see a portfolio of my work.

I’m off to bed as somehow it became 1am. πŸ˜› Goodnight everyone!


p.s. The house had several very friendly dogs and other furry friends. These two decided they’d model too but couldn’t get the hang of looking into the camera!

* Oh Opie, I’m so sorry. 😦 Otto, I am awed and horrified.


SONS OF ANARCHY: Ryan Hurst in SONS OF ANARCHY airing Tuesday, September 7 at 10 PM e/p on FX. CR: Frank Ockenfels / FX.

8 Responses to “Shades of Red”

  1. christhegoth April 20, 2016 at 9:20 am #

    Young Stags watching pretty girls. You can tell it’s spring πŸ˜‰

    Digging the red dress with you in front of that grain-house. Nice *nods*.

    I always associate Red with the colour of love. Or Red or Dead *shrugs*.

  2. Romantic Dominant April 20, 2016 at 1:49 pm #

    Magnificent Ms. Ivory

  3. Maxim April 20, 2016 at 7:42 pm #

    That second HFM photo is goddamn awesome (pardon me my French)! This magenta atmosphere is incredible. The colour of the sky, the background and your pose create some mystical, enigmatic feeling, something beyond words. It’s languishing, sweet but at the same time it’s threatening, ominous, cold as the shades rising. But overall it’s strangely peaceful. And all that is just about one image. Love the ones like that – not straight in its concept, built mostly upon a feeling, an atmosphere of the moment.

    • roswellivory April 23, 2016 at 10:57 am #

      Lol! Thankyou! It really makes my day when I get images back and they are so beautiful

  4. Stuart April 20, 2016 at 8:12 pm #

    This is a shameless bit of self promotion, but I talked about something similar on my blog at

    I speculated (and it’s pretty much just speculation) that ancient survival instincts are bound up with emotions and that our reactions to certain colours in art could be a result of misplaced evolutionary programming.

    • roswellivory April 23, 2016 at 10:57 am #

      Ooh! Thankyou for letting me know! I’ll have a read when I get a spare sec. πŸ™‚

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