Little Sparks

22 Feb

It’s a beautiful day and for the first time in a while, I can sit in my lounge in the daytime, without the fire blazing… though I’m still enjoying my newfound cavewoman skills and will make a fire in a minute just because I can!
Spring is definitely on its way- I’m getting woken up by the annual goose turf war and the tribes have grown. There are now about nine on each side, honking at each other like the worlds worst trumpet players doing seal impressions, over two patches of potential nesting ground about two square foot each. And they won’t stop for another few weeks… :/
I also saw my moorhens Bonnie and Burke “doing the wild thing” at the end of a neighbours’ jetty. Please don’t nest on the jetty, Bonnie- it’s an even dumber spot than next door’s boat. Remember what happened last time? (Chicks jumped into the canal within a few hours of hatching and couldn’t get back up so the parents had to make a new nest…)


I promised myself at the very beginning of this year that I would have an adventure-filled 12 months (and longer). Being based in Milton Keynes, I can reach a lot of places easily but if you live somewhere that I do not often come (like Sweden or Switzerland) or somewhere that I have never been (like Denmark or Iceland), get in touch to book me. Let me know you’d like me to visit so that I can plan my first trip. You all know I love to travel, right?! πŸ˜›

My current travel plans are listed here and kept as up to date as possible.

I’m still adding to my modelling wardrobe even now- including an exciting project with headdress maker Alivya Free. I had the good fortune to visit her studio a week ago and spent an hour surrounded by beautiful creations and little mini boxes full of embellishments and inspiration. ❀
Here I am in one of her designs! Photo by Kitty Wood
It always interests me to see how other people work- whether the designer meticulously plans every detail first and addresses problems as they come- or whether they see one tiny detail- a ribbon or jewel- and creates a whole project based around that one stroke of inspiration.

If your inspiration is flagging, here are some things that inspire me:
– reading
– Pinterest writing prompts
– Stretching/contortion practise (turn off anything that beeps)
– Books with wonderful, beautiful writing! (Touching Earth, by Rani Manicka and The Night Watch, by Sergei Lukyanenko for example)
– Reading Humans of New York
– Challenging myself to write stories in 100 words
– Looking at myself as though I’m a spectator. What would I write/paint/make for this person sitting in a coffee shop with an earring that is pinching and a book they can’t put down?
– Making food- cooking and slicing is meditative! πŸ™‚

Oh, and making little corners of my home beautiful:

Last year, I went to visit photographer Iulia David and make-up artist/stylist Natalie Wood for a beauty photoshoot. We knew we wanted to shoot accessories so I’d made some moodboards and packed a giant bag full of assorted interesting things, which got spread out across the table along with about a hundred ideas. Within a few minutes, we had three looks planned and I was in the make-up chair while Natalie worked. As I usually do my own hair and make-up, it’s quite rare for me to work with other stylists and I always learn something new. Having a team often means you broaden your horizons and can achieve looks and ideas that had never occurred to you!

Check these out! πŸ˜€ The latex is by Yummy Gummy

All of the accessories here are mine and I often make things to shoot with so if you would like to book me and my huge make-up and clothing bag, all you need to do is contact me here and tell me about your project.


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