1 Jul

So June was lovely! I spent some of it shooting ( a girl has to work after all!) and most of it seeing friends and painting Narnia inside my wardrobe (and other bits of boat decoration). Oh, and getting pictures magically appear in my inbox- I’m so happy with this one from a long-ago shoot with Max Operandi! (We’re arranging another shoot as I type).


I’m now advertising my last free days in England until OCTOBER!!! Seriously, I am almost fully booked for my tours so thought it was easier to tell people the days I have free all at once. If you would like to book yourself a Roswell, get in touch through my website or portfolio here:

If you are NOT based in the UK, here’s the upcoming travel list:
July- Scotland, Switzerland
August- Sweden, Norway
September- Scotland, Denmark
October- TBC
November- Holland, Belgium
December- TBC

I have a lot to blog about and am getting my thoughts in order, which will take a while… so I thought I should feature some OTHER blogs you may be interested in. And I don’t think I’ve done that before.


1) Videogame people! Why not check out GameScully?
Reviewer Ryan’s life is videogames and critiquing, and he’s not afraid to publish an unpopular opinion. The site itself is still new and being updated but there are plenty of reviews there already and he takes requests! He has an effortlessly funny, rather cynical writing style and the game Fez sends him into a trance state of teary wonder.

2) I think beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, genders and colours, and my friend Kitty Wood’s blog is a gorgeous example of many different kinds of beauty. She’s a fantastic photographer with a wide range of models and is now reviewing plus size fashion as a beautiful (and interesting) plus size woman. She loves cute and colourful jewellery so if you like colour too, she has some great links… as well as competitions!

Kitty and I have just been featured in Cynical Fashion magazine, with a mermaid-inspired set in Yummy Gummy latex (who sponsors me). I’m waiting for the tearsheets to do a proper blog but here’s a teaser… 😉
11235804_1009910912361571_3638258638919359042_n IMG_0478

That’s all for now folks!


3 Responses to “Interlude”

  1. christhegoth July 1, 2015 at 1:57 pm #

    Video games eh? I’m finally building myself a proper Gaming PC. Just a basic one, but with plenty of punch under the bonnet. Star Wars: The Old Republic has got me by the doobreys, and I’m limping in on an old Workstation at present ( the back-up workstation, so I really do mean bare-bones stuff ).

    It’s taken ages to get the cash spare, but I do have a rather scrummy feeling of achievement going on at present 🙂

  2. poetriderjim July 3, 2015 at 11:36 pm #

    As always Lady Ivory it is a delight to hear from you in your travels. It looks like a fun and exciting summer coming for you. Should be few fun reads coming from the schedule you have laid out.

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