Springing sundial

20 Feb

So I’m back on the Mothership and catsitting now I’ve returned from a mini tour, and what a fantastic week it has been! 😀

– I went to visit a friend’s new home, full of curiosity cabinets, tea, skulls and wood/glass sculptures… and stroked a chinchilla for the first time. They’re strange little things- like living marshmallows!
– I did a photoshoot in a tranquil, friendly yoga studio, with yet more tea and artwork everywhere. On the pinboard was the yoga students ‘weekly thought’ and interestingly it was something I needed to read:
Aparigraha: Greed rooted in jealousy. For example, wanting more than you need just because someone else has it. I’m proud to have very successful friends and of course I’m happy for them, but often evaluate my own accomplishments as not being enough, so it was nice to see a reminder that this is a thought pattern I need to let go of.
– I met a couple of friends I’ve spoken to online regularly but never actually met in person! It’s always a bit nerve-wracking but we got on like houses on fire and I hung out with a gigantic dog too. 😀
If you have a sense of humour, do check out my friend’s creative endeavour: The Beezly Street Gazette. It’s a Daily Mash-esque satire and really very funny.
– I attended an engagement party for my beautiful Kitty Wood Photography and “Beardy Stu”… and I’m now a bridesmaid for the first time! During that weekend, I became a mermaid, dressed like an 80s rockstar, ate my bodyweight in sausage rolls, lost a French Fry crisp between my boobs and got the hideously early coach back home then flopped into bed. Congratulations to the happy couple! 😀
Here I am with the bride- who has a great blog HERE:
– I nipped up to Manchester for a quick shoot (the hostel made me feel very at home- on a riverside with Canada geese and boats) and arrived back to a very cuddly, very clingy Mog.
Today’s been a day of chilling and though I will be answering emails etc over the next week, I’ll be a little slow as I’m enjoying some much needed downtime. Hope you understand. 🙂

In my last blog, I hoped that the preview would work and bring some Spring warmth… and it’s worked! There are snowdrops everywhere, daffodils are peeking out above the earth, catkins hanging on the trees and though it’s still chilly on the boat, I’m not as deathly freezing as I was and my hot water bottle is sulking redundantly in the corner. I even went for a long riverside walk and had a ‘singing’ conversation with a robin.
So here are some more pictures from the awesome Follyhouse team, who I’m planning my next shoot with. Hooray!





I didn’t notice the seasonal parallels until I started uploading them here!

A few more:

For the latex and heavy rubber people, why not check out Marquis Magazine on the 25th? There’s a feature and several pages of yours truly wearing the shiniest of latex. I’m so, so excited to show you those pictures (and my new shoes). 😉

Now, I’m going to have a Zen-stretching session in front of the fire I just made . I shot with Sense8 Photography the other day and for the first time on camera, achieved this!!! (In yoga, it’s called the Compass or Sundial pose). I cannot wait to shoot this pose in latex and may have the chance at Dominatrix Weekend next month, where I’m stomping the catwalk again!

Speak to you in five days! 😉


p.s. behind the scenes in my own shoes:

3 Responses to “Springing sundial”

  1. christhegoth February 21, 2015 at 3:33 am #

    Abandoning material wealth:

    I had to do this when my health failed and I lost my old Banking Credit Rating. I had to wind it all back to ‘what do I actually need’. If it did not perform a needed function I had to just leave it on the ol’ shop shelf. It’s painful, but do-able.

    When upset you have to use emotional control techniques to cover it, rather than chocolate and a new PC game. I told you about that Qaballah stuff when I wrote to you.

    I got lucky in that I was an engineer and Banker ( Retail, not Casino ) before my health failed. So I had the skills needed to shift to ‘make do and mend’. Luck.

    In the end you actually get a real buzz from it ( as long as you can afford the parts needed etc ), as you save a bomb on fees; but…

    To fine-tune it all took about a decade. And that means a decade of no regular clubbing and general silliness, as you have to divert focus to training yourself.

    You probably have a higher income than me ( it isn’t hard; even Europe has slagged off how the Disabled in this country are treated now ), so should still be able to get some clubbing action in whilst training; but sacrifices will have to be made.

    If you ever want to visit just give me a nod. Sometimes it’s easier to explain this shiznit in person. We could meet in Bromley. Up to you of course.

    It is do-able to abandon ‘material wealth’, but you’ll be surprised how ingrained Consumer Culture is in how our life works. To truly abandon it leaves you in a place that MANY people simply do not understand.

  2. Tony Segura February 21, 2015 at 9:50 pm #

    Love the photos you share in your posts, and really love seeing Mog!

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