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3 Jun

You have no idea how many boxes I’ve rummaged through over the past few days! I never want to see a box again… 😛
My boat’s hull is fixed, I have a lovely new deck and she’s almost ready to be put back in the water, which means I have to sell a LOT of stuff!
I have things from a size 8-14, shoes, latex, accessories, Karen Millen, Fairy Goth Mother, Lip Service etc so come and browse.


I’ve made a new page for it all here and will be adding to it over the next week as I take photos of everything. I’ve added a few items already so please get in touch if you would like anything. 🙂
Mail me THROUGH MY WEBSITE please- too many people have left comments in the past and have never followed up after I reply.

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One of a kind, handmade (by me) bondage dress (size 10) available in my sale…
Photo by Hart-Worx