Where I am now.

18 Dec

Hey everyone,

I dropped off the radar for a bit there! Sorry for the vanishing act- I’m okay, I promise, but do still need witness accounts for my last blog (no matter how trivial your experience may seem). Things are still going on, but I want to share other, better news now.

It’s been a long time since I last looked forward to Christmas- I’m no longer actively dreading it, which makes me a happy lady. There are lovely decorations all over my mum’s tiny village and as I’m getting my shopping done this week I’ll hopefully avoid the humanity-destroying rush! It’s cold, but I have my snuggly grey homemade coat to keep me warm, and I’m putting bird feeders up to keep the feathered ones happy and well-fed.
I’ve been doing a lot of coach-travel, and I love seeing the fruit trees by the side of the road- the leaves have all blown away leaving the fruit hanging on the branches. It’s quite otherworldly and beautiful.

Photo by Pirate Photography alllll the way back in 2010!

In my next few blogs, I’ll be recapping my 2013 for you (it’s been a very good year), telling you which of next year’s resolutions I’m about to break already, sharing some of my sexiest photos ever (with Pirate Photography, of course!) and talking about life- I have an important blog for you about survival.
Stay tuned…

I had my official photoshoot for my upcoming stageshow the other week! I just need to shoot my showreel now, and then I’m ready to roll.
Here’s a quick behind the scenes headshot…

… and a behind-the-scenes video from Luci-Alice. Click the link- it’s mobile-friendly! 😉

I’m off to visit some of my best girls- Ivory Flame and Anita De Bauch tomorrow for a sleepover after my shoot, then it’s my last shoot of the year for the world’s top bondage website!

It’s at this time we all want to hibernate- to plan for next year, especially in between Christmas and January 1st. There’s always so much I want to do, which is why I’m finishing my shooting early. I’ll be spending most of my Christmas being creative, writing (I’ve been approached by a few of the better-known feminist magazines, which I’m very excited about!) and making some jaw-dropping outfits for next year’s shoots. Photographers interested in shooting fashion, get in touch to hear more.
I also want to take the time to watch the world go by- just an hour or two, I find makes so much difference when I’m usually always rushing around like a mad thing.

To match my current mood, I want to post you all something lovely from summer (well, September, but it felt like summer. I worked with Peter Binnie in a beautiful garden/jungle/studio!

First, a quick warm-up in the studio

Then out in the garden with the birdsong


A couple of coloured ones (I *love* the bottom one!)

It’s about *now* that I’d love to have a tame white peacock to model with… maybe next year…

I’m off to bed as I have a busy couple of days and would like to find a new book to read while I’m there! 😉
Night night everyone- speak to you very soon!


4 Responses to “Where I am now.”

  1. Frivolous Monsters December 18, 2013 at 7:47 am #

    I’m sorry to hear of your impending dread of Christmas, and glad you’ve got over it. I love it, and the week in-between New Year.
    Hope you have a good time this year.

    • roswellivory December 22, 2013 at 12:17 am #

      Hi there!

      Thanks- I’m currently enjoying sitting and drawing! 🙂 I’m sure all will be fantastic.

      R x

  2. Tony Segura December 18, 2013 at 11:35 pm #

    Glad to hear you’re doing good, love the outside shots. But that one that looks like a “selfie” is kind of strange. Thank You and Marry Xmas!

    • roswellivory December 22, 2013 at 12:18 am #

      Thanks- and you mean the one that actually *is* a selfie with the blue phone? Just a behind-the-scenes from my stageshow. 🙂

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