28 Aug

Thanks so much, everyone for your lovely birthday messages and presents- I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed! Remember, if you have bought me a gift, please let me know so I can send you a surprise in return. A couple of people are still owed surprises…

I’m back on the detox wagon, which is actually feeling very good- my body has been craving water for the past couple of days so hopefully by tomorrow, my skin should be looking all pretty and glowing again. 🙂 I found a Buzzfeed (I can give it up any time I want *eye twitches*) post on veggie breakfasts so may have to review some. For the curious, it’s here.

A concerned and very sweet fan contacted me a few days ago as most of my pictures recently have been quite dark and moody- I promise I’m fine! Absolutely wonderful, actually- in fact, I have received some of the best news I could possibly hear. I can’t tell you until I sign the contract but you are reading the words of a very happy Roswell. 😀
I also have four confirmed covers this year so far, which really has made my year. My next feature appears in the next issue of Temptress magazine, which you can order HERE. Make sure you get the right issue- it’s the one with my name on the cover. 😉

I’m about to head back to the mothership and sit in the shade with homegrown plums, iced latte and BBC Wildlife magazine, which has a squirrel on the front and none of “the dread creature” inside- I checked.

As for pictures, these bright romantic and not-dark ones are for you, lovely Ellie from Nottingham. Have a hug. 😀

Photographer: Rossomck
Hair/make-up: Me
Latex: Pandora Deluxe
I could not believe the studio building that these were taken in! It looked like a wonderful community of artists practising everything from painting to yoga and sculpture to wedding dress design. There was even a lovely banoffee pie filled cafe that I made myself very at home in. If I do not have my own little house, I wouldn’t mind living in an artists commune!

Though I am probably best known for my art-nude and my fetish work, I love being booked for fashion and lingerie etc- it gives me a chance to play with styling and make up new characters for myself. 🙂


I love this top!! Finding the belt and bracelet in a charity shop shortly before the shoot was a happy accident.

Girdle dress by Playful Promises



Speak to you soon, lovely people- relaxation is a-calling!


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  1. Romantic Dominant August 28, 2013 at 6:50 pm #

    Beautiful woman

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