Happy August!

7 Aug

I’ve returned to the Mothership for a few days- it’s so beautiful out here in the country and I’ve been enjoying relaxing with Mog, watching the rain from the window with a book and nettle tea, scampering barefoot in the garden and getting all creative.
I’m also looking forward to my next bendy shoots- in fact, my birthday will be spent getting tied and photographed by John Tisbury. I still don’t know how I’m going to celebrate- probably a picnic or outing with my favourite girls. 🙂 It’s such a horrible stereotype that girls who model are all out to get each other; it may be true in fashion and glamour (I don’t know- maybe it’s all about the groups you mix in), but I’ve made some of the best friends I have through modelling.
In fact, most people I work with are fascinating with stories to tell- if the team all gets on, photoshoots are fantastic fun! Back in January, I worked on a video project with photographer Rhian Cox and artist Victoria Trinder in a former morgue! We all got covered in talcum powder, built a set with nothing but huge rolls of paper and stapleguns and ate brownies.

Have a look!



14-finished opt 2

And here’s the video!

I’ve just had some lovely things in my letterbox and inbox…
– I received my copies of Alternative Revolution magazine so I can show you the sets they featured!! If you’d like your own copy, go HERE!
– I’ve just seen the cover of this month’s Jade magazine, making this my second published cover this year! (NOT including confirmed covers I’m not talking about yet…)
– My interview with Sinical magazine went live the other day- want to read it? Click HERE!

And I have an early birthday present from a fan! Thankyou, Jo from California! 😀
If you would like to send me a gift, I have an Amazon wishlist right here and as always, I send a small surprise of my own to any gift givers.

It’s a really lovely day so I’m going to take my homemade seed crackers to the park with my book.

See you!

R xxx

p.s. here’s a teaser for my next blog…
Photo by Magpie Photography
Dress by Pandora Deluxe

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