The Covergirl and the Resistance

22 Jul

A happy Roswell is back in the UK (though flying out to Ireland again tomorrow.) I’m very excited to tell you I am on the current cover of Alternative Revolution magazine, with a two page spread and interview inside!
You can buy your very own copy by CLICKING THIS LINK.

Check it out!!


It was one of my New Year’s Resolutions to have at least two covers and three features- I have the first cover, three features and as for the second cover… well, I don’t want to jinx it so I’m keeping quiet about that… 😉

I had such a wonderful time in Europe this year- in fact, best Eurotour ever! I have so many pictures to show you, including the new bondage pictures that so many of you have mailed to ask me for… I’ll put my trip into a proper order when I return on Saturday and then normal blogging can commence, but as I couldn’t wait to show you these, here you are!
I think I look like I’m hiding from some kind of steampunk-y danger in this factory and trying to get the place working again, before being captured. Hence the second part of my title. 😀

Photographer: Calvato
Make-up/hair: Me, using products from Factory Floor. Shade: Dirt













The factory I was in is probably one of the most awe-inspiring locations I have ever worked in. It is a rare occasion that a place makes my jaw literally drop (yes, I do mean ‘literally’ here, not ‘virtually’) but this place did it. It’s over five storeys high and towers over the little town next to it. There were hares running around the wood surrounding it and at one point, I could hear distant bells from somewhere nearby. Half of a wall was missing and through the giant gap, I could see forest, tall neon signs and factories blowing steam- I felt as though I had stepped into a videogame or sci-fi art book.

My cameraphone pictures will not do it justice, but I’m going to try anyway with a few ‘behind the scenes’.




Quote of the day:
“Other photographers often contact me asking how I got the dirt effect on my models. Um… it’s DIRT!”

And yes, it certainly is. 😛

I’m putting together a selection of pictures that I will then sell as prints and I’m certainly planning on doing a pack of three of these ones so if there are any you would particularly like as prints, let me know and I’ll bear it in mind. 😀
I’m slacking on my German lesson at the moment so in between packing, I’m off to practise for my next trip to Berlin (and possibly a few other cities too) in November…

I hope you’re enjoying the sun here, or if you’re like me and hate the heat, I hope you’ve found a shady spot with the icy-cold snack of your choice.

Speak to you when I’m back!


4 Responses to “The Covergirl and the Resistance”

  1. Tony Segura July 22, 2013 at 10:59 pm #

    Great urbex series, how many are you going post on DA? (so I can put them in my faves)
    Thank You, Tony Segura

    • roswellivory July 28, 2013 at 2:22 pm #

      Thanks so much! I’ve posted two but I think I’m going to post one more. 🙂

  2. Harkenroad July 23, 2013 at 9:51 am #

    Hypoallergenic dirt, I hope!

    I don’t mind the sunshine, but not a big fan of temperatures above 95°F (35°C) … and it’s been like being trapped in a Roman caldarium. DIY tip: a scrap DVD or CD makes a great impromptu strigil.

    Calvato did excellent work maintaining your light and tonal balance with those skylights beaming full bore, and you look fabulous. Image #6 with you lightly bound has me thinking, ‘boudoir’, except for the largish water filter housing you are sitting upon, and number 9 says “flight”. Your pose in 11 reminds me of a particular Renaissance crucifixion painting, but can’t bring the artist’s name to mind.

    Congratulations on your Alternative Revolution cover!

    • roswellivory July 28, 2013 at 2:30 pm #

      Lol! Can one be allergic to dirt? 😛

      I’m exactly the same- I cannot do heat at all. I’ve just returned from Ireland, where it rained torrentially at least once a day. It was great fun!

      And thanks- I love these latest pics of me- I just need to update my website now! 🙂

      Hope all’s well!

      R xx

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