Fetish vs Feminism?

27 May

Welcome, new readers from The Frisky and xoJane!
If you’re an ‘old’ reader, you’ll remember my blog in response to the memoirs of a nude model known as “Anonymous”… well, I contacted the magazine in question and they requested a piece from me about being a fetish model. It went live a few days ago- so here you are:
“I’m a Fetish Model”, written for The Frisky magazine.

Now, the Deep Down and Kinky Awards are upon us and I’m up for nomination. If you could please take the 30 seconds it takes to type my name in the “other” option in the modelling category, it’ll make me such a happy lady. Thanks in advance. CLICK FOR THE FORM

Photo by Gothic Image
Stockings by Libidex

I’ve just returned from a tour of Ireland and while there I was asked by several different people how it is that I can be both a feminist and a model of the nude and fetish variety. It’s a question that baffles me; I have never considered my beliefs that contraception/abortion should be free and accessible to all, that women and men deserve equal pay, that remaining childfree should be acceptable and that women should fight for the rights of those without the luxury of a voice to be incompatible with having my picture taken for a living.

A friend of one of the team mentioned exploitation- don’t make me laugh! Someone desperate for money and uncomfortable with nudity but agreeing to show her body for some cash? That is exploitation (provided the photographer knows her situation, of course.) However, I choose to model in this way. Can one really be exploited when one makes such a choice every day? And that, really is what it comes down to. Choice. Is the cornerstone of feminism not choice, after all? The choice to work, the choice to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, the choice to wear tight jeans and still expect courtesy, not catcalls?
While I have been saddened to see a few acquaintances discard their friends and interests in favour of marriage and children, I do respect that while not my choice, it is no less valid. It is not exploitation by the mass media, or any other scapegoat I can pull out of my butt and blame. I also have made a choice and any feminist should respect my right to make it.

I feel it does women a great disservice and is patronising to claim that just because I feature in images tied-up and playing submissive roles, I am somehow in need of help and re-education. (Not to mention, the fetish scene also has a substantial market for submissive men, who feature in images just like mine.) The implication is that I cannot think for myself. The idea that women like me need saving or shepherding toward a different idea of womanhood is just as damaging as the rigidity of the 50s.

Disagree with my lifestyle all you like, but fight for the rights of women who need such help for I am not being exploited. I am a fetish model and a feminist, and I see no conflict here.

(Plenty more where that came from). 😀

Now, I’m going to continue advertising for my Eurotour, which starts in just a couple of weeks! I’m so excited to return to Germany and not be exploited 😛 as well as seeing my Swedish friends and bouncing around Belgium for the first time.

Keep an eye out here for my further adventures…


p.s. These images were taken by my wonderful (female) friend Pirate Photography, who is ranked #1 in the UK on Zivity, for her photographs of nude women like me.
If you would like to see the whole set of these images (or any of my other sets), just click HERE!






2 Responses to “Fetish vs Feminism?”

  1. Kurt Krueger May 27, 2013 at 10:11 pm #

    Absolutely LOVE the Pirate Photography stuff! Does she have a link of her own? I’d like to see more. ~ Kurt

    • roswellivory May 28, 2013 at 11:10 am #

      She rocks! And yes she does- I linked to her on here (just click on her name for her Tumblr) and she’s also on Zivity as Pirate Photography. 🙂

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