Sunshine and flowers!

17 May

“You’re the only woman I know who literally stops to smell the roses”. A quote from a friend yesterday that made me happy. 😀

Well, wow. I’m already so booked for the Netherlands, that I am considering extending the trip (which means cutting short Belgium or Germany so if you’re there and want a booking, get in touch ASAP!)!
I’m off to Ireland tomorrow night too. This is going to sound strange but before all the “gate opening” and rushing around business, I love airports! I like being able to sit with my coffee and peoplewatch. It feels so strange that only 60 or so years ago, people got dressed up for flights in the same way one would for an extravagant dinner. It is pretty amazing being able to jump on a plane and be in another country by the end of the day- the only problem for me is that I can’t dress up as much as I’d like as I’ve found the staff don’t like it when everything you’re wearing contains metal. 😉

I hope the weather is lovely in Ireland- it’s so grey at the moment and I’d love some sunshine and warmth. If it’s going to rain in May, I want a proper thunderstorm to go with it, please! Funnily enough, I actually posed for these happy sunny photos last November but as they were for publication, I couldn’t share them until now. If you’d like to see the editorial, it’s in the latest issue of Alt Fashion magazine- just click the link.
Anatomic Bomb made this dress especially for me and I always love wearing it. Makes a nice change from the usual latex colour combinations- not that they aren’t classics, but I also love the unusual…

Photographer/set design: Ego Photography
Designer: Anatomic Bomb
Hair/Make-up: Me






I’ll leave you with the pretty pictures as I need my sleep- even Mog has faceplanted into a cushion.

Speak to you soon,


One Response to “Sunshine and flowers!”

  1. Romantic Dominant May 17, 2013 at 5:06 pm #

    As ever … sighs

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