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Purple people eater!

26 Apr

Well, nothing rhymed with purple so I went for the bad alliteration instead. 😉
Tales is all fixed so I can go and collect him from the techs this weekend- hooray! I feel a little as though I’m picking Mog up from the vet (but without the mewling and guilt trips). This means I can start typing up all the stuff I wrote in Scotland! (More about that if you scroll down…)

It’s one of my goals this year to be published more, so I was very excited when I opened a photography book and found myself in it! The picture is at the top, called “Veiling The Nude”, and it’s by Brian Hopper. (Excuse the cameraphone photo.)


… and then when I woke up this morning, more tearsheets were sitting in my inbox! I’m in “Fine Art Photo” Magazine, with pictures by the awesome Juul De Vries.
Bottom left…
FAP page 76-77

…and top right!
FAP page 70-71

I’m also back on Zivity with a wiggy, shiny, purple set! I have a wee preview for you here but if you’d like to see more, all you have to do is click this link… PURPLE SHINY STUFF!
I’m only 11 votes away from 800, and it’s quite exciting to be in the top 10% of models on such a well-respected site. On my way to Scotland, I did stop to see the lovely Pirate Photography and shoot a set or two in between hot-tub parties, cookie munching and girl chat. I may even start shooting some sets of my own, though they’ll probably be make-up tutorials or something similar.

So… yes, purple. This was shot by Pirate Photography just down the road from my old house. Wig/Make-up by me. Dress has no label and was bought second-hand a long time ago,so I’m afraid I don’t know whose it is.







I don’t know why but the 5th photo feels a little steampunky to me! Maybe it’s the spiky hair and the circle of eye make-up reminding me of goggles?? 😀
Then again, it could be because I’m in the middle of the second part of a steampunk short story trilogy…

While I was away, I visited the Elephant House cafe in Edinburgh, which was a lovely place to eat baked potatoes with hummus and drink soy lattes (they did have homemade cakes too but I resisted their siren call). It also happened to be the place JK Rowling wrote a lot of Harry Potter, and Ian Rankin also wrote. I’ll tell you all about it next entry.
Look- here’s the view out of the window. Isn’t it awesome! (it’s Greyfriars and Edinburgh Castle)

I usually try not to put writing pressure on myself while I’m away but this time, the words just came and I managed about twenty pages (longhand) of my second novel and about twelve of the aforementioned steampunk story, which is about a conman, a detective and a mysterious machine. I’m having great fun with it as half takes place in Victorian-esque high society and half in a circus freakshow.
I may post an extract from”The Indigo Glass” (the first installment) if I’m feeling brave enough. 😉

I have to go and make dinner now- mmmmm… minestrone…