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Roswell on canvas

6 Mar

I post a lot of blogs with photos of myself (and don’t worry- that isn’t stopping any time soon!) but recently I’ve had a period of getting booked by artists and painters, which is always interesting! A looooong time ago when I used to watch soaps (not telling you which though 😉 ), there was a hilarious episode in which a character was booked by an artist. She had a lovely experience eating grapes and being told how beautiful she was, but when the painting was unveiled, it looked a bit like this…

She was horrified but I think I’d think it was hilarious if it happened to me!
I now pose for a lot of life drawing classes, which is a little nervewracking (always worried I’ll sneeze or my stomach will rumble!) but interesting getting to see the styles other people have.

Here are just a few of the pictures I’ve had the chance to snap after a class at Windsor and Eton Fire Station (awesome class):



I can’t remember who the artists are- if one of these pictures is yours, please let me know so I can credit you! Thanks! 🙂

After a class, artist Dan Stepanek booked me for a painting session! First, he took some pictures of me, then projected them onto the wall and took some more with me posing in front of them- much fun! 😀 He sent me a picture of one of the paintings recently- here you go!

Roswell 3

I’ve not been online much recently as I’m working on my novel (due to send off on March 31st). Today’s been a good day- a quarter of a chapter done. Bad days consist of constant fridge raiding and internet checking. Not doing so well now as life has imitated internet art…
but I’m positive for tomorrow. 😀

Now, I posted on my facebook* page earlier today asking what I should blog about today. I actually have a blog saved up about inspiration (sort of) which I’m holding for a couple of days along with a post about why Carol Vorderman drives me insane, but another lovely fan would like to hear something funny. Now, that I can do right now!
Guess what happened the other day? Well… I won a Mills and Boon novel in a poetry contest for writing a poem called “Bus Love”. It involved people having sex in the back of a bus and could be the most ridiculous thing I have ever written (and won, lol!)

Still, it made my night (along with chocolate cake and hanging out with the lovely Anita De Bauch (who got a round of applause for being in love- yay!)and Madame Bink. We were watching Bink’s musician fiance Jack Broadbent play at a music and poetry night.)
Here they are- Bink being fluffy and gorgeous, Jack really isn’t a street preacher no matter what this picture suggests, and Anita reflecting in the window like a sexy 50s ghost!

Later in the week, I broke Anita while stretching together (never fear- she’s fine!) and gave myself a mohican for a shoot. Here we are with guest appearance by Lilith the hairless cat.

* Thankyou to all the lovely fans who shared my facebook page– I met my target and then some!! I’ll be drawing a name out of my awesome hat later this week and one of you will win a lovely signed picture!

I’m off now as the internet is distracting. Speak to you all soon!


p.s. Are you on Zivity? If so, my new set is live! It’s called “Salute” and I’ve linked it HERE! If you aren’t on Zivity, that’s no problem- you can unlock it for only two dollars! 😀 Just click the link and follow the instructions.