The Colour of Horror

26 Feb

I’m having a wonderfully in-depth conversation with my mum about horror films (or the lack of scary ones- yes I have an awesome mum, lol!) The problem seems to be that just like the varying-degrees-of-helpless victims trapped in whatever cookie-cutter house of imminent doom, most modern horror has boxed itself into a cliche and can’t seem to escape. Not that there aren’t some okay ones out there- I went to see Mama the other day, which made me jump about a hundred times. Still, everything’s in some kind of house with some kind of creature (or person, or the house itself) being all malevolent and creepy. And the second-best looking person always dies.
The thing I find is that we’re still trying to get away from the ‘torture porn’ craze of the 2000s. (Really, don’t get me started on the Saw franchise- you’ll be here all night.) There must be a way of being terrifying and/or gross without making a film an exercise in censorship debate!? No, I haven’t yet seen The Cabin In The Woods. When I have a spare evening and I’m not writing my novel (I have a deadline now), I’ll get on that. 😉
One of the only places left to us (so it appears anyway) is the human mind. Our brains are capable of creating any fantasy we could possibly conceive of. We imagine stories and make-believe about people we know or only see once in the street. We believe the impossible and can make others believe the impossible yet doubt the obvious. One of the scariest places to be is within our own head. (Look at some of Stephen King’s novels- The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, and Gerald’s Game to name two). While I’m more of a sci-fi/action person than a horror fan so do correct me if I’m wrong, but I think there is still more to do in this vein. The best things I’ve seen so far leave things unsaid- things for your mind to pick over when you’re daydreaming. At least, for mine. I can’t be the only person that has quickened pace and got their keys out on seeing a shadowy figure in their peripheral vision? Check out Slenderman. Also have a look at this site- ‘Search/Contain/Protect’- it’s like an internet X-Files and amazing inspiration for horror/sci-fi writers. I’ve picked an entry out. (WHY does it kill people? WTF is with the ‘excretions’? Who made it and what for??) Make a film about something like this, I beg you! 😛

Wow, I went off on a bit of a tangent there!

I was just sorting out the photos I’m about to post when I got into the horror discussion and my mind went off imagining things… So I imagined a futuristic character living in her own mind and beginning to forget who she was before. It definitely wasn’t the thing on my mind while we were shooting, but isn’t it interesting the parallels you can draw when something triggers your thoughts in that direction? 😉

Photographer: Pirate Photography. I love this black-and-white old film style used here!
Make-up/Outfit: Me

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IMG_0208 copy


IMG_0239 copy

IMG_0254 copy

IMG_0212 copy


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Now, I have a political scene to write before I go to bed and I am bloody determined to do it.


p.s. oh yes… it happened to be Movember. So have some outtakes. 😉



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  1. Romantic Dominant February 26, 2013 at 2:09 pm #

    Devilish post, heavenly woman

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