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The Colour of Horror

26 Feb

I’m having a wonderfully in-depth conversation with my mum about horror films (or the lack of scary ones- yes I have an awesome mum, lol!) The problem seems to be that just like the varying-degrees-of-helpless victims trapped in whatever cookie-cutter house of imminent doom, most modern horror has boxed itself into a cliche and can’t seem to escape. Not that there aren’t some okay ones out there- I went to see Mama the other day, which made me jump about a hundred times. Still, everything’s in some kind of house with some kind of creature (or person, or the house itself) being all malevolent and creepy. And the second-best looking person always dies.
The thing I find is that we’re still trying to get away from the ‘torture porn’ craze of the 2000s. (Really, don’t get me started on the Saw franchise- you’ll be here all night.) There must be a way of being terrifying and/or gross without making a film an exercise in censorship debate!? No, I haven’t yet seen The Cabin In The Woods. When I have a spare evening and I’m not writing my novel (I have a deadline now), I’ll get on that. 😉
One of the only places left to us (so it appears anyway) is the human mind. Our brains are capable of creating any fantasy we could possibly conceive of. We imagine stories and make-believe about people we know or only see once in the street. We believe the impossible and can make others believe the impossible yet doubt the obvious. One of the scariest places to be is within our own head. (Look at some of Stephen King’s novels- The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, and Gerald’s Game to name two). While I’m more of a sci-fi/action person than a horror fan so do correct me if I’m wrong, but I think there is still more to do in this vein. The best things I’ve seen so far leave things unsaid- things for your mind to pick over when you’re daydreaming. At least, for mine. I can’t be the only person that has quickened pace and got their keys out on seeing a shadowy figure in their peripheral vision? Check out Slenderman. Also have a look at this site- ‘Search/Contain/Protect’- it’s like an internet X-Files and amazing inspiration for horror/sci-fi writers. I’ve picked an entry out. (WHY does it kill people? WTF is with the ‘excretions’? Who made it and what for??) Make a film about something like this, I beg you! 😛

Wow, I went off on a bit of a tangent there!

I was just sorting out the photos I’m about to post when I got into the horror discussion and my mind went off imagining things… So I imagined a futuristic character living in her own mind and beginning to forget who she was before. It definitely wasn’t the thing on my mind while we were shooting, but isn’t it interesting the parallels you can draw when something triggers your thoughts in that direction? 😉

Photographer: Pirate Photography. I love this black-and-white old film style used here!
Make-up/Outfit: Me

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IMG_0208 copy


IMG_0239 copy

IMG_0254 copy

IMG_0212 copy


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Now, I have a political scene to write before I go to bed and I am bloody determined to do it.


p.s. oh yes… it happened to be Movember. So have some outtakes. 😉



Shiny Sunday!

18 Feb

Yes, I know that *technically* it isn’t Sunday any more but I was sleepy and needed my bed, mmmkay? 😉

I’m packing for a two-day booking in Spain at the moment- amazing the oufits and accessories that you forget you have! I’m looking forward to feeling the sun again, though it’s been beautiful in England these past couple of days. I had a really lovely day yesterday- listened to music on the train while watching for birds and animals, had a chilled-out shoot in a beautiful house in London, then watched the sunset over Windsor Castle as I arrived for my life-drawing class. (I was modelling- I can’t draw people!)
I also can’t find my connector- there are some gorgeous photos I wanted to show you from an awesome girly night in Anita De Bauch’s hotel suite! Next blog… 🙂

Now, if you’re following me on Tumblr or Twitter (and if you’re not, you should…) you’ll know that I’ve started posting some new pictures. Tuesday is now “Tied-Up Tuesday”- you’ll see a new picture of me in bondage every Tuesday, and Sunday is all about the latex, so it’s… “Shiny Sunday”! I’m thinking about some other days too: how about “Wild Wednesday”- pictures of me posing out in the wilderness? Or “Photoshop-free Friday”- a behind-the-scenes shot every week?
Let me know if you have any ideas- I’ll see what I can do!

On that note, I *do* listen to your ideas and what you have to say. I was sent a lovely message a few days ago by a fan and when I replied, he was surprised that I’d taken the time to do so. (You know who you are!) You all are one of the main reasons I love what I do and I will always reply to your messages. It may take me a little while as I get a lot of mail, but I always reply. 🙂


About that Shiny Sunday…

I have a new set on Zivity by Sean McCormack! It was taken with Infrared and I think the pictures rock. Obviously, I can’t show you the whole set here but I’m posting three of my favourites.
If you would like to see the whole set, you can! All you need to do is click THIS LINK and ask to unlock the set- it’s only 2 dollars!

Photographer: Sean McCormack
Latex: Dress- Little Rubber Cherry, Harness- HMSlatex
Make-up: Me




Writing is calling and I still have sooooo much to do! See you tomorrow for Tied-Up Tuesday! 😀


Ponybright and proud.

6 Feb

Hey everyone!

I’m back at the Mothership, lighting a fire to warm my freezy little bisexual hands. I got up late, as I’d had a late bisexual night, I ate my bisexual breakfast and now, I’m writing a bisexual blog entry. (And three guesses what I’m about to write about…) 😉

For those of you who don’t know or aren’t in the UK, I’m very proud of my country today as UK MPs have voted in favour of legalising gay marriage by a landslide. Currently, gay people are allowed to have what is called a “civil ceremony/civil partnership”. It entitles couples to the same legal rights as a “married” couple, but is not called a marriage. Until recently, civil ceremonies could not be conducted in places of worship and did not include religious texts or hymns.

I have enormous respect for the real, historical Jesus Christ, in the same way that I respect the teachings of the Buddha and the Dalai Lama as I believe that all religions have something good to teach the world. In light of this, I believe that a man who preached an overwhelming message of love no matter what and defended marginalised members of society (at that time) would be disgusted at the hypocrisy his legacy has sometimes provoked. Jesus himself said nothing about gay people, and the two people in the Bible who mentioned it in any way also preached a whole lot of crazy that is now discarded. The MPs who used outdated quotes to vote against this ruling have no valid argument. None.
Anyway, back to my bisexual coffee…

One of the best things I have read is a statement by Liz Feldman:
“It is very dear to me- the issue of gay marriage- or as I like to call it, ‘marriage’. You know, because I had lunch this afternoon, not gay lunch. I parked my car- I didn’t gay park it.”
The term is now ‘equal marriage’, I think. (And hopefully one day, it will just be ‘marriage’. 😉

Well done, UK- I’m so proud of you!!! 😀

And so, as I have no rainbow pictures (that’ll change soon as I have plans), I will post the next best thing…
Photographer: MS-Photography
Outfit: AM-Statik
Hair/make-up: Me






You can’t tell from the pictures, but we were fighting against a mini-sandstorm and I kept getting blown around! Much fun though, as always. Berlin is most definitely one of my favourite cities- it’s the only place I could walk around dressed like that, with a bendy whip and not get stared at too much.

I’m off to have a chat with some magazine-y types now, so will speak to you soon.
Oh, and while I remember, I hear that a certain few fans of mine have been petitioning to put me on the cover of Skin Two. Thankyou guys, that is enormously flattering and utterly awesome. All I can say is keep it up, lol!! You’ll be the first to know if your advice is taken. 😛
If you want to join in, my feature is here:
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Oh, and one more thing! Can anyone recommend anywhere lovely (and preferably not too expensive) to visit in the Edinburgh area? I’m touring again as of the end of this month and want to see amazing things while I’m on the road.


I’m still alive!

3 Feb

Hi everyone!

Tales (my laptop) is having a holiday- ie he’s being fixed again, so I’m without my lovely 100+ folders of images at the moment and borrowing a friends internet. 😦

We should be reunited in a few days and I’ll update you on all my news, but for now, have a couple of new “old” pictures from my first ever shoot with Pirate Photography! 🙂 The hat is by Joy Williams.

roswell2 088 copy
roswell2 093

roswell2 114

roswell2 103

roswell2 102


p.s. This set will accompany several new ones on Zivity! Are you a member? If not, you can see individual sets for just a few dollars! 😀