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The limits so far

21 Jan


I have been dying to post these images for months but couldn’t as Skin Two magazine had first dibs on them. 😉 Well, as they’ve been published, I can tell you some of my news… I’ve been featured in Skin Two online!!!!! Have a look- the piece is here and do feel free to comment on it as I’d love to get the cover too… 😉 CLICK THE LINK!

Soooo… I hadn’t done suspension bondage in quite a while, but while Wykd Dave concentrated on the rigging,  Clover (who is a professional rope performer and educator herself, as well as a great photographer) helped me through by telling me what would squeeze and pinch before it actually did so that I didn’t panic or worry.
To see more of Clover and Wykd Dave’s work, click the links below:

As you know, I’ve been bending. Lots. As these pictures were taken quite some months ago now (yes, I’ve been holding onto them for *that* long), I’m significantly more bendy now and looking forward to my next shoot with the pair so we can put my feet over my shoulders. 😉

Here you go…






Today, I’ve been answering e-mails, reading, drinking hot chocolate with almond milk, completing my to-do list and… making a snowthing. 😀 Tomorrow, I’m writing, seeing a friend and sorting out a grand January sale!

29112012809 210120131001

21012013995 21012013997


p.s. Bondage isn’t all serious- here’s a behind-the-scenes…

Another magical forest

14 Jan

I never get fed up of shooting in forests- every few weeks, I get an entirely new backdrop to interact with and new plants and creatures to look for- especially when I’m shooting outside of the UK.
Last time I visited the Netherlands, I found wild boar, red squirrels, nuthatches (I think) and deer. I also discovered Dutch pancakes. Not a creature, I know, but still seriously amazing. 😉

I got these pictures from Frits aka Studio3nl a little while ago but didn’t have the chance to post them up! So here you go- it was a beautiful day, if a little muddy. Though we tried hard to be discreet, we did nearly cause a man to fall off his bicycle, which made me nearly fall off the tree stump I was posing on!! Utterly hilarious- it was a multi-quadruple-take, as he kept swinging back off his seat just to check I wasn’t a figment of his imagination, LOL!!






Wish me luck- I’m about to head South (hopefully ahead of the snow) for some outdoor nudes… though hopefully my “Narnia coat” will get another outing too… 😉

Got to dash!


Don’t tell me to stop…

9 Jan

Okay, so the apocalypse happened to G Haskew’s computer. (Want more apocalypse references? I have plenty more where that came from…) 😛 Sadly, almost an entire photoshoot was lost- back up your work, folks!
However, I still have a few of the pictures to show you.





(Obviously the namesake of this blog, lol! We had several pictures of me bouncing around in the dust in homage to the Madonna video)


And as soon as the staff stopped looking… 😉



You really really should go and look at G Haskew’s other work as well- he’s amazing at finding locations and is now beginning a new venture into urban exploration. Just click his name above!

Now, talking of stopping…

Don’t worry- I’m not going anywhere just yet as I still love my job and I’m certainly planning on at least another two years of modelling for a living. However, the job I want eventually will probably take me several years of hard work before I get to where I want to be, and so I’m now applying like crazy to as many volunteer projects as I possibly can. (Did I mention I want to work in conservation?) 😉
Soooo… this is one of those times in which you may be able to help with my future plans! Do you, or does anyone you know, work in conservation (especially with projects in Africa, Madagascar, Australia or in marine biology?) If so, could you please send me a message through my website? I want to talk to you!
Thanks! 😀

I’m excited to say that one of my New Year’s resolutions looks set to be SMASHED! I planned to visit at least two new countries each year. Well, this year, it looks as though I’ll be hitting Malta, Austria (Vienna), Romania, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, China and (if I get the chance) Borneo!
I’m getting itchy feet already but it’s too cold for touring season at the moment. I’m using my free time to write, chill in front of the fire and watch the birds outside eat the homemade treats I’ve been leaving them*.

I’m now watching Africa (narrated by King David) 😉 Golden rule: do not talk while the Attenborough is talking. Night night…



4 Jan

Well, this is exciting! Not only did we have an “apocalypse”, but we survived it into January… 😛

My blog wouldn’t be the same without the “last year” lookback, and it was only the other week that I actually took the time to look back over my past year and remember that yes, I have done some fantastic things and learned a lot too. If you’re new to this blog, welcome, first of all, and if you’d like to see the fantastic things just have a browse. 🙂

 I learned…
– That a person can be truly unhappy without realising it is so, and that such a thing can drastically affect their health.
– That a person can do everything possible to achieve their goals, but if they are not releasing the work to the world, nothing and no one will see, and nothing will happen.
– That while I may never believe myself to be brave, I am capable of doing the occasional brave thing.
– That at last after a full decade of bullying, letters to plastic surgeons and one desperate attempt at self-surgery, I am truly, completely, and 100% happy with the way my nose looks.
– That sometimes you cannot sit around and wait for your situation to change- you must be the maker of that change. These are words I’ve read a million times, but this year they made sense.
– That although I am not disputing the fact that they may work, I do not agree with restrictive diet and meal plans for weight loss, and am now finding the right balance for me.

I’m not enlightened- not by a long way. In fact, I can be kind of dim sometimes, lol! But I’m trying… (As in, trying to be enlightened. Not trying to be dim. Obviously.) 😀

Sooooooo… On to 2013!!!

Well, I have quite an interesting modelling announcement coming very soon, but for now the goals I’ve making public are…

– To travel to at least two new countries every year as long as I continue to model for a living.
– Whether I decide to have a contortion stageshow or not, to achieve some of my favourite poses
– To wean myself off sugar to the point that I am able to refuse sugary snacks because I genuinely don’t want them
– To have a novel (or my short story trilogy) published and begin my third novel.
– To volunteer somewhere- hopefully abroad.
– To improve my French and/or German. Rude words do not count. 😛
– To be nominated for this year’s Miss Fetish award

As always, I have some images for you- it’s the rule! Some of these, you’ve seen- but others are new or teasers for upcoming publications. Talking of publications, I have a seven page editorial in this month’s Jade magazine, as well as a couple of pages accompanying a feature on John Tisbury! 😀

I tried to get a “Top Ten” of my favourite images in 2012, but it was just too hard. Oh well… 😉

Behind the scenes:
With Jessica Abidde at the Boxpark for a Playful Promises fashion show

Being fitted for stockings at a shoot…

Modelling AM-Statik latex at Berlin Fetish Ball

Between shots. Because why not? Pics from the shoot coming soon…

Strutting our awesome stuff for Playful Promises! L-R: Signe, Beth, Anita De Bauch, Jessica Abidde, Me

In New York, before a guerrilla fashion show for Vengeance Designs

Pin up
Between shots at a studio day.

Why? Because moustaches. That’s why. With Pirate Photography

HELL YEAH!!! In Montreal, with Jinx, and wearing Dawnamatrix Designs.

In action:
roswell -_DSC3148 - 120512
Little wood sprite! Photo by Nick Edinburgh

Pretzel! Photo by Jan Bassett

Autumn wishes… Photo by Pirate Photography

Anatomic Bomb-final-jpg..
Somewhere Beyond The Sea… Photo by G Haskew. Dress by Anatomic Bomb

NYC boudoir. Photo by John F Cooper. Basque by Gossard

The Lux Twins- Photo by G Haskew. Outfit by Lux Tenebrae

Roswell shouting webfile700
Showgirl. Photo by JUUL

Berlin Sundust- Photo by M-S Photography. Outfit by AM-Statik

Protection. Photo by Paul Ward. Fellow model- Indefinite Anomaly

IMG_0126 copy
The giggles! Photo by Pirate Photography. Outfit by Anatomic Bomb

Flames of Autumn. Photo by M-S Photography

Ros_9504 bnw SM
Earthly Power. Photo by Imagesse

Ros_9552 bnw SM
Island of Tranquility. Photo by Imagesse

Tribal. Photo by Ego Photography. Make-up by me.

Ponybright! Photo by M-S Photography. Outfit by AM-Statik

Tumbles… Photo by Pirate Photography



* Janus is the two-faced god that the name January comes from. One face looks into the past, and the other to the future. Across the road from my best friend’s house, someone has made a topiary Janus head! I tried to take a picture but got too many weird looks.