Melusine and her sisters

17 Oct

I’ve left Germany and I *still* haven’t posed as one of my favourite characters from legend! Maybe next time I’ll get my wish- it involves a forest lake and it has to be in Germany! 😉 I’m now onto my next location and though I had no sleep last night, loved watching the sun rise over the city. I’m now cosy and warm in my hostel, and planning what to do on my days off!

I worked with New York photographer Artografico a few weeks ago and love the results here. I mentioned during the shoot that I felt I looked like a certain lady from a French myth and seeing the series together, I saw each picture fit into the story.

The King of Albany was hunting when he came across a beautiful lady in the forest, and he asked her to marry him. She was a water spirit (and probably very confused at this mortal proposing to her- then again, maybe it happens all the time to water spirits…) Anyway, she agreed on the condition that the King never enter the room when she bathed her three daughters, Melusine, Melior and Palatyne.
Of course (being too busy kinging to read about what happens to people who spy on water spirits), he disobeyed her and she ran away, taking her daughters with her to exile on the island of Avalon. As her daughters grew up, Melusine grew curious as to why they were shut away, and on hearing of the King’s broken promise got her revenge by shutting him in a mountain.
When her mother heard what Melusine had done, she punished her, condemning her to take the form of a serpent from the waist down every bath day.
History repeated itself when a young lord came across Melusine on Avalon and asked her to marry him. She agreed, on the condition that he leave her alone when she bathes. (But guess what he did…)
Some versions of the story say that she forgave him, others say that she turned into a dragon and flew away. We don’t know what her sisters did, or what revenge they plotted…

Photos by Artografico


p.s. on a more latexy note, so far it looks as though the majority vote is in favour of the snake print lingerie! Want to cast your vote on which Dawnamatrix lingerie set I should go far? Let me know! 😉

2 Responses to “Melusine and her sisters”

  1. Romantic Dominant October 17, 2012 at 1:43 pm #

    Magnificent as ever

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