Catwoman’s pants

31 Jul

Disclaimer: I haven’t read a comic since about 1993, and it was The Beano my father had left by the loo. I know who Batman is, but couldn’t tell you the difference between Marvel and DC, and don’t know the Watchman from the Avengers. In short, my comic knowledge is dire so I hope I am forgiven for the following entry BUT…

Catwoman does not wash her own pants. She has minions to do that, and other tiresome but necessary things, like the dishes. And buying loo roll. She is never, ever misheard when whispering sexy/bad but cryptic things against the background of police sirens or Gotham City traffic. She is sexy even when in a pre-menstrual sulk, and she is most definitely not Anne Hathaway.

I’ve spent a wonderful week with several different friends and went to see the new Batman film, which I thought rocked… except for Miss Wide-Eyed and Confused. Charlotte from Sex and the City (which I have never watched- in fact I have no idea what it is *cough*) may even do a better Catwoman impression. On the way out of the cinema, my friend Ellen and I got into a discussion of who we’d put in her place. Angelina Jolie, Eva Green and alt model Easy Tiger all made the cut. Halle Berry would have too, if she hadn’t… you know… been in “Catwoman”. *shudder*
Anyway, Anne Hathaway’s attempt to give the feline one a more “human” side got me thinking…

I like my superheroes (or anti-heroes) to be superhuman. I really don’t want to know about their daddy issues, or domestic stuff (the main reason why Hellboy 2 annoyed me- other than the presence of Selma Blair- was the constant domestic arguments and seriously mundane subplot. If I want to see pregnancy confusion, I‘ll watch Hollyoaks.) If it’s integral to the plot, there’s a way to do it that doesn’t make the lead character look as ridiculous as Homer Simpson while they‘re trying to save the world. Hellboy, you can punch through concrete so stop letting your girlfriend whinge that you squeezed the toothpaste the wrong way!
X-men worked, I thought, and Kick Ass kicked Ass. Apparently, according to my comic-knowledgeable friends, the Batman comics began to deal with him getting older, which I thought the film did really well. But Catwoman is not the main character. She’s sexy and bad and fantastic and… Anne Hathaway, stop batting your eyelashes!!! I’m also editing this entry to add that I loved X-men First Class. The “recruitment scene” made it and as the clip I wanted to attach has been taken off youtube, I’ll leave you with some music instead.

Weirdly, a picture I love shows exactly the thing I usually hate in Superhero/comic book films. Check out “Robin”, by Matt Frederick. (Model is Gemma, MUA is Amelia Ebanks) 😀

And as for this entry’s pictures of me… if Catwoman wears underwear (which I’m pretty sure she does), she most definitely gets it from Lux Tenebrae.


Photos by G Haskew
Leather pretty stuff: Lux Tenebrae

8 Responses to “Catwoman’s pants”

  1. Frivolous Monsters July 31, 2012 at 10:12 pm #

    I’m the opposite. I prefer superheroes not to be superhuman, which is why I prefer the British lot of Sherlock, Doctor Who, and James Bond. None of whom wear lycra!

    • roswellivory August 1, 2012 at 9:54 am #

      Oh, I like those kinds of superheroes too, but if they’re green or can channel lightning, I don’t want to hear about their issues, LOL!!!
      Doctor Who rocks. 😀


  2. Romantic Dominant August 1, 2012 at 7:58 am #

    Fabulous body, great pants and good musical taste ….

    • roswellivory August 1, 2012 at 9:52 am #

      Thanks- I fell just a little in love with them, lol!
      And the music was the background to one of the best scenes in X-Men, so I Googled it immediately. 😀

  3. beauvoir August 7, 2012 at 5:46 pm #

    It’s because Batman and Catwoman aren’t superheros, they’re vigilantes. They’re human, not superhuman.


    • roswellivory August 7, 2012 at 6:32 pm #

      LMAO!!! Yep, I’ve been getting hit on the head by many, many friends since this post went live. 😛

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