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Round the twist!

26 Apr

Have you ever- ever felt like this? How strange things happen, are you going round the twist? 😉
(virtual sticker for anyone who gets it! Clue- you probably grew up in the 90’s…)

It’s been a week of strange little things happening…

– A couple of days ago, I got my first ever Daily Deviation on! Click the link here!

– Then I was mistaken for a man.
Go through the comments on the image- someone asked if I was a dude!
Yep. Me, of the 28FFs. The next day, while I was still shaking my head in disbelief, IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!! (O_O)
I was in my favourite little coffee shop (which also has pizza) and a server was walking around with a yummy-looking pizza, calling for “Christopher”. I had my coat and bag on and was about to leave, but waved and jokingly said “me! I’m Christopher”! The pizza was thrust into my arms, while I stammered “nonono I’m not really called Christopher!!”
Oh dear.
I think I’ll go and take up flower-arranging.

– I also got some very exciting news yesterday- my Lady Justice picture by Matt Frederick (below- and you should click the link and check out his other work) is going to be on a Californian wine bottle for a year!!! I don’t drink, but may have to start…

– I realised recently that Sky Arts are playing Cirque du Soleil shows on Sunday lunchtimes! It’s been great fun stretching while actually watching one of the best circuses in the world (that I still have to see live!) Very very inspirational- “Zed in Tokyo” is the next one, and it was “Ka” a weekend ago (which is my favourite so far- there was no stage floor- everything was done on two huge moving platforms).

As the weather’s been hideous for the past week and I’ve had a horrible cold, most of my outdoor shoots were cancelled so I’ve been spending my time curled up reading Game of Thrones* (which rocks) and stopping gang violence in a fictional city (aka writing my second novel “Saving Bailey”).
Oh, and watching the falcons in the cathedral. 😀 They’ve had four eggs and they’re due to hatch any time really from now until the first week of April! There’s a live webcam so you can watch them HERE. Poor things must be so bored- they’ve been sitting around for weeks!

I can’t wait for my Scotland tour to start! Once again, I’ve been so booked in Edinburgh that I haven’t had a chance to go to Elgin or Aberdeen yet, but one day
I only have one half-day left now- it’s May 15th, and I’ll be available in Glasgow until 4pm. If you’d like to book me, let me know asap by contacting me through my website here.

I’m also going to be available in Ireland from June 11th until the 21st. I’ll do a proper blog post about this soon- I’m already booked until the 16th!
If you’re based around Dublin or Belfast, and would like to book a photoshoot with me, let me know!

Anyway, I have some more pictures (suitably twisted) from the fantastic Carl Grim (and a certain fan of mine may like these images too!)
The strappy outfits are made by me. 🙂

If you look at the negative space, it kind of reminds me of the Ace of Spades card!

It’s funny, I have always hated my legs- they’re very muscular/big from years of gymnastics and karate, but I actually really like them here!

I love the sculptural feel of these last two!

I’m off to write…

p.s. If you liked Game of Thrones, you might like…
– The Name of The Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss. (This guy rocks… but but the sequel in paperback. The hardback copy is the size and weight of a brick)
– The Wayfarer Redemption Trilogy, by Sara Douglass. (Wars, incest and interesting creatures… kind of like Game of Thrones, really!)
– Lord of the Rings, by JRR Tolkien (well, duh…)

Anyone else got book recommendations?

Studio day, 5th of May!

20 Apr

Hi there!

I still have free time on my studio day at James Thorpe’s studio in Northampton! I’ll be there on Saturday 5th of May from 9:30am until 18:40pm and available to shoot anything from fashion to fetish and art-nude!

I’ll be posing in a fully-equipped studio, with a variety of backdrops, props and lighting equipment. I will also be bringing a wide range of outfits and acccessories in which to shoot (if there’s something you’d like me to bring, let me know!) I also am very experienced with art-nude work and am comfortable posing using nothing but my body and a plain background.

The rate will be £55 per hour all-in (all you need is your camera!) In addition, if you book more than one slot back-to-back, you will receive a £10 discount AND the ten minutes between slots free! (Yes, free!!)

9:30- 10:30
11:50- 12:50
13:00- 14:00
15:20- 16:20
16:30- 17:30
17:40- 18:40

There is more info on the photography studio’s website HERE, and you can contact me or James Thorpe with enquiries and bookings!


p.s. Here are some lovely new photos from Charlotte Rutherford, who I worked with a few weeks ago (and we’re planning a very exciting circus–themed shoot too…)

Designer: Little Rubber Cherry

Designer: Anatomic Bomb

Designer: Me! 😀

Spring cleaning!

13 Apr

I’m selling stuff. It’s listed below. 🙂

First though, check out these pictures from The Phnarrcissist!!
Latex: Anatomic Bomb
Make-up: Me

Can’t decide which of the two below I like best! Opinions please?

Anyway, I’m having a huge sale so if there are any of the items listed below that you would like, send me a message or a comment and I’ll get them packaged and sent!
I hope you find something you like- prices are negotiable, within reason. 😀



Flexy progress (2)

9 Apr


I’m curled up on the sofa watching Cirque du Soleil (Sky Arts seem to be doing a show every weekend day- it’s very inspiring) and wishing I hadn’t eaten all the Thorntons yesterday.

It’s been a lovely Easter weekend despite the minging weather and this morning I modelled in dreadlocks! They’re out now, after about an hour in the shower. 😉 Stretching is going very well and I have a circus-themed photoshoot at the end of this month so I’m getting my bend on every day now! I’m keeping most things secret (saving it for the end of the month) but I can now get my foot on my shoulder and am working on improving my frontbends. Spending every day in heels has taken its toll on my calf muscles- they are permanently taut and take extra long to warm up.

I’m very much hoping I’ll be booked for an outdoor shoot in Scotland so that I can do some serene yoga-type poses on the mountainside! If you haven’t seen my casting call for Scotland yet then go here and take a look:

Have some new pictures!

Photographer: Alan Fretten (at Stuart House)
I love working with Alan- we always manage to have a chat and catch up, as well as getting shots! 😀

I had been planning a shoot with Carl Grim for ages! He had asked me to make some new outfits and pieces for our shoot, so of course I obliged!
Photographer: Carl Grim
“Lines” lingerie made by me.
(And for you shoe fans out there, you’ll be seeing some lovely shots especially featuring this pair of boots very soon…) 😉

More from this shoot coming soon…

I’m going to vegetate in front of the TV for a few minutes longer, then go and touch my toes. 😉


p.s. If you’d like to see some sneak peeks and candid shots of my progress, you might like to follow my Twitter “BendyMissIvory“. 🙂

Voyages are coming…

3 Apr

Voyages are coming… 😀

I have finalised dates for both my Scotland and Ireland tours! I’ll be in Scotland from May 7th until 17th, and Ireland from June 11th until 21st. Details are on my ModelMayhem casting calls- please get in touch there, or through my website with enquiries and bookings.

I was interviewed for AltGirlBotherer a few weeks ago, and the interview has just gone live as a two-part feature! If you’d like to know more about my life as a model and writer then go and have a read!
– Where did my name come from?
– Why do I love latex so much?
– What is it about Berlin?? 😉
– What am I working on at the moment…..

It’s all in the interview! Part One is HERE and Part Two is HERE

Here’s a new picture by G Haskew from our shoot by the beach with Kitten (aka Pirate Photography). 🙂
Styling by me
Latex by Anatomic Bomb

And a behind-the-scenes shot taken by Pirate Photography of me posing for G Haskew. I LOVE those little beach huts- they look so happy.

I’m off to a shoot now and then to good old Starbucks to do some article-writing. Currently working on a piece about whether or not genital photography can be considered “art”, but considering some of the horrors I’ve seen while researching the theme, I don’t think I’ll be writing that in public! 😛