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Dryad (part 2)

22 Mar

Have some more pictures from my shoot with John Duder!

Such a lovely day…

We moved to a ruin just down the road.  Here was a rare moment of balance- the rubble was a bit unstable so I was wobbling across it like Jack Sparrow!

But as someone who looked very disapproving came out to watch, we gathered up our stuff and scarpered!
Nothing to see here..

And after some lunch, we moved to a more secluded location. Now, isn’t it interesting the way life can imitate art!? Ever since I saw these pictures, I had been reminded of a very angry wood nymph! It’s something about the huge dead tree on the flat plain, and the hair blowing in the wind (which was most definitely blowing by that time!) I had in my head this tree spirit still trying to communicate with and shelter behind her long-dead tree, before finally leaving it behind.

Well, I was a very angry little spirit today.
Great White Sharks can grow up to twenty feet in length, and have a bite force of over 18,000 newtons! They are the largest predatory fish in the sea, and in the sea they are generally very good at taking care of themselves. However, they are endangered because we yoink them up from the ocean and cut them into pieces of varying sizes, most of which are for medicine or (usually the jaws) for sale as big scary trinkets for a very dumb variety of human to shudder appreciatively at before mounting it on their walls.
This is totally and completely illegal in the UK. (Not to mention, unethical as the Great White is on the endangered species list).

Today, I found *fresh* Great White Shark jaws for sale in one of my local antique shops. Obviously, the police, CITES and the WWF now know about it but I was, as my housemate put it, full of the wrath of Cthulhu all the way home.

That was the life, now here’s the art:

Latex with bright colours and bounciness is coming soon…


p.s. as I hit 100 subscribers recently, stay tuned as I’ll be running a prize draw in the next few days… 😉