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Dryad (part 1)

20 Mar

Eek- I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted! I have, of course, been on tour (South Coast of England) and ridiculously busy with that, but now I’m home and can tell you about my adventures!
First, though, here are some photos from my shoot with John Duder. He came all the way to Norfolk for our photoshoot, and we shot outside a little cottage belonging to a friend of his- such a beautiful location and grounds! I think I look like a little tree spirit!

The pictures I’m showing in this blog are the fresh, happy ones from in the garden among the snowdrops. Next blog, I’ll post the pictures from our next location… which is stormier, wilder and just a little bit post-apocalyptic…

Oh, and one more thing: There has been NO PHOTOSHOP done on these images.

I know this one’s more of an outtake but I love the crazy perspective so much! I swear I’m not actually buried in the ground- my legs are curled around my body! 😀

I feel a bit like Michael Jackson in the “Earth Song” video, lol! This photo sets the mood for the next set (next blog)! 😉

When we began shooting, we were both quite worried about how cold it would be, but actually it was a beautiful warm morning and I loved bouncing around in the garden. The wall was nice and warm too and while I was leaning against it, I could hear so many birds singing! I also not only heard a green woodpecker but saw it too as we drove onward to the next location.

Expect a lot of blog posts in the next few weeks- I already have seen some exciting images from my tour including… bendy posing  (to see my contortionism progress, follow my Twitter @BendyMissIvory), latex from Little Rubber Cherry and Anatomic Bomb, leather and metal from Lux Tenebrae and lots more!!!


p.s. Okay, a tale from the tour.
I was on my way back from a photoshoot, carrying three heavy bags of clothes and shoes. One of these was an M+S food bag. Squeezing past an old man who was taking up the entire pedestrian area, I saw him look at the bag, look at me and then mutter “no wonder you’ve got a fat arse.” Especially devastating considering I’ve lost an inch and a half from the aforementioned arse since January.
Nasty old man: you continue wearing your beige trenchcoat and insulting strangers in the street. I shall continue travelling the world to work with people who think my “fat arse” is just the thing to photograph.

p.p.s. The tattoo was done as a memorial to a friend of mine who died. I was fifteen and a goth (I still think Morticia Addams is a style icon!) At the time, I thought my bum would be the perfect place for a tattoo as my mum wouldn’t see it and it wasn’t somewhere I generally displayed to the public… 😛

Okay, enough about my bum!