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Some of my favourite colours in the world…

22 Feb

… beat against my eyelids like the blues of green hummingbirds…

If you know me in real life, or have noticed me squeaking like a girl over certain nature programme links online, you may know I have a thing about hummingbirds. I knew they existed (obviously) before, but fell in love when I visited LA in 2009. It didn’t occur to me that they would be zooming around the garden until one was pointed out. Even tinier than I expected,  it was both fun and incredibly frustrating trying to get a picture! I eventually managed a fuzzy blur that I will never delete from my old cameraphone.
I then saw them everywhere I went and it was an amazing  experience shooting by a pool while they did somersaults around me. If I had been staying longer, I’d have tried to get them to feed from my hand. (Yes, this is possible).

Anyway, I now love hummingbirds.

As I’ve had a few days off, I’ve been doing some art! Want to see?

Pen and ink:

And speaking of my favourite colours, I love wearing green- especially on my eyes. There’s something nice about red and green. 🙂 I just got this picture back from last year’s Eurotour!
Photographer: Charles Van Trappen
Hair/Make-up: Me

See you,


p.s. for the interested; painted in acrylics and inspired by the Planet Earth series.


Not quite finished (but almost):


The Real Thing- A Rant

18 Feb

First, we had this:

Then, we had this:

And we have had everything in between, with the word “real” thrown about like a body-conscious basketball. STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT!!!

Now, just think about the word “real” for a second. Hold that thought.

A few years ago, I worked in LA. While out there, I went to a Hawaiian restaurant. In there was a waitress who taught the diners how to hula dance (I can now do a few steps, but usually risk taking someone’s eye out.) 😉 She was curvier than average- with a lot to shake. She was also a real woman.

When I was just beginning my modelling career, I posed with a woman who had legs the size of my arms. She barely ate, drank only hot water with sugar in it and despite it being a summer day, she sat under a blanket in between shots. I still think she had an eating disorder. Skeletal and ill-looking, yes. But she was also a real woman!

The crazy cat lady down my road is just as much a real woman as I am! So are my female friends who aren’t professional models, my female friends who are professional models (whatever size), and the woman who just walked past my window. I’m not even going to start on transgender issues- that’s a blog for someone else.

Now, somewhere along here, wires have been crossed. I have already given my opinion about clients who book clearly ill women for campaigns but I also believe that there are many different versions of ‘the perfect body.’ As long as it is healthy (whatever size) then that is what matters- and speaking from experience, I think you can be healthy at a far larger, and smaller, size than society would have us believe.
I have a 50’s figure, and trying to attain a 20’s one would involve starving myself. Someone without curves trying to get my figure may find curves appearing in the wrong places! All we can do is try to be as happy with what we look like as possible. Being proud to be curvy does not mean that I find other body types unattractive, and vice versa.

Okay, back to the word ‘real.

Last year, I did a photoshoot in which a member of the team waxed lyrical about how wonderful it was to see a “real woman of average size” modelling. I was also “relatable“ and “normal”.
It was meant kindly but I heard “you are flawed, too big to be a ‘proper’ model, and you make insecure women feel better about their flaws by showing off yours”. I felt patronised and ashamed, but I finished the photoshoot and then spent the rest of the day doubting myself.
More recently, I received an e-mail: “It is so refreshing to see a real woman modelling nude…” followed by derogatory remarks about thinner women.
And now on America’s Next Top Model All Stars, plus-sized model Julie Henderson was introduced not as ‘plus size‘, but ‘fiercely real.’

It’s okay to prefer one body type over another, but please stop bandying that word about! Remember what has happened to the word “special?” (If you don’t know English slang, “special” often refers to people with learning disabilities). Well, I can see ‘real’ going the same way. Except it’ll mean ‘average’ at best, and ‘flawed’ at worst.
As a curvy model, I understand that it is meant as a compliment, but I hear ‘average‘, and no one wants to be average. If you’re kind enough to want to pay me a compliment, find another word because I already know I’m real. So is the really thin girl, and if you don’t like her body then compliment her eyes.

End of rant.
Thank you for listening, now look at me naked. 😀

Photographer: G Haskew
Make-up: Me

It was my idea, and I called it “Rip Van Roswell” after the legend of Rip Van Winkle, who fell asleep for a thousand years. 🙂 We’d been waiting for a snowy day for months so it was so exciting to finally finish the project (though our Autumn shoot was colder as there was a nasty icy wind blowing and we had to replant half the bracken).

I’ll show you outtakes next post, and some of the other shots we took while out there…

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

13 Feb

I did a bridal photoshoot for Eclectic Eccentricity the other week! As I have no plans to get married, it’s always fun to see myself in a wedding dress- and I think it’s a “must-do” for every girl as they’re just so pretty! (As in, try on a wedding dress, not get married!)

Here’s a behind-the-scenes I’ve yoinked from their Instamatic: 🙂

As you can see from photographer Charlotte Rutherford’s stylish bobble hat, it was beyond freezing, but we had a lot of fun and I’ll show you more behind-the-scenes when I have final edits too…

While there, I was given the finished lookbook from our last shoot! Here are a few pages… (sorry for the bad cameraphone pics- my scanner isn’t speaking to me at the moment.)

And here are some of my favourite pictures from the shoot!

Photographer: Charlotte Rutherford
Jewellery: Eclectic Eccentricity
Clothes: Retreat Vintage
Hair/Make-up: Ria Lingwood

I love that bee necklace!!! 😀

And for Lucy (the jewellery designer)’s birthday, a friend photoshopped Wendell the mascot into one of the pictures…
“Ishysquishy cutesy ickle birdykins…”
“Get this crazy lady off me!!!”
He’s lovely, that Wendell. 🙂

On Saturday, I did my first fashion show of the year, for Playful Promises. It was an outdoor (mostly) lingerie show and while we were in hair and make-up, people were de-icing the runway (!!!)

Despite the obvious chill, we had a lot of fun, discovered an energy drink called “Pussy”, and many of us treated outselves to some new lingerie (coming to a photoshoot near you…) 😉

(from left: Signe, Bethan, Anita De Bauch, Jess Abidde, Me)

Me posing about 🙂

Anita De Bauch looking lovely!

I’ve forgotten what was so funny but…

Me with Jess:

And as I got on the train with a bag of sexiness and another of sushi, I decided to treat myself to an upgrade. It was so lovely seeing the sun set over the docklands- and for those of you who get excited over these things, I saw a buzzard, three deer, two hares and a fox on the way home. 😀

Speak to you soon…


The Girl Who Kicked Ass

6 Feb

I’ve just written another piece for the Mookychicks about why exactly I hated the Millennium Trilogy (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo etc). It’s the series responsible for the genius that is the character Lisbeth Salander… but though I loved the character, I detested the books. I’ve been wanting to write about this series ever since I read somewhere that the writer Stieg Larsson has been described as a male feminist!!! Obviously, I disagree.
Read my article to find out why!

I’m also writing another feminist-y article for the Mookychicks so keep an eye out. I’ll finish it when this cold of doom is out of the way!!!

Now, I hope that when I tell you who I now have a newfound respect for, you won’t click the ‘back’ button and run away screaming. At least, not until I’ve said my piece- okay? 😉

Jodie Marsh.

I generally cannot stand women who make a career out of being uneducated/topless while proudly telling the world just how many married footballers they’ve had. (Jordan, I’m looking at you.) And until recently, I’d been tarring Jodie Marsh with the same brush. Sorry, Jodie Marsh.
Last week, I watched a documentary in which she talked to children who have been bullied and discussed her own experiences (including her parents paying for her nose job after she was bullied about it to the point of feeling suicidal). There are so many celebrities who seem to forget they were once part of “the rest of the world” and was good to see someone using their fame to help other people. It was interesting listening to her talk as well:
“I was a member of the junior Ornithologists Club…”
“I was an “A” grade student- if I wasn’t a glamour model, I’d have been a vet. And I’d have been a really good vet!”

I was reminded a bit of myself watching Zoe, one of the girls Jodie interviewed; I never set out to be a model, and doing a documentary or fundraising campaign to raise awareness of how badly childhood bullying can affect people is something I’ve considered many times before.

I think perhaps I’ll do it this year.
Here’s the documentary- click the link.

And because these pictures involve ass-kicking, have these too 😀
Photographer: David Long
Models: Pic 1= Anita De Bauch/me
Pic 2= Adele Kirby/me

See you,


p.s. Come and see me model this Saturday 11th HERE! I’ll be wearing pretty clothing from Playful Promises

p.p.s. Here’s a teaser for my next blog, “Old, New, Borrowed, Blue”