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Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow

25 Nov

…haven’t done that in a while!

No wait, I did that last week. What I haven’t done in a while is wear clothes! Luckily, that is being fixed at the moment- I’m shooting with Phine Ka photography tomorrow, and I worked with Steve Howlett a few days ago.
Steve and I headed to a beautiful local location (one of many around Norwich- I will be doing photographic tours in the Spring/Summer), so we could shoot Autumnal fashion. The morning light was fiery and perfect for shooting, and although it eventually got so cold we went for hot chocolate to warm us up, we got through several outfits and had a lot of fun scouting for new places!

Here are a few of our shots- which I really like, especially as Steve is a self-confessed “complete beginner”!

I also have another Autumn/Winter fashion shoot scheduled- more clothes, some commercial styling and props too (I love that notebook I have in the second shot!)

This is the view from the coffee shop- so pretty!

And look at this little guy- he came to watch our shoot!

So many new pictures coming soon- even clothed ones! 😉