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7 Nov

UPDATE: Shaun Colclough’s Vixen Vamps website is still running. Do you know any of these women? Please put them in touch with me.

Here are just a few of the uncomfortable-looking faces on his site:

“Heather”- EDIT: Tracked her down. She had no idea her pictures were on this website.

“Zaza”- EDIT: Got her. Heartbreaking to hear- and again, she had no idea his site existed.



A few months ago, I’d probably have struggled to know what I’m proudest of in my life. Not that I’m not proud of things I have done, but nothing would have jumped out at me.
That changed in August this year, when I decided to out a photographer who abused me.

To read my account of his actions, and accounts of other models (and his response!) then read this blog: The Importance of References.

Here’s what happened:
– While I was writing the blog, I called up every agency that I could see Shaun had tested for. Three of which had already blacklisted him based on his conduct. Three more blacklisted him immediately.
The only agency that did not, and was exceptionally dismissive and rude to me was IMG.
– I noticed on Shaun’s blog that he had begun to target tattooed/pierced models. So I called up the main alt agencies. He is blacklisted now, before he can submit work.
– After posting the blog, I encouraged models to post their experiences on my page. Thankyou, girls.
– Shaun finally noticed the blog. His response was more of an indicator as to his mental state than anything I could ever have said.

And now:
– Shaun Colclough has not posted on his blog for several months
– The police are aware of (and monitoring) the situation
– Shaun Colclough’s work facebook page appears virtually abandoned.

What else has happened?

The Point:
I’m not writing this in order to bait Shaun, I am writing this post for other models.
NOTHING else has happened- I have not seen a drop in my bookings, I have not had abusive e-mails, and I have had nothing in the way of negative feedback for my actions at all.
In fact, I have been overwhelmed at the amount of support that has been sent my way.

And so here is my message: if you have been harmed or abused by a photographer, please, please report it. Report it to the moderators of the website you communicated on, report it to the police (especially if an actual crime e.g. indecent exposure has been committed) and report it to other models.
Shaun Colclough had abused plenty of girls before me. Just one word from one of them would have stopped me from working with him. I have had so many e-mails from girls who had booked shoots with Shaun Colclough but cancelled after reading my blog and the statements from other girls. So for the sake of other models, report it.

I did, and so far, in my life, this is the thing I am most proud of.


p.s. thankyou to all the girls who submitted statements, posted their experiences on my blog and supported me.

Eurotour: Last Part

7 Nov

So I moved on to Amsterdam.

I wish I could tell you all about the amazing museums I saw and the beautiful long walks I took by the canals…
but as I not only had an emergency trip to the doctor and was working every single day, I’m afraid I only have pictures from location shoots and a few I managed to grab while walking to the train station.

As I have already been re-booked by almost every photographer I worked with out there, I will be back again early next year and so will be able to go and do the things I missed.

This is the street I was staying in! (Two seconds from Anne Frank’s house!)

Someone LIVES HERE! 😀

There are very friendly herons here!

Locations: (Pictures coming soon…)

Anyway, as I said, I headed back to Germany for a shoot with Hart-Worx. Here are some more pictures for you… (these could be some of my favourite fetish-fashion-y shots to date!)

Latex: Designed by me, made by Little Rubber Cherry
Hair/Make-up: Me

Outfit: Made/designed by me (making more for this range at the moment)
Hair/make-up: me

Outfit by Twilight Siren
Hair/Make-up by me
More from this shoot on their way.

Now, this is the first time I am posting TWO blogs in one day but I feel that what I have to say next deserves its own post. I’m going to update you on the Shaun Colclough news. If you are a new subscriber, see THIS POST– it will explain the backstory.