Eurotour: Part 1

16 Oct

Hello again!

I am re-cabled (thanks, Tom!) and have some pictures from my tour!

Soooo… I stayed with Olof O in Gothenburg for a couple of days. In between shoots, he acted as tour guide and so I got to see some of the beautiful places (of which there were many) around the city. I say “city”, but as the population of Sweden is about the same as the population in London (about 9.5 million), it felt so quiet- which I liked.


We also shot at the park here, with (I like to think) Rapunzel’s tower and chair that could belong to- maybe not the Erl King- but perhaps his daughter or secretary šŸ˜‰ (probably not though, as the Erl King is a German legend, not Swedish) šŸ˜€

Another picture from a shoot we did back at the house:

And a beautiful island, seen from the river taxi!

I had a seven-hour coach journey from Gothenburg to Stockholm, most of which I spent looking out of the window, hoping to see deer!

Stockholm update coming on the 18th (I think!)
– MORE pretty pictures
– WHAT did I get up to with Elegy Ellem??
– A teaser picture or two, from my Berlin photoshoot with WildAtHeart photography!
Night night,


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